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Tip: Remaking levels from other Mario games is strongly discouraged, especially popular ones (World 1-1 from SMB or SMB3, for example), as their over-presence in Mario games, official or not, often makes them uninteresting to play.
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A request. I am going to try to do some music self. But I can't do all the tunes I need. =)

So here is another request if you don't mind:
Gradius level 1. <-- Link

It would be nice if you could make this one.

Thanks in advance to the one who desides to do it! ^^

~ Green-Kirby/Crys
I uploaded a tune I made from bubble bobble in the music section. any comment would be nice! =)
Er sorry. I am kinda new to custom music.
Any way, I did loop it where I knew I could so file size should be smaller. I did not make a new .spc though since it is the same song.
It's down on 2,34kB I hope that is not to big. :/

I did upload a song from SMRPG that Delmaru did make.
All comments and credits and fame to him, or some thing.
I hope this will bring up some intrest for my hack. =)

A snowy wood! If he did not change his name, SnowyFP would fit in here nicely! XD

Comments and feed back KTHX! :D

Edit: Sind the ground is custom GFX I made not pallet edit. :P But yeah the forest part is.
Originally posted by Ann
That ground looks like the Fillmore FG from Actraiser, with a different palette. Whatever it is, it looks good - but what on earth are those Tetris-like blue blocks supposed to be?

The GFX is in fact 100% custom. I did post this:
A while back asking for what design to use. I did pick 1 and did put the stones on the ground instead. :P

And it was suppose to be sonic like.

Originally posted by Troopa
Have you been playing guild wars?It looks like the Luxon landscape in guild wars factions :P

No I don't play guild wars.
Sorry for the double post.

Any way, I did port this song from a gradius 3 remix midi.
Download link!
Any comment on it would be nice! Thanks in advance!

I need some feed back on this too:
FF 10 if you did not know.
(I have no idea on how to make it slower Tempo do not seams to affect it)

[19:05] [Pac] man, -kamek productions- is incredibly retarded
[19:05] [DJ] O RLY?
[19:05] [DJ] ...
[19:05] [Nio] >.>
[19:06] [Pac] old fads are old
[19:06] [DJ] new fads are new
[19:07] [Pac] gtfo
[19:08] [DJ] sorry


What!? I suck at tetris, kay!?

(I killed the sprites )
Well this is my hack topic I guess.
I will also post songs I port here.
So, This is how it will work.
I will make one video per world, Showing one level.
And screen shots from another level. And a few OW shots when I get it done.
Progress tablet:
World 1: 100%
World 2: 60% (OW and half of the levels done)
World 3: 0% (not started)

World 1:
<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>
World 2:
<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>
(note! The koopas are plot related)
(( This level may seams a bit repetive to. Best one for video though))
Screen shots:
World 1: NADA
World 2:

(To big for posting on forum)

nothing here yet.... I made some though.
Will put up when I got new stuff!

So that's it for now I think! =)
Comments please!
Originally posted by Schwa
Dying in your own video is NOT good, man. >_<

Right now there's nothing I see here that I really like, especially the graphics... Sorry. :(

Well, It can't be helped that I did die. Zsnes lags like hell when I record and I can't control well.
I'm also thinking of adding another power up near the end of the first screen.

Sorry to hear that, Check back for more info later.

Originally posted by Giga
Needs better pallettes, and you need more 1337 skillz. Get a beta tester to do the videos for you?

In what way is the pallet bad? I kinda need to know if I should improve it. :P

And beta tester(s), ...Won't be happening.

Originally posted by Dispari Scuro
Your levels are too repetitive, especially the second. It's just water with platforms and thwimp, koopa, thwimp, koopa, koopa, thwimp, koopa... It's two whole screens full of the same thing. Boring. The levels also need more time, especially if these are world 1 and 2. I don't enjoy hacks where I'm constantly racing the time limit.

Well I do agree that the level is repetitive. I'm not sure what enemies to place there. This is a ice/forest world. :/
Any enemies suggestion would be nice. After all, I am kinda new to designing levels for SMW.

About the time limit, My level design is simple. If you take it easy and slow you will most likly not make it. But if you go in a medium speed you should make it. It is usually not hard to get to the normal exit in time. =)

After all time is a great enemy that not many use! >:D

Originally posted by Heisanevilgenius
My ears! Owww ow ow ow OW! My ears!

Sorry, but the music is terrible.

Music is in no way final. I take what I have for now when I make the levels. I port music to you know!
Any way, I did not make the music. The second song the awesome Flandre made! (thanks again) =)

So, mainly... the latest level did totally suck ass if asking you guys?
Well at least having my own topic gets me the feedback I need! :)
Now I will try to fix up the level as much as I can.
Next update:
1. Screens from world 1.
2. Screens from world 2 castle.
3. World 3 shit and stuffzzzz.

Where can I find a chicorita in D/P? :/
I really like that one. And no I don't have leafgreen or firered.
I would love to trade if some one have it! :)
Well, I did read up. And I take what you guys say here seriously.
Now I had a few question marks about over world.
So I will post the sub map I like the most my self! =) ( I only made 3 so far)

PS: I had a freaking nicer pallet before.... But forgot to save to ROM! ;_;
PSS: The gray thingy is a place holder for a pipe! And the switch thingy is broken.... I need to remove that....

Any one who can guess the theme on in this world get's a cake! =)
Comment on my post above please! ^.^;

Also I did redo the level a bit (mostly the sprites!)
So, new video:
<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>

Note: About the Sprite GFX... just.. ...don't ask. k´?

Also I have a screen on another level:

Yay for the first puzzle level in the hack!
And yes the pallet is right! This world starts att winter but slowly goes to spring! =)

(And yes that is a pipe)

Comment AND FEED BACK. Is needed for improvement!
Stat what you like and don't like! =)
[23:44] <A_Yoshi> Brawl is the best Sonic game ever

....The funny thing is, This IS the best sonic game in years. Kinda sad. :/
Originally posted by Schwa

GREAT! Now we can make a Extra Mario world! =)
I'm totally going to do that when this is out! (if it ever comes out) =)
Dagx: Thank you. Also none of my levels will have a midway point! =)

Schwa: Seriously? I think this music fits the level nicer then the other did.
Any suggestions would be good.
And er thanks I guess, I may change the pallet.

Also, Please let this topic die! I just opened a blog.
(can be found here: Link )
That will have new updates regarding the game. Videos and screens will be posted in the screen shot topic here though. But for all info please look in the blog! =)
AnUntitledStory is a metroid like game where you explore the world beat bosses and find power ups to get to new places.
It did cost befor, but not to long ago it was put up as a freeware.

Here is download:

Now, I need some help. I can't get in on the site to download it for some reason.
If you get it, it would be nice if you did send me a copy: green-kirby (at)

Or upload it some where! =)

I have almost beaten the game befor. (HD crash) So if you need help in-game ask here! =)
Originally posted by Kc
Heres a hack, I've just started:
My own ExGFX:

eh, this looks wrong in more then one way.
1. The palms have shadow in two different direction.
2. You can see a lighter side of the pyramid yet the shadow is straight down. (wtf)
3. the pool of water in the back ground have same pallet as the sky. ( not a big deal, but if you got room make a darker blue )
4. The sun lacks a bit of shading. ( This is not a problem if all the over world maps follow this theme. )

Other then those few things, I have to say this over world is awesome! :3
I have seen the concept before in a SMW hack, but that do not make it less awesome!
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