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through Jesus Christ someone could help me make a level for the sprite follow grinder that is good and hard??
alguem poderia me ajudar a construir um nivel tipo castelo que seja bom e dificil para esse sprite???
I am looking for someone to help me make a hack that I am developing and will have EXGFX, custom music, ASM files changed I'm new in these things already know a few tricks and hack will have lots of graphics and donkey kong megaman especially so if anyone is interested just send me a message, please I need help immediately!
I would like some ideas to design levels because I'm not Fully ideas please anyone has time for me to help and tbm would like to post some pictures of the hack here and then some volunteer?

Screenshots (link because they are big):
be my friend you two!!! add me
to get what I'm doing this hack contains graphics of megman, donkey kong, castelvania, Kirby and others I'll add additional features as patches among other blocks today I'll post some screenshots of the hack to show them some of the levels and overworld.

here are some pictures of the hack say what you guys think of it and give suggestions

al ready comment on what they think are giving suggestions feel free!
AltheronX not going to change much in the overworld because of the events that are 90% complete and also to correct missing some so if you have interested in anything else please send me a message I'm 24 hours online
more suggestions?
you know an animation effect that the lights are fading and that neither the rising phase of the DKC basament blackout?
eu não consiguo colocar de jeito nenhum aquele gerador layer 3 smash pois quando eu configuro as opções de layer 3 e coloco water low tides only apareçe a agua no lugar da madeira me ajudem!!!
Hello everyone! I wonder how can I change the music title the screen?

it is with some patch?
hello people as I do to disable the message when he is rescued yoshi egg first?
please anyone know how I put the messages in any of the info box level? poque the overworld is limited.