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this is what happen if small mario hits a brick block when another block is hit at the same time. block limitation only glitch if 5 or more bounce sprite on screen. but brick block, only 1 bounce sprite can be on screen without glitching(different limitations)

see the stack of coins near the shell? before small mario hit the brick the mul coin ? block was there.this happen to ? block,note block,switch palace blocks, turn blocks etc.

do NOT use the smash able brick. use the SMB brick block in the patch section or use the FuSoYa demo world brick made by Davros, don't use blocks that use bounce sprite use by blocktool because it "overwrites" the other bounce sprite from smw blocks if hit simultaneously

PS you can have up to 4 bounce sprite on screen. Higher than that cause invisible tile to appear. but blocktool that bounce sprite uses only 1 block sprite on screen. well.. the block won't able to bounce with small mario. preventing attack if enemies on top of the blocks

the brick block have lower bounce block sprite limitations than
smw blocks

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
is there any hex edit to make big mario(super,fire,cape) automatically move right instead of left when he is in a 1 block tall space?

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
since the interaction trigger every frame - it probality spawn a ton of turn block due to the interaction every frame

smw blocks: when they are hit they turn to tile 0x152 wile the bounce sprie spawns the brown block exept the mul coin block(has a time limit the contain 1 coin) in your emulator turn off sprite layer and hit the block it "blinks" into another tile, brown block or mul coin

blocktool block: turn off the sprite layer (emulator)and notice that the block didn't blink.also if you have both layers on you see 2 blocks on top of each other

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
1)left into a wall
mario moves left when his head is inside a block(in a 1 block tall space if he goes left into a wall he'll die
2)boosting too fast
only left/right boost block can do this: if mario use these block and launch to a wall, he MAY die depending on the vertical position he can also walljump bug easy because his foot s inside a block
3)object interaction loss
moving hole on a PILE of cement/ghost house wood blocks falling will kill mario even he is not on the bottomless pit (died wile on screen)
4)wind crush
using the movement block to a wall from blocktool can "crush" mario
5)yoshi in to a wall with a springboard
simler to left into a wall if a player on yoshi use a springboard in a 2-block tall space with a dead end(wall)
6)spawn in a block
i think in kizo hacks is that wrong pipe, door, or teleport block spawn a player in a differ level with a position inside a wall
7)spinjump glitch death
spinjumping through floor behaving 130 instead of a ledge tile
8)off the lakitu cloud of death
<- and -> on the arrow keys into a wall the solid tile will not kill you wile on cloud(as long the emulator like zsnes 1.51 on configuration > input > check the allow the l/r u/d controller),wile inside a wall, jump out will kill you

the main reason this happen is because it was used to crush the player between layers. if you disable the death mario will instead dying,will slide through walls moving left.

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
Because the airmeter looks like the part of the HUD (Heads Up Display or status bar), sprites goes on top (or on front) of this makes this looks weird

Its also weird when the ovelap glitch with the pirhana plant inside the pipe too, because the airmeter goes behind most sprites and on front of layer 1. The airmeter is on front of the pipe and behind the pirhana plant at the same time.

most HUD on screen in games always be on front of everything in perspective, otherwise sprites can "block" the viewing on on it

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
i figure it out from the over world map use level 10D or 10E
regardless if mario enters a exit enambled objects to another level as long as you use these level on the map

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
old blocktool is still useful for people that doesn't/can't use .net framework.
why is this site made the rule even though its"backwards compatible" with BTSD when jhonwil blocktool can still use it?

so is the site gonna replace all bin files with asm so people can't use the blocks with old blocktool on the moderated section?

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
im very sorry im a jhonwil blocktool user not a BTSD user the .net program won't let me because my adult won't let me use the program.

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
here are the list of glitch that can make the player cheat the level
1) wall jump/wall catch - not random but if mario's feet is touching the individual corner of a tile,he is able to jump off from the corner of a wall:

link at 0:26 notice that mario's feet is between corners of 2 blocks instead of directly to the center of the side of 1 block
the red circle is the corner of a tile and the yellow line is how he "standing" on the corner if you run into a wall the player SLIGHTLY goes into a wall 1 pixel for 1 frame to jump before you are push out of the wall
this glitch also happens on super mario bros,& super mario bros. 3
its very hard to perform this glitch so don't worry. also this glitch can disable spin jump and cape flight if you move you self to a wall while falling at an angle.

2) "clouding" through walls"
if you are making a lakitu cloud flight stage, the player can hold left and right on the lakitu cloud to go through solid objects.but still interact with blocks(example: munchers still hurt you)

3) not so deadly bottomless pit
require: cape mario,balloon mario, yoshi flight (yoshi wing level)for air levels
there is always a gap between the bottom ledge and a pit were mario can go underneath the platform without dying, even with solid sides of a platform mario can still go under.

air levels:
cape: if under the ledge has a solid bottom and the player is going down and forward bypass the bottom corner of a block and hold backwards will cause a "stick to the ceiling" bug,crossing the level without difficulty
balloon: go to any bottomless pit then hold left and right when you are under a platform
wing yoshi: go under the platform and hug(hold the arrow keys in the direction of the a wall) the side of the solid ledge edge when the player moves horizontally immediately press the jump button and hold the left or right keys to proceed.

underwater levels: easy, fall to a pit and hug the wall until the screen scrolls press the jump button to avoid pit death.doesn't require any power up or yoshi.

4) infinite shell flight
using a blue shell or a green one with blue yoshi or green.
start flying with his mouth full.when yoshi starts to swallow spit out the shell and press the dash button (accurately to the falling shell)to regain flight do this repeatedly.

5) cape flying
you should know that already. to prevent this, add a ceiling,don't use feathers at all, or use a sprite generator to disable it.

6)block reproduce
this is used to get to higher parts of the stage and to secret exit to do that grab an item that are carry-able but not a spring board.
stand near a block and don't be under it.
jump and kick the item inside the block then it may duplicate in mario direction depending if he is a few pixels away or touching
there is a patch to fix this bug

7) key jumping
1st stand on a key, 2nd press jump and dash
simultaneously, 3rd before the peak of your jum DROP the key and land on it immediately and press jump and dash at the same time.
the player will will only move upwards only.

8) from silver to blue p-switch
to fix this use 0x12E18 change to 80.
this is used to get past the brown block wall near the end if the stage force to use the silver p switch first(munchers) and use the pipe.
it is also reported in lunar magic

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
how about this - all the blocks will be [bt/btsd] (both bin and asm)per file. good idea?both still works if it is

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
i know the glitches and prevent it
-fall through top corners(rare chance as long the corner is blocked
-jump through corners when big mario jumps left towards the bottom left corner(to prevent this glitch block the corner)
-slowdown(to prevent this glitch do not add too much custom blocks)
-background garbage on the upper left corner(to prevent this glitch use:
varible scroll
fg=00 bg=00 top
fg=60 bg=90 middle
fg=C0 bg=C0 bottom
constant scroll
fg=00 bg=00 top
fg=60 bg=60 middle
fg=C0 bg=C0 bottom
so it won't show
for vertical level the background repeats every 2 screens use vscroll=none

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
1) small vertical pipe bug, when small mario is falling down moving down right and press down when landing on the small pipe cap's top right corner and moving down right on the cap's corner will make mario lose priordy.(lose interaction w/ sprites)
solution: have a exit tile 2 blocks long from the top of the cap

2) mispositioned exit, going left then vertical then exit will make mario come out slightly to the left of the pipe instead of the middle of the vertical pipe cap.
↨←begin here

solution: none

3) drop items into pipe cap, easy, let go the dash button wile carrying an item before reaching the top of the pipe and mario will drop the item through the pipe and will vibrate inside the pipe's top cap.
solution: none

4) fall through floor, if mario goes down then horizontal then exit he'll glitch through the floor

begin here


solution: don't place a solid were the yellow mark is

5) horizontal cap bug
simple hit the bottom of the horizontal pipe's cap it will teleport mario to the last pipe he exited
solution block it

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
about the "as long as we convert them to .asm i was wandering about converting back and forth with asm and bin like if you want to edit/program the bin file the easy way, try converting to asm and then edit then when your done turn it back into bin. so that way its not that bad for editing as long you use the asm edit to bin.

if the convert from bin to asm is permanent(can't change back to bin) then the easy way doesn't work

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
its probably because the background and foreground use the same palette
either using palette 0 and 1(top row)
the status bar is using the same palette as the spikes and background(palette 0 or 1)

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
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HammerBrother's Profile - Posts by HammerBrother

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