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Tip: When determining a time limit, remember that players won't be as familiar with the level as you are. If you normally complete the level with around 100s left on the timer, others might run out of time on their first try.
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Originally posted by S.N.N.

Green-Kirby: Cyber Track Act 2 from Sonic Advance 3</div></div>

I'm just interested to know why my track is in red.

Is it not started?
Is it not possible?
Or is it being worked on? >;D


Edit: I sould read more....
Well I have registread now.

Unexpected end tag (</div>) at 185, expected </font>
Unexpected end tag (</div>) at 191, expected </font>
Tag (font) was not closed.
Tag (font) was not closed.
Tag (div) was not closed.
Tag (div) was not closed.
Originally posted by Opposable
Cyber Track Act 2 for Green-Kirby is done.

Thank you, Sorry for responding so late.....I'm not on SMWC to often. :)
Originally posted by S.N.N.

-:image here:-
More puzzling fun in the forest, with two new concepts introduced in this level.

I really like the concept of your level. The back ground and the tiles from super metroid match.
But you use the tiles badly.
Now I'm not sure what tiles you have added from super metroid. But some looks wrong. I know that there are beter tiles in super metroid.

1. The solid ground in between. The super metroid tile is not that one. You have used a back ground tile.

2. The corner when the ground goes from left/right to up/down is wrong.

3. The ground tile under doors and stuff liket that should not have any see through so add a new block but with dark color instead of see through.

4. The ground under the grass. It is not really wrong, But it looks a bit funky. I would not do it that way but it is your hack.

Sorry for being a pain in the ass but that's what I think.
1. Best all-around hacker: FPI
2. Best graphics designer: AtomicShroom
3. Nicest: S.N.N
9. Most mysterious: Bio, Green-Kirby (seriously I never post)
12. Smartest: Bio
13. Most unnoticed person with hidden talents: AtomicShroom
15. Most likely to be banned: Green-Kirby <_<
18. Worst spelling/grammar: Green-Kirby ..woot me again <_<
20. Most likely to get a lump of coal for X-Mas: Troopa Pride
25. Best all-around person: S.N.N

You should have added a.
"Most likely not to get a vote" :)
Any way, I am sure no one will vote on me. Mainly since I almost never post here.
I know where you got the name from...

Any way, The moon on the over world looks bad. Add a dark yellow shading insteed of the white.

So I have added this ball for FP so far... Next is the fusion ship....
FP: Still same pallet. How ever, It is actually almost perfect to the one in fusion.. could be a bit darker blue though.

Buu-Huu: SMILE is the editor for SM you can google it.

Any objections lady?
Originally posted by Blynd
you do need a plot. those are kind of important. Also, level edits are fail, I don't care about the circumstances.

No you do not need a plot. SMW have a extremely limited text.
Getting in a good story is no easy work.
+ As long as the hack is fun a plot or story is not needed.

I would also like to add since I posting in a hack topic that ASM hacks or new GFX or new music is NOT needed for any fun.

I prefer to avoid hacks with new ASM thingys... They tend to be a bit on the hard side.

I do not say you should avoid adding in new things, But it is not needed for fun.

New music is one thing that I would like to see in new hacks, Music is some thing that can change the whole feel off the game or hack in this case.

About the screens:
The grass level looks boring.
the bullet bill shooting level looks boring. And remove a few blocks from around the start and have "air" on the tile the star is on.
the desert world looks a bit more fun.
The castle looks empty though.
And the next castle looks way to hard.

I will download and play it now. If I find it fun I will say so. If not I will not.
And I will not discuss my arguments with any one here who feel offended.
It is what I think deal with it.
You already know what I think from IRC.
They look more awesome now then the first time you did show me them!
Good work. I hope the game play will be as nice as the GFX!
Shows how much you know FP.
Any way, If you want some thing off what you call HDMA in SMW then go to FX1 and add "Haze" It is blue.

Beside, FX1 layer have much better effects then haze so there really is no idea in using it.

World 1, over world.
Don't complain about the dots colors, I will fix that. I may re-place the star road with a pipe....

Mario will start to the south under that tree. When you beat a level at the place the star road takes you to, you can go to the next part off the main over world.
This hack have no castles and is more exploring based.

Since this is my first over world I am making, any comments would be nice. :)

Next "world"

I "think" I fixed what you said FP.
Also, I have been hacking SMW before I even meet you. It just don't show off my work. I needed some comments on my over world though since I suck at making a OW.
I got a new request, The track is 14 seconds long so I hope it won't take to long.... I can insert music later though.

SatAM Sonic's theme. Midi OFC.
Page from: (Last song listed)

Thanks in advance! :D
I did show a over world pic before, This is how the forest tile set looks like in world one and two:

(These are not level pics, They are only for example off how it could look like)

Any comment is nice. If no one hurt their eyes I will keep the pallet. ^^
Originally posted by FirePhoenix0
Thanks guys. I've managed to fix two rooms, though not with the same designs. I actually like one of them better now.

I made up a simple support userbar:

Feel free to use it. :D

I support this image! >;D
Originally posted by AtomicShroom

I made a userbar if anyone would like to use it.
Put that URL in img tags if you want it.

I support this image!

(and the hack lol)

If you ever give out beta, Be sure to tell me. I want to test this awesomeness.
Originally posted by green-kirby

SatAM Sonic's theme. Midi OFC.

Just re posting the link.
So no one lose them in all posts in this topic.
The song is 14 seconds long. I would also be nice if then one off you who make it send it to me. And not upload it here, I want it as a level ender in my hack. And I don't want to see that in all other hacks.

Thanks in advance.

Two games: Pokemon gold version.(GBC) And Bubble bobble 2.(GB)
Originally posted by Dioxaz
Can someone else confirm that glitch? Because, people I've seen playing this hack didn't encounter such a glitch (or whatever).

Yes. Same thing did happend for me.
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