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Wooden Stronghold
First contest entry =D
Wow 6th place, didn't see that coming.
Not too bad for my first contest =D
Thanks everyone! And congrats to the winners.
My entry

I changed Chocolate Island 1.
It's nothing special, but I had fun making it.
My Smashing entry.
Here's my entry for the contest: Sky Island
Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus
Awesome idea for a hack

Sounds great, and I'd like to help IF I have some free time.
About the OW, maybe we can use one from the overworld design contest 2012?
I've completed my first level in SMBX and I'd like some feedback.

Link to the level, Have Fun :D (Minor Update 9-4)

Foreground: Custom - Reghrhre
Background: Demon's Crest - Stage 2 - Hadron
Third place is amazing! I'm so happy with it.

Thanks to the jugdes for taking their time judging my level, and thanks to the one person who voted for my level (you're great :3).
Congrats to Snifit and notgoodwithusernames, your levels are awesome.

MrDeePay = Best Judge :D
Thanks for the feedback.

I also wasn't sure about the music (just put it in there for the reference).
I'm currently thinking about this track, but if someone has a better idea, just let me know.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
There were some really good tracks in there (you made it very hard to choose).
But I think I'm going for Valak Mountain Night.
Now for the level itself, any more tips?
I've been working on a new level based on the Wario Land 4 Hurry Up gimmick.


reghrhre - Jungle Ruins Tileset
ipsmaxes xD - Custom Grassy Temple

Edit: I've updated the level a while ago, and also changed the name to Ruins of Haste.
Your level looks great!(Everything I noticed is already in the discription :P)

To submit your level you have to send it in a pm to NoelYoshi or eXcavator.
Demo out now: Link.
All smbx levels lag on my computer, so I didn't think it was so bad with this level :/
I deleted some unnecessary blocks/background objects as well as a couple of sprites. I hope this solves the issue with the unbearable lag.
As for the moving spikes, I think I will make them a bit darker. I will also change some of the graphics from wario land 4, because paint doesn't really make the best gifs.
Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25
Okay, but the game began running at 1 frame every 2-3 seconds for me which makes any game completely unplayable. :\

Wow, it never got that bad on my end.
But I've changed all the Ball n' Chains to YI spike balls (sprite swapped roto discs), hope this fixes the lag.
Thanks for everything you've done so far :D
Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25
Secondly, this area. I've been through this spot many times and I still cannot figure out how to get through here as Big Mario without getting hit. (Small Mario does just fine, but I'm Big when I reach here). Possibly remove on of those spike balls or reposition them so there's someway to dodge all three.

It is possible to dodge them by ducking on the cement blocks, but I've spaced them out a bit, so it should be easier now.

Thanks for the feedback, it really helped #smw{^_^}
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