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Granted, but you will forever regret you did not wish for something better.

I wish for hot mudkipz on mudkipz action.
It would be awesome in so many ways. :3
When I did first play pearl I did beat it with only torchic. (Well it did evolve but still only 1 pokemon)

Sure why not, Green-Kirby.

What to expect: Lymia fan artssssss, and some other drawings. :<
Shadow from the sonic series. Best one I could think up that would match me in some ways.
... So, when will the offical results come? V_v
I don't believe in any thing as I don't see any fucking point in doing so.
Originally posted by x1372
C'mon guys... yes, its been longer than expected. A lot longer. But give them some slack.

And you sir are generic suck up to mods number 2484834.

Originally posted by x1372
Really, the "board 2" level design contest last year had the judging portion longer than the submission portion... and they only had TEN levels (and some... interesting judges).

And board 2 is related to this in what way?

Originally posted by Supertails
Yeah, this sort of response is getting out of hand. If so many people are going to complain about how long it's taking to get the results, then it doesn't make us want to continue holding contests in the future.

And you don't need to be a generic ass to members when we are asking questions on some thing that is late. I would rather not have a contest then never getting a result.

Originally posted by S.N.N.
Now, I am quite pissed off that I have to do this, but I am going to kick FS4 off of the judging and do it myself. He should not have had to do this in the first place anyway - it should have been the one who volunteered to do the contest. I'm sure you guys will not mind me doing this, as I have judged pretty much every other contest on the site, and I know what I am talking about.

Not to sound like I suck up, but this is the best thing for this contest as we at least know you get things done.

What pisses me off the most is the fact that I even asked at the start of this contest if I could help judging rather then making a level for it. Sure we all know you guys hate me, but that's not the point, but you guys don't need to run judging all staff team you know.

Awesome, make a: ;<D face!
This topic shows exactly how intelligent you people are.
Did you people sleep in class or something?
Water does not "go away".

A more interesting question would be: when will we not have enough none salty water to drink.

My old layout:
Quote me for the code.
Any one can use it.

Post text here.

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Unexpected end tag (</table>) at 805, expected </td>
Tag (td) was not closed.
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No, I don't smoke.
Also, this topic was another great idea for more post count++!
(Love to see more of that in the future BTW! :D )
Kudos to you, who ever made the topic! (I did not bother to read really.)

*Golf clap
Originally posted by Clown Prince of Crime
I don't smoke, and I will never smoke, and also won't try.

But if you don't try then how can you know if it's bad or good?
Originally posted by Nicol Bolas
Locking a hack doesn't make sense to me. The whole "don't steal my work" idea is founded on nonsense. You're making a Super Mario World hack! Even if you replace every scrap of graphics, you're still relying on Nintendo's code to run your game. No matter how many new blocks, sprites, or whatever you made, it's still running on Nintendo's code that you've adopted and decided to modify.
Original content is yours in any form you put it in.
Even if I run my art in a ROM where rights are not mine the art is still mine. I'm not a legal expert here, mind you.
Sure we still run on nintendo's (in this case) original code, your point sir?
The fact that we do that makes this ROM "hacking" (No hacking is done by you if you only use LM as it edits the raw code for you.) and not a bunch of fan games.
Sure we stole nintendo's code to put it your way. But the facts stands: nintendo does not care for one reason or the other. "We" (Not that I care about this site in general) care about our content so we will do the best in our power to keep it ours and not let others just copy it and claim they made it.

Not as much of a problem to me as I will release every thing I made when the hack comes out but, the point still stands.

Originally posted by Nicol Bolas
Wouldn't it be great if the community could benefit from the cutscene system you created?
They can play the hack and enjoy it. Sounds good to me! This site needs more full hacks rather then more shitty demos by people who don't bother to make full hacks.
Originally posted by Nicol Bolas
But they can't, because you didn't make it available to the community. You choose to keep it to yourself, and the community is poorer for it. Everyone makes their own little cutscene system, and the community is poorer for it.Keeping code to yourself isn't helping the community. It is detrimental to the community that they keep having to reinvent thing, or can't improve on the tools that they already have. Locking hacks is detrimental to an open community. I mean, you can do it, but there is little collective benefit for it.

While it's true that keeping code to yourself is not helping the community, I don't see the point of that argument here.
People make hacks for other to play them as real games. Not study material (Even though you could make a hack like that.) Going into a done game play hack and copying all the good things you see is not helping the community and will only spawn a horrible rip off game play hack, so again your argument is not valid.
The way the community could improve is if the maker of said hack puts out the ASM code for said new future in a topic as a templet and responding to questions. On top of that this "community" you speak of is vary vague. There is SMWC as the site that is full of idiots. And then there is the advanced hacking forum where hacking happens. The ones in the advanced hacking forum are the ones who could use the code while all other users (which happens to be the people who would open the ROM and copy every thing) that don't understand or bother with code have no use for it.
To be fair here, if you don't know how to code then all you can do with the code is copying it and maybe change the content it shows up with.
There for there is no point for the normal users to have an open ROM.
And honestly it is better (and faster) to get the code in a topic then trying to go into the ROM and rip it out of you want to edit it or build some thing like it.

Also I see what you did there comparing this to lunar magic!
Sure we can't build more on LM. And I would love to have a better OW and map16 editor!
However... how is that related to the topic in question?

When locking a hack your not trying to prevent people with experience to improve your code. (You might even give the code to said person after they have show they know how to code well) You're in fact trying to prevent people to hitch a ride on the train to awesome face land that you built.

I'm not saying it is bad to just put the code in with out improving it. But it might look bad if 97589353895 hacks uses the same thing (and the hacks all sucks.) (Not that the hacks in question ever will get done.)
But it is up to the code creator.
And I think it is fair if people choice how to put up their ROM hack. They made it and you should be damn fucking happy you even get to play it.

Also Nicol: you seem to be the typical guy that [Insert long flaming argument part here]
To be short I don't like your idea that you think every thing in the world should be free. ROM hacks don't cost as they use companys code and most times characters. Normally you might pay to get a game of same quality! (see megaman hacks) But this site is a horrible example of that though as 90% of the works are only demos and nothing more.
What are you people talking about?
Smalls is the ideal poster!
If everyone posted like Smalls this place would be awesome instead of fail. :E
40/50 sounds good to me.

I can only find the judging in one of the files though. :/
Beating the game with only 3 hearts.
Originally posted by Buu-Huu

You guys need to get your lazy asses up and work a bit on your own too. None palette various ExGFX sets use, will satisfy 100% of the user database, someone always needs the used palette for something else.

Also, we could directly link to smwedit's background archive as you can completely customize everything there, or have a system like that over here. <___<"

Edit: If you're really going to delete the ExGFX's that overwrite palette 0 and/or 1, have fun at wiping out around 200+ ExGFX files.

Face it, almost every one uses palette 0 for status bar and it's just dumb that you put the lazy blame on the user.
If you did put it on another line from the start 50% (or even more) if the users who uses the BG would not have to repoint the whole map16 to another palette.

Sure I can agree that it's not much work and every one should be able to do it. But the point with a site like this is to make hacking as fast, and easy, as possible rather forcing every one to do the same work over and over again. (not to be confused with what I said in the topic about locked hacks as that is another matter)

On top of that I'm sick of seeing back ground rippers blame the users who inserted the BG for not repoint it to another line. (I have seen it in the screen shot topic and I know you have also seen it.)


Now, it's good to see that the clean up is kicking off. Next it would be good to clean out staff and user base to. Then maybe this site will get to be a more ROM hacking related site? That's some thing I would like to see at least.

Broozer: Some files are good but goes on line 0. So some one could go in and edit the files and re upload a fixed one. It takes less time then ripping it again after all. I'm sure that there are users that would be willing to help with that if you asked.
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