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First of all, a disclaimer:
I know I'm new, that this is only my second post, and I am completely and utterly aware that I've minimal hacking experience and have contributed ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to this collab hack, but I have an idea.

I've been prowling scanning these forums and threads for a while and have amassed an amount of knowledge on this hack. Here is my proposal:

(Cutscene begins)
As Mario finds himself even deeper inside the nightmare, he finds the very ending rift and thread of the subconscious horror. Incessantly out of curiosity, he jumps off of the edge and instantly 'wakes up' from the dream. He finds himself shocked in the middle of a crater on the ruins of an industrialization, atop the plains of a grassland. It starts to rain. Mario gets to his feet, but is instantly struck unconscious by a gigantic boulder hitting him on the head.

The level ends. This opens way to the true final boss, derivative of the term 'enemy within'.

(New cutscene begins)
???: Ah, hello Mario. Nice for me to find you dreaming. I've been burrowing through your mind for the last while. You have memories of me in the very pits of your subconscious, but the recognition of me voice should bring me frontline.
Norveg: That's better.
You may wonder why I'm here. The reason of course, you miserable rapscallion, is revenge. How? Well, I've had part of my own mind transferred to yours through an invisible laser made and fired at you by Doctor Croc. If either of us were to be eliminated, I'd have a last resort. Crazy, we may think such, but worth it in the right way.
You have unknowingly provided me with a canvas to paint my plot. It is? Simple, I will destroy your physical being by taking control of you mentally. With your carcass out of the way, you'll only exist within the dreamscape, and these lands will be unable to protect from whatever befalls them. You didn't expect me to use you as a workslave to refurbish my empire, did you?
Time is wasting, tick-tock, tick-tock.
(Cutscene ends)

Mario wakes up in the crater. There is a short platforming section now. Hazards are everywhere and at any given time, Norveg may take control. The player must mash buttons to remove him. Mario makes it to a destroyed cabin with a bed, goes to sleep, and the final battle begins.

Again, I know I'm new, this is only my second post, and that I've contributed NOTHING, repeat, NOTHING to this collab. But this was my proposal. No-one has to accept.

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Just a newbie throwing my idea out there but what if the boss summoned both podoboos and frostees at the same time? Mario could lead a podoboo towards the boss to damage it.

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What about Daring Deltas for a level name?

Edit: As not to double post, What about Bright Height Flight (Not sure if the character limit is 19 or 18), or simply Bright Heights?

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Originally posted by eclipse
how about a few types of broken pipes? like i can think of a pipe that's been sliced diagonally making it look like a piece of bamboo or one whose top has been ripped off, leaving a jagged set of spikes on it.

I actually quite support that idea, it would make for an interesting slope in areas (diagonaly cut).

I might actually like to see some faded/bleached munchers appearing in her as hurt blocks, but it's probably just me. What you have so far looks good. I'm looking forward to seeing this level when it's in the finished product

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Originally posted by Woody
I found this idea for the Mecha Tree. Lucas came up with it months ago.

Mod edit: Fixed link.

Don't forget the part where the eye rips out of the tree in a surprisingly disturbing and gory fashion to chase Mario, only to be destroyed and later resurrected in a plot twist as the true final boss of the sequel that becomes famous for it's awesome boss theme and insane lack of difficulty.

No, I'm *not* referencing anything...

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Compared to whatever name ideas you may have in that filing cabinet at the back of subsection X, behind the dumpster in the 4th quarter of your trained gamer/hacker person mind, how do these compare?

Manic Monochrome

Barring Blanks

Sojourn in Sepia

That's all I have. At least for the time being.

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Originally posted by Biospark88

Sinister Sarasaland


Also, you have a true way with words RN.

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Originally posted by Lui37
Originally posted by Giant_Shyguy
- Singular Verbs: Verbs that indicate one action done by one noun. Ex: Mario always save Princess Peach from danger.
- Plural Verbs: Verbs that indicate many actions done by two or more noun. Ex: Mario and Luigi always saves Princess Peach from dangers.

Excuse me, but according to all English books (mine too) it should be like this:

Originally posted by Activating Grammar Digital Edition, page 62
I/You/We/They Play
He/She/It Plays

Mario always saves Princess Peach from danger.
Mario and Luigi always save Princess Peach from dangers.

Anyway, this thread is a really good idea.

It could also be:
Mario and Luigi always save Princess Peach from danger.

Princess Peach Toadstool certainly gets into a lot of trouble.

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I have a couple of questions, one of them being can you change background palettes without conflict.

Ah, damnit. I forgot my second question.

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I have a question. Are the falling lava tiles (Like the ones in The Very Looooooooong Cave) decorative or dynamic? I ask this because I plan on creating a final boss entrance in a lava sewer when I get into YI hacking (With the lava below extending to the very edge of the screen{s}), and want the lavafalls in the void area. Can they be used without the cave tileset directly in there?

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So, the lavafalls are only available in tileset 0x8. Ok. I guess it counts as both and neither at the same time, as I'm pretty sure Yoshi has no programmed reaction to them, and they can only be used with a specific tileset. I'm also not completely sure, but I think the sewer settings can use every hazard (Save for cave lava). I kind of wonder how they would look flowing into the castle lava.

Then again, I have another question. How does tileset mixing fare in YI? I guess with the new editor Tehaxor69 is working on, One could make a custom tileset which include the sewer tiles and lavafalls, but still.

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Nevermind, It already lists story. Introduction is the music in the scene after a new game is started.

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From last I checked, you go up the ladder in the place and jump down into the conveniently placed 301 256 820 015th hole in the roof. Once in the dimension of pitch black creepiness take 27 steps forward, no more, no less, make a right turn and continue walking until you reach the men's washroom. Flush yourself down that toilet and you'll be in SNN's house. Use the toilet there.
OR, if you're picky about where you take aim and piss, you can jump through the mirror, walk through the kaizo stage, and knock on the door you find. You'll now be in the REAL men's washroom, with 4 urinals to choose from. Once you're finished and have washed your hands, climb into the airlock latch in the ceiling and jump off of the cloud you wind up on. You are now back in the hallway.

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Because it's still valentine's day where I am, I figured I may as well repost this from another forum.

I support this thread

Have some unoriginal poetry

Roses are red
Violets are blue
All my base
Are belong to you

Mario is red
Sonic is blue
Will you be
My player 2 ?

Charizard is red
Squirtle is blue
If you were a pokemon
I'd choose you

Stop signs are red
My car is blue
I'm a bad driver
I'll hit you too!

Roses are gey
Violets are geyer
Screw this poem
Let's listen to Slayer

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Be my valentine, damnit!

My blood is red,
Your blood is blue.
I didn't write this.
So neither can you!

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Would it be of any point to create a thread for feedback on the ideas for a hack's level names you have? I'm pretty much posting here because I couldn't find another subforum as suitable as this one was and/or is.

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Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus that I think about it, Avant-Garde Bombard isn't actually a proper rhyme, is it? The a in Bombard is a long [a:] sound, but the one in Avant-Garde is a shorter [a].

And yes, I know that this is kind of late.

No, you're actually wrong, at least according to all of my modern English dictionaries,, and Google Translate (Unreliable, I know.)

Of course, the name isn't really proper English is it? The article lacks a noun entirely, and Avant-Garde is an adjective, not an adverb. In this case, bombard is a verb unless he's referring to either the cannon or the clothing piece, which there is a 99.9% chance of it not being.

If it were to be proper, though, as the correct noun in this case would be 'Bombardment', it would break the naming guidelines for the levels. This is due to the fact that "Avant-Garde Bombardment" is neither alliterative nor rhyming.


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Random two tips that relate to each other somewhat:

*1: Key/shell-jumping is for Kaizo. Don't make it necessary in a normal hack.

*2: If you're making a Kaizo hack, try to remember that using key/shell-jumping and a ceiling generator in the same screen(s) is not a good idea in most cases.

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