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[email protected]:~$ "Let's play Minecraft: with roccomole

[email protected]:~$ "Ok I have a desktop computer, and the only way I can connect is with a USB adapter. Soo, how do I enable wifi on the computer? Ask me if you need more info.

Manufacturer LENOVO
Version 6.1.7601 Service pack 1 build 7602
Model IdeaCentre K330B
Type x64-based PC"


[email protected]:~$ "Ok, i know there is a way to see the graphics of custom sprites in lunar magic, but i cant figure it out, and Maxx's tutorial is too confusing, and dosen't work for me. The problem area is in the MAP 16 area, where i cant figure out where to put the sprites graphics."

[email protected]:~$ "what did the scouter say about his power level?"

[email protected]:~$ "I can't find the thread that teaches to put a background on your posts, can someone direct me to it?"

[email protected]:~$ "Ok, I will post in that place next time, delete this please"

[email protected]:~$ "Ok, this is your new pokéball for catching Mew. Good luck."

[email protected]:~$ "Yeah, that's very nice."

[email protected]:~$ "Well, here me and my friends' work
Click Here!"

[email protected]:~$ "Tell me please...
Mario Bros. - Luigi
Pokemon - Mew
Legend of Zelda - Red-Link
Other Characters by Nintendo
Red Bomber from Bomberman
I'll add more if I think about them."

[email protected]:~$ "How do I put an Image to the right of my layout? I know the tutorial, but I want my text box to overlap it.
e: Also, how do you resize an image?"

[email protected]:~$ "Ok listen, the world is not ending, the Mayans were just too lazy to write the rest of the Calendar! Post your thoughts on this thread. I think it's complete garbage!"

[email protected]:~$ "
Originally posted by RaindropDry
Wait what? So why is there a black hole on my sky? And why is there volcanoes growing around my house? And tornados forming and devastating my region?

Then you must live in the worlds worst climate ever."

[email protected]:~$ "My friends and I made a short video. It's a little shaky, but the main focus is the dialogue. In case you don't know what's going on, it's recording from the slenderman's point of view.


[email protected]:~$ "Can you see it?

[email protected]:~$ "EDIT------------------------------------------------------
I get the problem now. It's not a "problem", Malware bytes QUARANTINED the file because it was a Trojan. (Coming up next on "duh"!)
I should try other programs next time... (Embarrasing)
Thanks for the help, though.
ORIGINAL POST----------------------------------------------
After I repaired microsoft .net framework, when I open a program it wont open and deletes itself! (I use .net 4)
Manufacturer: lenovo
Model: Lenovo Windows7 PC
Processor: Inter(R) Pentium(R) CPU G620 @ 2.60GHz 2.60GHz
RAM: 6.00 GB
Type: 64 bit"

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