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Originally posted by GbreezeSunset
Originally posted by PangaeaPanga
Haven't posted on this site in a while, but anyways I made a TAS of Glitch Abuse 2, using an unintended exit (I don't think this counts as beating the level, since it doesn't trigger the cutscene. Oh well this way seems more entertaining and I'm too lazy to TAS the entire level =P)


Nice job!
I like the use of the stun glitch, even though it doesn't show off my whole hack :/ Rodrigoamaral666 is making a TAS of the whole hack sometime.
& yeah the Iggy event is activated when the boo boss is defeated, but that's not a big deal, the level is still finished!

So you mean that it counts as finished or not???

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Originally posted by Amaraticando
In my case, it involves the tongue of Yoshi! BTW gbreeze and Hooray, I don't know if any of you niticed, but if you are on the lava room and enters the door not being enough in the right, you will end up on the disco shell room

That has to do with the screen boundaries. A door placed right on a screen boundary enables you to go to two places. In this case, one leaded to an anti-break room, and another lead to the disco shell room.

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Yes, after a week or two, I finally figured out the #1 trick to do these. First, stand on the edge of a block you want to clip, so that if your x position moves one more up or down, you'll fall from the block. This is where your values will take place at. Now comes the tricky part: doing the actual clip. Get at a subpixel about two frames from f0 or a little more, but two is best. At the same time, have your speed at 48. Notice that your subpixel WILL NOT change at all. Now, all you need to do is press left or right two frames before hitting the x position you marked earlier, and you should successfully clip.
X speed of at least 49
Y speed of at least 33
X subpixel of f0
X position of the edge of the block
Y position fairly close to the top

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Originally posted by Thomas
I don't think this really needed it's own thread, especially since this is already on TASVideo's game resources page.

Also, an X subpixel of F0 isn't necessarily a requirement, since it only applies when your X speed is 49. When 50, it can be E0 or F0, and when 51 it can be D0-F0, and so forth. Heck, if you're going at 64 speed (spat out of a pipe), you can corner clip with any subpixel as long as you manage to go two pixels into the block first.

And then there's the whole small-to-the-right problem which has less to do with his position and more to do with the fact that Mario is receiving resistance from all around him.

The method on TAS videos proves to be good, however doesn't tell you which subpixels allow you to clip. Also, my method alows you to try many different subpixels at the same time. I just did three clips in the past 10-15 mins using my method, and two of them had subpixels of C0 and D0, when I was aiming for F0.

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If you're like me, you can't always have the game glitches memorized in your head, and that's why I created a text document to help me when I am running out of level ideas. These mostly are glitches that help you get through purposely made levels that require them. Feel free to copy it to your clipboard and paste it into a text document.

Here are many glitches to SMW:

Double Grabbing Items
-Using double grabbed items to push you into the wall allowing
walljumps in a one-tiled space.

-Using double grabbed items to push you into the left of the
beginning screen.

-Using double grabbed items to shove you through the floor by a

-Using double grabbed items to push you through the ceiling

-Hitting a block with double grabbed items to spawn two of what
the block contains.

-Using double grabbed items to shove you into a left wall while
big to get shoved into the wall without dying in some cases.

Triple Grabbing Items


General Glitches
-Screenscroll on the same frame a koopa is off of a block to make
it fall off (only works for red and blue).

-Entering a door by using an object as a floor for a frame or
two, three, etc.

-Entering a door by wall-catching for two frames



-Wallcatching to verticle scroll

-Walljumping in a two, three, four, or five tiled space to gain
height (needs at least 33 speed).

-Wallcatching Underwater

-Acheiving walljump/wallcatch conditions to throw an item
through a block.

-Alternating A/B every frame while at 64 speed or higher to not
only stay at that speed, but not gain any Y height either

-Corner Clipping As Flying, Big Mario, Fire Mario, or Small
Mario by acheiving at least 49 speed with an f0 subpixel (240)
at the same time landing on the very edge of the block to
succeed (With small Mario it only works to the left).

-Spawning the sprite limit of items from a block by hitting it
with a cape on the same frame you collect a flower.

-Using Yoshi's hitbox to go through sprites without getting

-Swallowing a Shell while bouncing on it to gain height as well
as keep and reuse the shell.

-Create a portable disco shell by dropping or throwing it on the
same frame a yellow koopa would turn it into a disco shell.

-Using a portable diso shell to create a koopa with diso shell-
like properties (can be bounced on multiple times).

-Spin-jumping on a flying koopa (verticle) on the same frame you
touch it to gain no verticle height at all in certain cases.

-Spawning two eggs from a block to create an invisi-yoshi.

-Using an invisi-yoshi that spawns when you're on the ground to
lower yourself one tile.

-Using an invisi-yoshi that spawns to climb vines while on yoshi.

-Swallowing an item with a yoshi before another yoshi spawns to
then have invisi-yoshi act as he's hit and run while on him.

-Holding an item to have an invisi yoshi run as soon as it spawns
(shell must have horizontal boundaries enabled).

-Disable a shell's horizontal boundary option by having it on
yoshi's tongue when yoshi is hit and starts running.

-Disable any item's boundary option by doing above glitch.

-Entering a door on a ledge without ground under the ledge with
yoshi by entering it on the same frame invisi-yoshi appears as

-Still be on invisi yoshi when getting off of visible yoshi by
getting hit instead of pressing A.

-Hold an item on yoshi by landing on him the same frame you grab
the item (Item slot number must be below yoshi's) or have an
item in hand while on invisi yoshi when he becomes visible.

-Item swap by using the tongue glitch and touch another sprite
after it to have some items in mouth that are edible (A piranha

-Tongue Glitch by pressing X/Y on the same frame getting hit by
something that hurts you (Black Piranha Plant) or getting a
powerup. The tongue glitch is where yoshi will stick his tongue
out twice voluntarily so that you can have an item in yoshi's
mouth and then modify it to be a different item.

-Using the tongue glitch to modify a sprite's properties to make
it go through any and everything (koopa) or make it so that it
can be burnt (Grey Up and Down Ledges, As seen in YI3). This is
performed by using the tongue glitch on something that yoshi
spits out as nothing (If a koopa has the tongue glitch performed
on, yoshi will spit out nothing). This can also be used to create
unlimited-use p-switches or glitched keys etc.

-Swallowing a powerup on the same frame a pipe is entered to
switch Mario's layers, allowing you to burn yoshi or a goal point.

-Burn Yoshi at the same time you land on him to appear on Yoshi
the next place you go (The overworld, another room, etc.).

-Using baby yoshi to swallow three items when yoshi has the "item
in mouth" GFX swallow another one, and it'll act as two, and then
two will act as four, adding the first swallowed sprite = 5: the
amount yoshi needs to grow big.

-Jumping at an angle to go through slopes.

-Swimming at an angle to go through slopes.

-Quick climbing performed by altenating B and Up on a vine or

-Hitting a shell on a wall when a koopa appears off of the block
to drag it away from the block.

-Throwing a shell up in the air at a certain time when a koopa
is about to kick it and the koopa will kick it thinking it's on
the ground, but it's really in the air. This also makes the
shell ignore horizontal boundaries for a short time.

-Swallowing a springboard and the same time you land on it to do
the springboard glitch in the air to gain more height, and reuse
the spring. Since you "zip" from one place to another, all
boundaries are ignored, but you still interact with objects
(Munchers, etc.).

-Ceiling pressure disallows you to go too far off screen.
Instead, you are caught in a continuous loop. (Walljumping
continues and you are thought to be on the same boundary).
After awhile, you will go so far that you will be shoved through

-Catching a Springboard to go whereever it goes. This can be
used to go through blocks and sprites.

-Re-using a P-Switch by landing on it and swallowing it some frames
after. Spit it out after a second or two, as it will disappear
if you spit it out too early.

-Reusing items to spawn other sprites. For example, a reused
P-Switch spawns a fish if you spit it out early enough, and a
reused shell spawns a koopa if you spit it out early enough.

-Spin-Jumping off of sprites doesn't mean you can't pick up other
sprites while spin-jumping off of them. You can pick up shells
on the ground while spin-jumping off of a sparky/fuzzball.

-Yoshi's hitbox allows you to jump off of a shell underneath it
in some conditions. Very hard to acheive a lot of times.

-Hitting a Bowser Statue from below to make it act as a different
X position.

-When catching air right next to a ceiling, Mario can "stick" to

-When landing in cave lava, a Hammer Bro. still throws his

-Landing on a P-Switch or Key right next to a ceiling while on yoshi to
go through the ceiling.

-Landing on a Yoshi in a block by putting yoshi as close to the
block as possible and landing on him in the block. VERY hard to


-Putting yoshi in a wall makes him go up until ground is reached.

-Eating a powerup on the same frame of death makes the game think
he has died and when Mario dies he soars upwards ignoring all
boundaries and then down to a bottomless pit. Instead, he just
soars upwards.

-Block duplication by throwing an item upwards at the bottom of
the block can duplicate the block upwards or sideways, depending
on your X position. In the middle, it will duplicate it diagnolly.

-You can duplicate a block from a distance with a speed of 2 or

-Blocks that read what X position they are in for what item is
spawned can be duplicated sideways for a different items (You
can get a key, shell, or P-Balloon from the block that reads
those from a shell as tile 125).

-Duplication into a yoshi coin and then collecting the yoshi coin
makes the block act as 125, instead of 25 (a blank tile).

-Duplication into a wall to go through the wall.

-Duplicating for infinite items out of the block.

-Duplicating underwater or while flying.

-Too many sprite slots cause not only lag, but other sprite
slots to disappear, such as a goal point.

-Yoshi doesn't die when put in lava, just stays on the same GFX
and function (His tongue is still available to put other sprites
on, disabling they're horizontal boundary compatibility.

-Create a block factory and blocks have an unlimited use
of items when hitting them on a certain frame. What happens is
the sprite for the turn block or question block won't appear,
making it so the block doesn't transfer into a brown block.

-A certain block on the map16 is known as a dirt tile, and
creates a "anti gravity" effect. Sprites float along it and that
includes fireballs.

-Create a block factory and when music blocks are hit on certain
frames from above or below, they become invisible. When bounced
on from above, he will go through it and appear below because of
being shoved through the now cement block. When hit from below,
it will become invisible and act like a cement block. The same
goes for an on/off block.

-If an item goes off screen and you go back to where it's original slot is, it will be there.

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Originally posted by Sadistic Designer
Here's another glitch

Edit: I decided to read through your list (silly me), and you just stated a few glitches tens of times. Different applications of the same glitch are not different glitches.
Also eleven of the 'glitches' mentioned are not glitches. Really. I counted.

Firstly, I changed the name so that it's named "glitches and tricks."

Secondly, I organized these in a way I would understand them and only shared it as a reference for something people could go to when running out of ideas for hacks, and I don't think that repeating some glitches in different ways will kill me.

Thirdly, I listed a lot of useful glitches and tricks, instead of some useless ones like pausing the game before hitting a goal point still plays the music of the level instead of the "you beat the level" music.

However, there were a lot of glitches I didn't know in your list and I'll be sure to add them to my personal list :)

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Originally posted by Thomas
Originally posted by ShadowDragon121
Thirdly, I listed a lot of useful glitches and tricks, instead of some useless ones like pausing the game before hitting a goal point still plays the music of the level instead of the "you beat the level" music.

What if someone made a custom block that killed you if a certain song wasn't playing and it happened to be right after the goal point? HMMMM?

Good idea. I think I might make that.

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I got to the end of the second level, and then quit cause it was BORING! The entire hack looks like it was going for the "super skill world" idea. The flunchers are a major problem. I haven't seen any custom palettes that make it look better, and most importantly, the all of a sudden graphics cutoff looks bad.

Also, it's pretty easy, but it's a kaizo hack so I can't complain.

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Is it possible to duplicate a custom block? I don't think so, cause I've tried it before, but just wanted to make sure...

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Your hack looks awesome! I wish I knew how to even solve the first room! Seriously I don't know and I'm not the puzzle type.

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Since Rage quitting over an Any% TAS of a Final Fantasy Game, I have been extremely bored. If you have a pit hack that is interesting with some changed palettes and or GFX, feel free to post the link in this thread. My #1 priority is to TAS it, so make it somewhat interesting with nothing repeating over and over.

Here are some I've already done/seen:
Glitch Abuse 2
Glitch Abuse, until the end of the orange cave
Pitiless, which I couldn't solve

If you need an idea of difficulty, go for something in-between the difficulty of Glitch Abuse 2 and 1.

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If you've seen my forum (which is now closed :() I am looking for an interesting looking pit hack that is fun and hard at the same time. NO NOOB HACKERS PLEASE. I don't want a super skill world-type hack.

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Time for another hack. This time, I decided to make Living On The Edge's competitor, Living Off The Edge. Want to know what it's like? Try it for yourself!


This was meant to be hard. The first room is probably the hardest room of the hack. Others were either remakes of LOTE levels, or completely custom. The flying room has two corner clips required; that's it. Nothing too hard. It is, although, below the difficulty of living on the edge, but not by much.

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Originally posted by nonofurbessness
Nice can you give some Snapshots?

I'd rather have people individually find out what the levels look like, instead of telling them what it looks like from the start. Also, it shouldn't take long, since it's not a particularly long hack.

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Make sure to redownload the link if you haven't already because there were a few fixes I made.

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Originally posted by Alexander
Originally posted by ShadowDragon121
I'd rather have people individually find out what the levels look like, instead of telling them what it looks like from the start.

It isn't hard to open it in Lunar Magic.

If you want to pointlessly unlock it and look at it, be my guest.

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Originally posted by HoorayForJay
Stuck on the p-switch + shell bit on the first room. How on earth do I do that bit?


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Glitch Abuse 2 was hard just because gbreeze put a lot of glitches and a lot of which are hard to pull off.

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Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Originally posted by ShadowDragon121
Nothing too hard.

How can you say that if it's Living on the Edge's competitor?

The only thing hard about LOTE is the block duplication at the beginning and the last clip.

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