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Tip: Switch palace switches normally disappear if you replay the level. However, if you insert them as direct Map16 and use the hex edit at $00EEB2 in the ROM map, you can replay the level without a problem.
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My full SM64 hack, 'Super Mario Star Road', is complete. The features are:

-Over 120 stars
-More than 30 nicely designed areas
-Nearly 50 catchy tunes
-Many new objects for Mario to interact with
-Well-polished gameplay
-Lots of goomba stomping
-Mario-style humor


Release trailer:
See my other work and subscribe here:


Feel free to give feedback.
My SM64 hack, Super Mario Star Road. Features over 30 new areas, nearly 50 music imports and assembly hacking.

Release Trailer
Multiplayer Version


I am actively working on Star Road 2 which will feature much more complex assembly hacks and detailed courses.

Kieran edit: Changed link to an on-site hosted archive.
Originally posted by Eggs6131
Really I thought this hack was too short and easy, I finished it in about 2 months.

In my opinion you should've made a thread for Star Road 2, everybody's curious about its progress

Never mind, you could always make another one!

I'll make a Star Road 2 thread once the first main preview is ready. For now, I just uploaded this music: Autumn Airway
Originally posted by Eggs6131
Vinnyboiler, the SM64 collision isn't actually that dodgy, I've gotten used to it, as long as you build your levels solidly (e.g. no sticking-out-of-bounds bits, hard to dodge when making an island level though) you should have no problem with it.

Skelux, it's certainly nice to see that Star Road 2 has got lift off.
And what is the first main preview of? (come on, give us a hint at least)

An explosion of random assembly hacks, and a dazzling new level.
A mod I have created which turns the original Super Mario 64 into a multiplayer game.
See the readme.txt for details.


Release Trailer
I was a bit overwhelmed by how much attention it got - in 5 days it's already got more views than Star Road. Apparently it's being posted on lots of gaming news websites. I hope Star Road 2 gets an audience this big.

Anyway, 1.1 is up, check the description.
Thought I might share some useful MIPS code I have written.

ADDIU R29, R29, $FFE8
SW R31, $0014 (R29)

LUI R17, $8042 - first polygon
ORI R17, R17, $281A
LUI R20, $8042 - final polygon
ORI R20, R20, $292A
LUI R21, $803F - loop counter location
ORI R21, R21, $F020

LH R18, $0000 (R21)
SLTI R19, R18, $0040 - loop point
ADDIU R18, R18, $0001 - increment counter
ADDIU R18, R0, $0001 - reset counter

SH R18, $0000 (R21)

LH R18, $0000 (R17)
ADDI R18, R18, $0020 - distance to move
ADDI R18, R18, $F7FF - (0xFFFF - distance to move * loop point)

SH R18, $0000 (R17)
ADDIU R17, R17, $0010

LW R31, $0014 (R29)
JR R31
ADDIU R29, R29, $0018

CORRECT MUSIC VOLUME (for the music stopping bug):
ADDIU R29, R29, $FFE8
SW R31, $0014 (R29)

LUI R17, $8022
LH R17, $2630 (R17)
ADDIU R18, R0, $3F0D
SUB R18, R17, R18

LUI R17, $8022
LB R17, $261A (R17)
ADDIU R18, R0, $0004
BEQ R17, R18, END

LUI R17, $8022
ORI R17, R17, $2630
LUI R18, $3F10
ORI R18, R18, $4285
SW R18, $0000 (R17)

LW R31, $0014 (R29)
JR R31
ADDIU R29, R29, $0018

0x3855C: LUI R1, $4740
0xF71D4: LUI R1, $46C0

I uploaded a heap of old documents here, including SM64 multiplayer:
01. cpuHacka101
02. cpuHacka101
03. cpuHacka101
04. cpuHacka101
05. cpuHacka101
06. Meltfire
07. cpuHacka101
08. cpuHacka101
09. cpuHacka101
10. cpuHacka101
11. cpuHacka101
12. cpuHacka101
13. cpuHacka101
14. cpuHacka101
15. cpuHacka101
16. cpuHacka101
17. cpuHacka101
18. Skilllux
19. cpuHacka101
20. cpuHacka101
21. Skilllux
22. cpuHacka101, a horse
23. cpuHacka101, a human female
24. cpuHacka101
25. Skilllux
26. cpuHacka101
27. cpuHacka101
28. cpuHacka101
29. cpuHacka101
30. Skilllux
31. cpuHacka101
32. Skilllux
33. Skilllux
34. Skilllux
35. Skilllux
36. cpuHacka101
37. Skilllux
38. Skilllux
39. cpuHacka101
40. messiaen
41. messiaen
42. cpuHacka101
43. cpuHacka101
44. cpuHacka101
45. cpuHacka101
46. cpuHacka101
47. cpuHacka101
48. cpuHacka101
49. cpuHacka101
50. Skilllux
51. messiaen
52. Skilllux
53. Vinnyboiler, glaceon
54. cpuHacka101
55. Skilllux
56. Skilllux
57. cpuHacka101
58. cpuHacka101
59. cpuHacka101
60. cpuHacka101

skilllux <3
Originally posted by Warwiio
Sorry, it doesn't help. What I mean is how do I assign the scrolling behavior on a texture that I'm using for my custom level?

For scrolling textures, overwrite the code where an 0x0C command points in a behavior. Create a simple behavior script which loops that 0x0C with an 0x08 command, then place an object with that behavior in the level using TT64.

You need to find where the vertex data for your level is copied into memory, I suggest using renegade to search for the data.

Replace obj_import.exe with this one for normals to be correctly imported. See this video for an example of the result:
Originally posted by messiaen
Why don't you use register names? Using register numbers makes your code unreadable, especially in situations where register conventions are used (calling functions, stack pointers, etc).

Just a mistake I keep overlooking, when I copy my code out of LemASM I sometimes forget to make it show that actual register names.
Actually, that's a good idea, I patched it in:

0x3F330: ORI A2, R0, $0000
0x46F88: NOP
0x46F24: LH T8, $0010 (T7)
0x46F14: ADDIU T6, R0, $0001
0x46FA8: LH T0, $0010 (T9)
0x4700C: NOP

This is just for Mario Cam, I could probably do it for Lakitu Cam too although most levels have unique Lakitu Cam assembly.
My normals importer:
LWC1 F0, $C528 (AT)
SWC1 F0, $0004 (T7)

This forces the camera to lock on Mario's Y position, fixing the camera during wall jumps.
Please help, I have this sensation in my head as though this forum is already being filled up with junk help threads.
Originally posted by MarioMaster12
Originally posted by Warwiio
Reason like these are why I'm considering to quit SM64 Hacking. Some people don't find hacking serious and joke around too much. This is a huge disappointment. Unfortunately, some people who find hacking serious (like me) have to deal with it.
That's what I'm saying. He made this instead of proceeding with SM64 Multiplayer. And I can't even hack SM64 but still.

No need to be so openly arrogant, I am not obligated to fulfill everyone's hacking desires, nor can I do so at the snap of my fingers as a minority of people seem to believe. Additionally, you are claiming that rom hacking is serious, which suggests gaming is serious, which implies life is serious.
Originally posted by Kurt91
I'm sorry for bumping such an old topic, but I had something I needed to ask about this, and didn't think it was worth opening another new one. Anyways...

I started playing this for the first time today, having found the download for the pre-patched version since I don't know how to patch Nintendo 64 roms. I got to Mushroom Mountain Town and noticed that I recognized some of the textures from Bomberman 64, one of my absolute favorite games.

I was wanting to know how you managed to get the textures. I can't get Glide64 to rip the textures, and the Rice Video Plugin won't let me see anything at all. Could you either let me know how you had done it, or if you have a copy laying around, upload the textures from that game somewhere? (hopefully a complete set, I wanted bits and pieces from all five major worlds.)

As a side question, whatever happened to porting this to SM64 DS? I have a DS and flash card, and would love to play this with better controls than trying to struggle through using a keyboard.

I am still working on the DS version:

You should be able to rip the textures with rices video plugin using 1964. Alternatively, you can use 3D Ripper DX.
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Skelux's Profile - Posts by Skelux

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