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Oh, My, God. One of the best hacks I've ever played is going to be made even better?!?! Well then, one word, AWESOME. I enjoyed this hack very much and I could easily forgive you the slowdowns because of your amazing design and custom Graphics.
Yea, I can see some minor faults, if you could revamp them, this hack would be very close to perfect.

Thanks so much!
Oh Hell No
Wow, this looks like an interesting hack.
If it's possible, I want to do a classic level:

"Cheddar Park"
Level F (with the secret exit)

Looks very good! I like Ogg XD.
Custom ExGFX and GFX, Status bar, you seem to have everything custom.
I hope you will make more screenshots from more levels, because the design looks awesome! Can't wait to play it ;)

Oh Hell No
Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25
This is a great hack you're working on here, and the ExGFX choices fit well with the classic SMW sprites. The level design is good throughout the hack.

However, I found a few issues while watching the video.

This has already been mentioned but in the 1-2 and 1-3, the palettes in the status bar and of the pirahana plants need to be fixed.

At 5:36 (1-3). The screen randomly moves to the left as Mario goes down the pipe. I think this is because the entrance into the midpoint area is so far to th right in that screen, not entirley sure. I just remember running into this before, but forget what exactly causes it.

At 8:01 There is a missing tile.
At 8:46 the Dragon Coin is on a Subscreen Boundary. Move it lower or higher. Otherwise it gives the player a ton of lives.
At 8:54 Background Tile is missing in the cloud.

Nothing wrong as I could tell, but just wanted to mention I liked the whole "climbing on bushes" thing.

Not sure if you're using Layer 2 or not, but if not, a background would really enhance the appearance of the level.

Thanks for the feedback!

The Status Bar Palet will be fixed, I actually liked it, those soft colours, but everyone seems to be hating it, so I'll work on it.

So stupid, I've seen all faults in this level, but was too lazy to fix it.

Thanks, got the Idea from Zelda ;)

Yet again, too lazy to mke a BG, it's very hard to make a Vanilla BG with the FG Palet, so I just dropped it. But, I'll see what I can do.

Thanks again, you reminded me of some minor/major bugs in my hack.
Oh Hell No
Originally posted by SilverSwallow
Originally posted by Oh Hell No
Wow, this looks like an interesting hack.
If it's possible, I want to do a classic level:

"Cheddar Park"
Level F (with the secret exit)

Sure, I just noted you've claimed the level.

Do you want a specific theme in this level or may I just do what I want as long I follow the instructions?
And is there a deadline??
Originally posted by SilverSwallow
Originally posted by Oh Hell No

Do you want a specific theme in this level or may I just do what I want as long I follow the instructions?
And is there a deadline??

Try to make a level that doesn’t look too similar to any of these since we want to have a good amount of variety in this world.

Bridge, sky, skull raft, underwater, and vertical are all themes left untouched so far in this hack and could be a good fit (these themes are just suggestions of course).

There is no deadline but make sure to keep us up to date on the progress of your level.

Haha, I've already started a level with the sky theme, but it looks a bit familiar to Screenshot 4. I'll put in a screenshot later, have to eat :D

EDIT: here are the screenhshots from my level so far:
It's a sky-line level, well see for yourself :)
Starting off the level with some mushroom columns and log bridges, then the start off the first line part is shown
Here you can see a line path, you have to press an ON/OFF block sometimes and you have to go over some obstacles when the platform is below you. Also the midway point section is shown here.
Here I wanted to make the player choose which way to go, all paths are (almost) from the same difficulty and 1 of 5 leads to an secret exit. This is hard to find out because if you didn't got the secret exit the first time it's hard to see the path you have to take because all the jumps and stuff ;)

The Level is not done yet, after the 2nd line part there will be an end with more columns and stuff.
I made this level today in a few hours (lots of free time now ;))
maybe it's a little far-fetched to be made by Nintendo, but I hope to see what you find of the level.

P.S The secret room leads to level 1BB, hope it hasn't been used yet.

Oh Hell No

**Sorry for my English, maybe not the best, I'm a dutch 15-year old :D**

yczedit: table stretch begone
Had dit al eerder gevraagd, maar die werd geignored :(.

Heeft een van jullie de file van dit liedje dat ik in zo'n beetje elke hack hoor maar die ik niet op SMWC kan vinden.


Cave Story, Grasstown
Originally posted by Torchkas
Ik kan hem ook nergens vinden, niet eens tussen de oude ports. Bevindt zich blijkbaar dus niet meer op deze site.

Ik hoorde laatst dat in een oudere versie van een addmusic heel wat liedjes die eerst op deze site waren, stonden. Maar ja, ik heb al wat anders op het oog :D
Originally posted by Giant Shy Guy
Originally posted by mathelete
I just realized that this spinjump gimmick has not yet been brought back in later Mario games except for Superstar Saga (Either the spike badge of the advanced splash bros) and Super Paper Mario (Carrie the pixl). Nintendo needs to use this more! (or maybe they don't use it because they think it is overpowered after what it did in SMW)

Super Mario Land 2, Super Mario 64 (and DS), NSMB, NSMBWii, Partners in Time, and Bowser's Inside Story all use the spin jump. The most similar spin jump to SMW is SML2 and Wii, though the former is can't spin jump on enemies at all, and the latter doesn't allow spin jumping on spiked and firey enemies.

In NSMBWii spin jump is alomst useless, Maybe I'm just too lazy, but I only use it when I have to unlock something.
Nintendo succesfully decreased the power of the spin-jump, although I really like it in SMW, actually.
Maybe a stupid question, but where are the yellow and blue switch palace in the 16X16 Tile Selector (OW)?
Originally posted by Aquamentus
That is looking real nice however you really should link to those big images since they stretch out the page so much.

I would have to play the level first to really judge how well it plays, but right now it looks like it would fit very well into the “classic” category.

Lucky you sublevel 1BB is still free to use, make sure to claim before hand in the future.

The only issue I see is this:

The fact that munchers are oddly placed and how the line guide leads into the ceiling if you fail to hit the on switch.

Also since this is so similar to SilverSwallow’s level (in the same world) we might end up fusing the two levels together. So you may not need to add much more.

Post an ips of the level when you can, I’d like to see how it plays.

I'm sorry for the big images, won't happen again :D.
Mucher Issue is fixed now.

I'm sorry, The Sub-Level is 1BA, but I can always change that, as I haven't started that sublevel yet. Otherwise I can always make a secondary exit to the end of the level.

Fusing with SilverSwallow looks good, but will the level be not too long then? My level is currently until screen 13.

Oh Hell No
Originally posted by TheRPGLPer
I also cannot see any pictures, and I would like to see this hack, and... a birthday update?

Apparently, 19-6 was his birthday, Congratz!
And I alos don't see any pictures nor screenshots, so please, make an update with screeenshots.

Here's how to make screenshots
1- Press PtrScn, a button on your keyboard.
2- Paste it in Paint or another editing program
3- Crop to make sure only your game is seen, not your screensaver or desktop :D
4- Save
5- Upload it here
Something weird happened just to me.
When I played a level with layer 3 (low tide only) which in the previous 100 times I played was perfectly, layer 3 just disappeared in the middle of the level.
Since then this is happening 1 out of 10 times I play it.
Anyone know what this is, what causes this and how to fix it?
Yea, forgot about that :D
Pretty stupid of me...
Originally posted by Austin
Your level hasn't more than 0F screens, has it? A level with tides can't have more screens than that. It would crash the VRAM.

No, Not in that room, but with other rooms included, it'd go over Screen 16, May that cause the problem?

You seem like working on a fine hack there! I agree with The Oncoming Storm on some points, like making small adjustments to the palette (Making the FG Ledges all a bit darker already gives you a great palet, but look closely what YOU think fits with the BG).

Two Issues I also found.
1- Nothing Mayor, but the level looks a bit too hard for the first level, I don't know if this'll be the first level of the hack, but the player may like to start out easy, also, when starting hard it'll be hard to continually increase the level difficulty throughout the hack, and may result in the last levels of MGU2 (If you have ever played it).

2- In my opinion, but that's for yourself, you used a little bit too many different kinds of sprites in 1 level, why not starting out with some koopa's, goomba's and maybe a Chuck once in a while? If you start with lots of sprites you won't be very suprising later on.
But the last one is completely for yourself.

Apart from that, great hack so far! Nice level Design and a cool BG in the mountain level, although it can result in a very strange BG when you're going up ;)

**Sorry for my English, Dutch 15 year old :D**
Oh Hell No
ah, that looks better!.
Nice ship Graphics, difficulty decreased, the level looks really interesting now. Hope to see more soon!

- I don't know if I'm blind, but I can clearly see in the last update that there are no cutoffs with the vines.
- Flat, maybe a little, the hills are maybe a bit too linear, but the path splitting option is a good one as well.

Great update!
Oh Hell No
Aaaah, I really like Mucher March, the palet is awesome and the level design is great! The only issue I can find is that some Yoshi Coins are really easy to get. I always like making something extra in the level to get a Yoshi Coin. But, it's very good overall and you're making levels real quick :D
Oh Hell No
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Fornaxus' Profile - Posts by Fornaxus

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