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Posts by Dr. Tapeworm
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"Gravel Beach"
I suppose I should (re)introduce myself with this bit of custom music.

A weird-ish sort of beach theme. Inspired by the theme song from Ecco The Dolphin (Genesis/Mega Drive). Obviously not quite finished yet.

Also, I can't get it as a clickable link, for some reason.

This isn't my first hack. I've made other ones in the past. And I never finished them. Will I ever finish this one? Don't know. But, anyways, here's some stuff!

Looking back at his past failures, Bowser decides to kidnap a princess from another dimension. He invades the mysterious Mirror World, which is called that because it's different from the regular world. Mario gives chase to save this world, and his own, from Bowser's stupid plot. Brought to you by the word "World".

tl;dr Bowser kidnaps a princess who isn't Peach.


First submap. Grassy/beach themed.

1-1: Sunny Shores

1-2: Rope River Run

1-3: Hideaway Cove

1-4: Ravine of Ruins

Full maps of the levels coming when they're done.

Enjoy. Or not? Constructive criticism would be appreciated.

Originally posted by Maxodex
Sounds like a beach cave for me. Still sounds really cool, good job!

Also, to make it a clickable link, use the [url] tag:
[url=url goes here]Words[/url]


[url]url goes here[/url]

Alright, thanks! Post has been edited.

Rope River Run

A generic grassland theme and also one of my earlier attempts at custom music.

Originally posted by miguel21450
Agreed. The ? block at the last screenshot is a message block, aren't it? But other than that it looks really good.

That is correct. I'm considering replacing it with a Yoshi's Island style message block, though. Maybe.

Yep, the 1-1 background is from Plok.

Here's a rather large preview of what's been made of 1-Secret: Hillside Stride.

here it is

Originally posted by Wormer21
Looks nice but eh... what's with the BG? Does it also happen in actual gameplay?

It looks perfectly fine during gameplay. The background scrolls with the screen, meaning you never see the empty parts.

"Spiraling Spire"

A sort of fast-paced tune.

Sorry for the double post, but I got some more progress done on 1-Secret.
This time it's the midway point area.

I spruced up the parts I've already shown you with coins and crap, too.

I gots the need to bump, a bumpy bump.

World 2 (Mountain) progress! The Yoshi's House smoke is a leftover from the original map. And apparently, part of it is missing.

2-1: Stony Steppe

I likes my Grey Snifit tunnels. Also, ouch.

2-2: Construction Crag
(PLEASE ignore the lack of background.)

A remix of my very first bit of custom music.

Would work as a good general-purpose grassland theme.

Slippery Station REMIXED

Yet another remade version of an old song.

This one is intended for the snow submap in Mirror World Mayhem.

If it makes you feel any better, 2-2 has a background now. I added one before you posted.

It's from a game called Plok.

Here's where it is.

Yes. Yes it is.

"Icicles Gleaming"

A calm, echo-y ice cave theme.

"Wintery Battlefield"

A fast-paced, sort-of-dark ice level theme. Could also work as a boss theme? I dunno.

A bump to show that I'm still working on this.

3-1: Icicle Hills

Did you really think I was working on these levels in order? Pfff!

Please note that this level will receive a proper background soon. The falling spikes will also be made into falling icicles to fit the theme.


Oh crap.

Well, time for me to start using a different SPC player so I can test these things better. Also time for me to try and fix the songs, somehow.

I assume these things act like the Cosmic Clones from SMG2 and SM3DL?

Great work as usual.

Also, the name "Chemical Speedway" reminds me of the classic Spyro games.

Originally posted by Wormer21
Looks good but are there any enemies?

I'm holding a koopa shell in the second screen, does that answer your question?

Enemies in the level include Charging Chucks and Thwomps.

Originally posted by Vinnyboiler
I think you guys are forgetting Pokey's awesome most awesome ability, they can grow limbs #w{=3}

Yes...limbs. Limbs upon limbs!

Pshaw, your bacon and donut flavored drinks have nothing on Dr. Tapeworm's Iron Cans of Caustic Fish Substance™.

It's the fishiest! Please note that if you suffer chemical burns as a result of actually drinking this, I am not to be held responsible.

Also try DTICoCFS in Barbecue flavor! Totally not made from my friend's barbecue sauce! Available now, until my friend realizes I am stealing his barbecue sauce!

More of 3-1.

I am aware of the cutoff on that wooden pillar, and I've already fixed it.

1-Castle: Plantlife Palace

As you can see, this castle is overgrown with Munchers and vines. Mario will have to climb through this tangled mess to reach the boss of this ancient citadel!

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Dr. Tapeworm's Profile - Posts by Dr. Tapeworm

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