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Originally posted by A Yoshi
We also updated the Overworld a little. Note the new Layer 1 clouds. :o

Egg Yoshi
A Yoshi now has a new Egg pallete. You may now end the OMG CHANGE THE WHITE arguments.

-> IMAGE <-

Banana Beach
This submap is oddly different from the rest. Something about its design... Anyway, you end up here from the pipe in Coconut Caves. See that castle? The actual Castle 4 is on the main Overworld. You know what this means? OMG EPIC PLOT TWIST.

I have to agree with Wraith on this one. The main over world looks bad.
Like it seams you have added to much detail at some places.

The would sky thing is cool... ...But it looks wrong since the other parts of the over world don't have the same perspective!

I liked white egg A_Yoshi more!!!!111!!!one!! D;

The submap is cool though! :)
Pokemon gold. Best game ever! The only reason I am actualy play D/P is for the online. :/
You know, we need a pokemon tornament here! :3
I could be in charge of it if there is interests and if no one else want to be in charge!

On another note: I am still looking for a chickorita! If you have one, at least let me trade it then trade back so I get the: "seen" :/

Also: I am all for a 1 (pokemon) vs 1 duel this week end! :3

(Finally started to get my poke hype back :3)
Originally posted by Azure
First official screen shot of Azure Chaotic. Yes, the whole hack is going to be in 8-bit style.


And I'll just let you guys speculate the meaning of all the stuff in the status bar, I'm not telling yet. ^_^

The GFX is from mega man ZX advent. (mini-game in it)
And that is awesome, I also like the idea of a 8-bit hack.
But to give it a bit more 8-bit feel go with 8-bit music (3-channels?) and make it hard. But god no, Not hard as in the way most hacks on this site have. That is just stupid!

But I trust you making this right! =)
I changed forum number to "1337" to test it out! XD

Do you by any chance liek mudkipz here? :3
What's wrong with just reading them?
Seriously, If you can't read you should not be here. :P

I prefer a document over a video any time of the day (and night).
I can bread you a chicorita tatrion. Cus´ I want a manaphy! :3
Not #nightfall. This is from the poke clan I am in.
Jason is the new guy. Pichu is server admin. I was the only one there and I got kinda sick of that guy.
And for a bit of back story, we held a tournament last week end.
That guy joined a few days ago.

[23:22] * {LG}jason ([email protected]) has joined #levelground
[23:22] {LG}jason: im back
[23:23] {LG}jason: hey pichu,cryshi,kronic u guys here
[23:24] {LG}jason: hello ppl
[23:25] * LevelBOT ([email protected]) has joined #levelground
[23:25] * levelgroundbot ([email protected]) Quit (Broken pipe)
[23:37] {LG}jason: hi ppl
[23:39] {LG}Cryshi: ih
[23:39] {LG}jason: i wont that battle lol
[23:39] {LG}Cryshi: what?
[23:39] {LG}jason: i couldent mack it to the troument
[23:39] {LG}jason: i was part of sC
[23:40] {LG}jason: is pichu on or what
[23:40] * {LG}jason was kicked by {LG}Cryshi (Learn to spell please. :/)
[23:41] * {LG}jason ([email protected]) has joined #levelground
[23:41] {LG}jason: i was kidding
[23:41] {LG}jason: why i kick me
[23:41] {LG}Cryshi: ..
[23:42] {LG}Cryshi: Your spelling is horrible compared to mine.
[23:42] {LG}Cryshi: And that says a lot consider I suck
[23:42] {LG}jason: im kicking my butt kick by a sceptile
[23:43] {LG}jason: ya i cant spell when battle
[23:43] {LG}Cryshi: you can't spell att all obviusly
[23:43] {LG}jason: lol
[23:43] {LG}Cryshi: where are you from?
[23:43] {LG}Cryshi: and how old are you?
[23:44] {LG}jason: im from CA but i live in texass
[23:44] {LG}jason: yes i spell texas with exstra s
[23:45] {LG}jason: im 15
[23:45] {LG}Cryshi: um
[23:46] {LG}jason: i have a q
[23:46] {LG}Cryshi: if your 15 and got english as your mother language. And got this bad spelling, then some thing is wrong.
[23:47] {LG}Cryshi: I mean, Don't try to fool me your 15. Seriusly. I speak swedish as my first language. And I am 16 + I got the most horrible spelling of my age.
[23:48] {LG}jason: thats the thing i dont have english as my 1st language
[23:48] {LG}Cryshi: really...
[23:48] {LG}jason: yea
[23:48] {LG}Cryshi: Is CA not a state in the US?
[23:49] {LG}jason: it is but i lived with my opa or to ppl ion the states grandpa and he speack dutch
[23:49] {LG}jason: it is but i lived with my opa or to ppl in the states call grandpa and he speack dutch
[23:52] {LG}jason: so when i spell rong i dont mean to do it
[23:56] {LG}jason: so any thing else u need to know about me
[23:57] {LG}Cryshi: yes,
[23:57] {LG}jason: what is it
[23:57] {LG}Cryshi: do you know that there are online spell checking tools?
[23:57] {LG}Cryshi: -.-
[23:57] {LG}jason: ya
[23:57] {LG}jason: im to lazy to use it jk
[23:59] * {LG}Cryshi sets mode: +b *!*
* Timer 1 activated
* Timer 1 halted
[00:00] * {LG}jason was kicked by {LG}Cryshi (Come back in 10 years then)
[00:00] {LG}Cryshi: If you ask me
[00:00] {LG}Cryshi: he desserved it
[00:00] {LG}Cryshi: :/
[00:00] {LG}Cryshi: Un ban him if you wish

Will you ever trade me a manaphy?
Do you got any shiny pokemons?
Is the cake a lie?
I NEED TO KNOW!!!!111!11one!11
*alexnobody gets a mudkip*

*Inserts the internet*
one thing.

Smash bros brawl. Most of you guys take it fro granted now.
Still 2 more months till it releses here. Then most likly another one befor the game shops here get it in. -.-
It's layer 3 editor! D:
Originally posted by Mothim
It's layer 3 editor! D:

Quoted for lulz.

In all seriusness though. Smalls did talk about a layer 3 editor in IRC. D:
Pokemon platinium. (Yes it has been made official)
Coming to japan this fall.

...Wonder when it hit europe.

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