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I've finished the vanilla hack and decided to submit it to C3 as well.
Now System gets another point.

Play the hack here:

This first version (alpha) didn't make it, so it can be found in my uploaded files (the IPS, not the ROM.)

Please give feedback, this is my second hack submitted to SMWC.
After (partially) finishing Bowser Stadium, I started building another new hack, called The Way of The M. I even have a playable demo version and a showcase of that demo in its entirety.

Links to both:
IPS Demo of World 1:
Video of this demo:

Tell me what you think is good and what's not.
Yes I do, but I don't know how to post images on forum posts yet. I would like some help with that.

I still haven't figured it out. Is there a tutorial on the board somewhere that can explain it? If so, then thanks.
Thanks a lot, this makes perfect sense.
Now I need to sign up for ImageShack or something similar.
Then I can submit screenshots and other necessary images.
@Gamma V
The switch palace was already activated before I recorded the video. If you were to start a new game, then the switch wouldn't have been activated yet. The switch palaces have been made into replayable levels, but these levels are very short because of the extreme limitations with switch palaces. Thanks for the feedback.
I've been asked for screenshots quite some time ago so here they are:

NOTE: I've replaced the green blocks with small pipes.

Do you guys remember my new hack's (The Way of The M's) World 1 demo?
It seems that someone reuploaded it with a download link. I left a comment saying ''Don't trust him'' and disliked the video (of course I'd dislike someone who steals my content). What should I flag it for? Child abuse? Does it matter what it's flagged for?
Doesn't matter now. That person's channel has been terminated.
I've never played ET for Atari, but it was featured on Machinima for being the biggest flop of the gaming industry. Such a big flop that thousands of copies of the game that couldn't sell were burned and buried in a landfill, but I haven't experienced it firsthand so that's all I have to say about ET.

One of the toughest and most hated games I've actually tried was Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction. To beat it, you often waste hours of your life grinding levels and money to buy cards. I used cheat codes as soon as possible on the computer and made the best deck I could. Only then was the game fun.
The first hack I ever played (besides testing mine) was Super Mario Odyssey. In fact, I patched it right over my first ever hack. Don't worry, my first hack was full of blatant level edits anyway.
I wouldn't say rape but I do enjoy using it to my advantage both in the game and in the level designing. The use of spin jumping in my level designs recently (unlike long ago) has greatly decreased. The hacks I make nowadays don't go for insane difficulty the way they used to (savestates were a must back then) and the use of a spin jump across a long segment can be very tough, especially if you're a beginner.

Spin jumping has a few flaws which don't occur often, especially when you are bigger and notice that there is a turn block floor below you. That was rare.

In short, spin jump is amazing, but it isn't violated.
That would sound like a very tough boss to battle and code. Nothing else to say, I can't handle ASM.

I have my own idea (which is probably possible) but I can't get it to work.
These screenshots will also help explain it.

Hits the switch and turns to...

After the switch runs out of time, it's dark again.

The gimmick for an area like this is to use one blue P-Switch after another or be forced to stumble around in a pitch-black area. How is it possible for me to get it to work in my hack?
I knew this was fake but I enjoyed reading. My response:

I won't be one of those three users because my submitted hack got rejected twice before making it and joining the other hacks. I also can't find NanoScope because it doesn't exist I need to search harder.

Knowing that SMWCP had 117 exits and over 200 people worked on it, I can only assume that no hack can hold 120+ exits. ''Torpedophile Tedward's Trippy Time'' isn't real can't be found anywhere and I gave up looking for it. I would honestly play it just to see how bad it is, but I can't be asked to look any harder. I have things to do too.
Originally posted by Srjle

(The thread(s), at least 20 of them, were called ''Pac's Potty Time''.)

Poor Pac. This spammer filled up 4-5 pages with things such as ''his penis is small'', ''his circle jerk'', and his ''farts''. That spammer was definitely mad, bro.

I'd like to have a famous quote but I don't have any to share. Haven't looked hard enough. Maybe I should go back to searching through the trash. Funny stuff turns up there.
Severe saw lanin musiland?

That was the best I could do with what I was given.
- Build more of my romhack.
- Finish my Luigi's Adventure OSE let's play.
- Swim
- Find other things to do besides the obvious ones

(Note: Couldn't find the bullets; had to use dashes)
After seeing an old level from the Vanilla Design Contest 2009, I realized that I wanted to try something along the lines of that too.

I already know what blue P-Switches do (change blocks to coins and vice-versa). What I need to know is if I can make a special tile that changes the way it looks (not the way it acts) for as long as the blue P-Switch is active (I specifically need to know if I can have a dark ground tile become lighter when the player hits a blue P-Switch and becomes dark again once the switch's time runs out).

This similar question applies to when an On/Off block is hit, so I can switch from light tiles you can see easily to dark tiles you might not see at all.
Do I continue asking questions here or do I start this thread over in the proper forum?
Are there any specific aspects in the romhacking tutorials that are especially requested or could I just make tutorials and tips on how to get to where I am in romhacking today (such as Lunar Magic Tutorials and how to prepare for Let's Plays of romhacks)?

I'm interested in trying to make tutorial videos.
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levelengine's Profile - Posts by levelengine

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