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What happend to the site? I had to make a new account, did "DA BOOM" happen?
yeah, I had to reregister.
I know I'm a noob, asking this, but:
How do you post Sreenshots?
Can I get some super princess peach music as a patch?
That would be really helpful.
This Pwns, man. I want my bro to try this.
That sounds cool. I think that would be a good idea.
Any way. YOU ARE AWESOME BOINGBOINGSPLAT!!! I mean come on, your good.
When I try to load it on to the rom, It says "It is still stored in 3bpp format" or something like that. What's wrong?
I think a true hacker would try to finish his hacks, no matter what!
But still it is your choice...
oops forgot to do that... :3
yes I'm anouther noob needing help with it.
Ok im trying too insert the giant blue shyguy, so here is what i did
1: put sprit tool and the rom in the same folder.
2: made a txt shyguy document which says: 36.giant_shuyguy_blue.
3:Spritetool cannot find the cfg file! it is in the same file as the txt!
what is wrong?
oh, Thanks.
I have'nt been hacking for a while now, and yeah you know, forgot some steps.

Edit: Is there a way to get more than just one sprite in the same level?
yea I guess...
if you remember Det. Mario and the AA, Yea that was a crappy first hack. But now i would like to present my new hack!
No story yet, but i got some screenshots.
Yea just shows That I have no story yet.
Knock em all down!
The first overworld, Yoshi Plains.
How do I get that yoshi coin?
Oh man now it tells me there are invisable blocks!
Oops, Missed.
Yay! Free rides!
Thats all there is, story ideas are accepted.
What do you mean to many cement blocks?
I do not know how to fix those cornors,
And I do not know how to fix the shyguys palette, yet.
And am I sopposed to edit the intro level?

Edit: Don't worry, it has well balenced enemies.
oh that? that is just a small bridge part.
Its just "floating', you might say.
Edit: I tried with the corners, I just said its wet land for now.

Off-topic: I typed this on my Wii
Like a non rideable shyguy and a ridable.
How Do i put more than one custom sprite in the same level?
Like A snifit and giant shyguy?
Yes, i tried that, but when i inserted the second sprite, the first turned into a fuzzy falling from the sky...
Wow, Nice job Supertails! Very nice, But... How do you make exgfx? I would like to make some, But yy is confusing. I cant even color. :3 Pm me if you can help
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