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Posts by Majunia
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Anybody can say me where I can found the "All Stars SMB1 & SMB3" blocks?

It's for using by "Blocktool Super Deluxe". I'm searching it for a long time but no way.

Originally posted by cheeyev
Welcome to the forums (Or at least your first time posting here, since you registered back in 2012), and to answer your question, GPS has replaced BTSD, all the current blocks are made for GPS, and if you try to install both on the same hack, GPS will uninstall any blocks BTSD has added. What exact blocks from SMAS are you looking for?

Ok, GPS. Can I download that tool from here?

I want the classic SMB1 brick blocks that Super Mario can break jumping from below or their equivalent in SMB3.

Thanks for the reply.
Originally posted by Luansilva12
Originally posted by Majunia
I want the classic SMB1 brick blocks that Super Mario can break jumping from below or their equivalent in SMB3.

Link to GPS
Link to SMB3 Bricks

Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
Or, if you dislike the way it bounces, here are patches that allows you to use better bounce blocks

Thanks for your suggestion, but I'm noob at hacking.

I don't know how to use patches.
I was download the "poison mushroom" sprite. Its "read me" archive says: "If you want this to come out of a block this might help:". That link is broken.

I want that "poison mushroom" in a block.
Can anyone help me with this?

Your help has been very useful. Many thanks.
Two questions.

When an enemy is defeated by a fireball, he leaves a coin. I want the enemy dies without leave that coin.

How I can do this?


In Lunar Magic "Direct Map16 Access" appears a blue coin but when you take it acts like a normal coin. I want the blue coin value be 5 normal coins.

What I have to do?

Thanks for your attention.

1. That patch works perfectly. Thanks a lot.


2. I'm novice at hack. I don't known how or where write that code.
In any case, thanks for your suggestion.
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
The code belong to an empty ASM file.

Ok. How I do create an empty ASM file?

And then: What I do with that file?

Very useful information! Thanks for your help.
I inserted in my ROM the Bowser sprite (SMAS-SMB1) that "Sprite Tool" includes. In "cfg Editor.exe" the option "Takes 5 fireball to kill" is marked.
Then I run the ROM and Bowser is defeated when an only fireball hits him.

How do I do that Bowser dies with 5 fireballs (or more) instead just one?
Can anyone help me with this?
Originally posted by Cloason
Can you post your code?
If post code,I can know anwser

You main this?

Mod Edit: Don't post gigantic walls of text.
SMB1: Do you remember when you hit a brick block under coin? That coin jumped and increased the coin marker in 1. I spent time searching for any resource that allow me do this in my hack but I didn't find it.

Does anyone know some block/sprite/patch that allow me do this?

PD: I'm using the GreenHammerBro & Kaijyuu's "Custom Bounce Blocks" in my hack.
The broken pieces of "yellow turn blocks" works with the Mario/Luigi palette. Can I change that palette for another one? How?
@Konata Izumi

Thanks for your suggest. That tool (Tweaker) seems similar to "cfg_editor". Looks like interesting, but it don't help me with the broken pieces of blocks. Anyway, thanks for your time.


Thanks, your code works perfectly! :D

However, I'm afraid that I forgot another blocks' sprites that I need change its palette too:

The sprite when a "yellow block" is hit...

...and "? block" is hit.

Could you help me with these others sprites?
(Maybe, I could do it by myself if I would know that part of your code refers to the sprites)

Your help has been very useful. Many thanks.

That's great!
A lot of thanks for your time and help :)

First of all, thanks for your reply.

Your code works well with the "yellow turn blocks with "nothing" inside" inclued in Lunar Magic. Coins over this block bounce when block is hit from below and is then when the "invisible block glitch" appears. Your code fix this.

But I want do coins over this custom blocks bounce. This blocks acts like classics SMB1/SMB3 blocks: When it's hit by Super Mario it breaks, normal Mario just do it bounces.

In any case, thanks for your time and attention.

Thank you for your suggest. I'll download this tool.
In SMW background size fills 2 only screens of a level. This do backgrounds a little repetitives. Can I do backgrounds of more than 2 screens?
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Majunia's Profile - Posts by Majunia

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