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Tip: Remaking levels from other Mario games is strongly discouraged, especially popular ones (World 1-1 from SMB or SMB3, for example), as their over-presence in Mario games, official or not, often makes them uninteresting to play.
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I've got a question:

Can you use the same theme twice in the mini-hack if it doesn't outrun the screen maximum?

For example: So let's say the first part of my level is grassland with 8 screens, then there's a city section with 10 screens. The next level has another grassland section with 3 screens and then a dimensional vortex section with 9 screens. So the total amount of grassland section would be 11 screens. Would something like that be allowed?
Yay! 3rd place was a lot higher then I expected :3.

Thanks to my awesome partner Mirann (Snow-Chan) and the judges who made this possible during pre-christmas time. I had a lot of fun.

Congratulations to the other winners too. I expected Moose and Gregor to be placed higher though. Their level had such charm doge and I had a very good time playing through that one. Yet, awesome contest. I loved all the creativity some users had.
Looks like it's that time of the year again. Last year I spent an awful lot of holiday to write you a detailed review about Grey Strikes Back, yet receiving near to no comments or changes in return. May the reaction the crowd gave you have learned you something.
I came to say that I'm willing to test this new hack of yours. Though I would love it to be appreciated this time.

My review will come when it's done. That could be tomorrow, that could be in a few weeks. Please don't stalk me in the meantime.

I wish you good luck with the making of this new hack. Looks like the comments got through, at last.

Edit: I kinda feel bad after writing this post. I shall not rewrite nor delete it, which would be the worst thing to do, but I realize that this post is a result of me overreacting to what happened last year. What happened, happened. I see that you, Roberto, improved your hacking skills signifficantly and I should have respected that. I'm sorry. Good luck again. Juding from the screenshots, I think the levels will be awesome when I start reviewing them, tomorrow.

Edit 2:

Here you go.
While reading this whole thread through yesterday evening, I was not entirely surprised that many pointed out the hack moderation has known better days over the last months. Some point out the hack moderation cannot be taken seriously anymore because of the sillyness and sarcasm that is used in the logs. But can we take those hacks seriously? That is what I'm wondering. You can't expect from a moderator, who by the way just moderated all of the SMW Hacks in the database, to take a hack seriously which clearly shows that the author didn't take the basic rules seriously at all. Also imagine having moderated a lot of hacks and then seeing over a hundred new hacks in the waiting to be moderated section. That demotivates. A lot.

I want to point out that I completely understand what the current hack moderators are going through now. If you post shit, you get shit back.
I do agree that some of the logs cross the line and I do also agree that sarcasm is not the solution for hakcs like this.

Most of you are probably referring to logs like these. I agree, the moderator could've just said: "This hack is definitely not ready to be accepted to the database, due to the following reasons ... ... etc.". That would have the same effect but without the sarcasm and such. However, some may go off the deep end when seeing another hack like this. Moderating takes a lot of time, time you would love to spend on something more productive.

Again, I agree that moderating like this should not occur, but taking the current events with me, I understand the furiousness that flops out sometimes.
Two previews.

Blatantly copying my video title. Oh well. Here are two previews of my new hack that I really should make a thread for soon.

Call me an idiot if you like. The room I added for the play/cutscene was indeed the problem. How I missed such obvious stuff is really weird. Thanks for noticing anyway!

Oh, that would be a great honor if you'd LP it. I'm thinking of a new version which fixes a lot of minor bugs as well as improving the level design. I feel it could be much better, especially in the beginning. Also the end-game is apparently really hard after watching some other LPers play it (with savestates). Don't think it's as hard as the Anikiti or VIP hacks can get though. Sometimes it was a pain seeing you suffer from those. Oh well.

v1.3 will be finished somewhere in January (hopefully). Thanks all!
1. What kind of world themes do you like?

I do have preferences for the more original world themes like oriental, city, ruins, ire/ice and space, but I like (almost) every world theme out here.

2. What kind of world themes do you like to combine?

Anything/Ruins actually. I think the ruins theme can be used everywhere. It's not really hard to make them and they turn often out to be my favorite levels in a game.

3. What kind of world themes are you planning to make on your hack?

-> means the world slowly shades into the other theme.
1. Jungle -> Ruins/Temple (You may have guessed it)
2. Mountain -> Ice
3. Cave + Something with Fire
4. Beach -> Desert
5. Haunted + Forest implemented somehow
6. Forest -> Fire/Endgame/BOOM/wasteland/bowser(maybe)
7. Special stuff where I combine everything with everything.

Not the most original, but it's something :3
I don't think an extention would be fair at this point. We're (in my case) exactly 3 days before the deadline, and extending the deadline would set the people who have worked hard these weeks finishing their levels at a disadvantage. The same happened when Mirann and I were working on our CLDC level. We worked quite hard and finished our level a few days before the deadline, only to hear it was extended by two weeks. Nothing significant was done to our level during that time, because it was done. Done. Though others had two extra weeks to come up with something cool and make a great level using it. I think the same would happen when you extend the deadline now. So please, stick to the plan and don't let it be manipulated by a few users.
Okay, so probably the deadline is going to be extended. I have to agree with Evilguy because this is indeed not the everyday-contest. Still, I'd like to suggest something:

You could give the users who submit their entry 1 or 2 bonus points for submitting their entry before the original deadline. I feel like that's more fair. If something that gives the quicker users a slight advantage is implemented, all the hard work many have put in will not go waste. (not literally, but if I studied hours and hours for a school exam and heard the day before it will be two weeks later, I'd be slightly frustrated as well.)
Originally posted by Sockbat Replica
Originally posted by Oh Hell No
You could give the users who submit their entry 1 or 2 bonus points for submitting their entry before the original deadline. I feel like that's more fair.

I'm sorry but how is that fair? That a person like myself should get a higher score not because I made a better hack but simply because I had less going on in my personal life and was therefore able to submit my entry earlier.

I understand where you're going, but if you had much going on in personal life you wouldn't have participated in this contest anyway. And isn't that just how a contest goes? When you have much free time, you can make a better, polished level.

But you (and Neidave) are right in a way. Maybe I'm overreacting. I shouldn't let users down who have had a busy time during Christmas. And by the way, an extention would benefit my levels too :).
I'm pretty much done to, it's just some Exanimation I have to set up correctly and half of the cold castle level left.
Hey, seems like Mirann and I have become a standard team for contests xD stalked4life

I'm also working on this level of course. This 6 Screen long cave section I made sums up the first half of the level. The 2nd part of the level will mostly take place outside.

Cave Sublevel 2

Thanks all for the nice comments by the way! Such words motivate you a lot :3

Here you go. Put quite a lot of time and effort in this one, but it was all worth it.
This is indeed looking really nice. I too love the idea of a HUB that's used to enter all the levels. Graphics look awesome, O_o'd when I saw the mirror reflection and I adore those X~Coins' design. I wonder if you're going to add areas where you need a certain amount of red-/x~ coins to enter (fake-edit: ugh, I can't read, there will be, nice! I was hoping such shenanigans would be implemented). One thing: about those Grassland GFX, I think the grass is a bit repetitive as it is now. Some variety in the tiles (like 2 different 16x16's would really spice it up. Apart from that, really awesome stuff. I hope I get the fortunate chance to play it sometime :3.
Ture, that's something I should've looked into. It's a pretty easy fix, apart from that I don't have any palette spots anymore for that level. I'd have to rearrange the level Graphics entirely or make a new GFX file to fix it, which is not worth the time it costs. There are still some other stupid mistakes left (like a mid-air flower in Pineapple Beach A) and some message box grammar, but I think that'll be or, saved for a later version, or never fixed as I can't put up version after version. Pretty silly :3

Oh well, so v1.3 has some redesigned stuff in the first 2 worlds as well as some new secrets. The only big gripe is the huge difficulty jump in the end-game. It appears to trouble many people who're playing without savestates, which is stupid because I explicity stated this hack is meant to be played without them :P.
- As I didn't change anything to the OW, you should be able to use your old save file.

- that's .. weird indeed. I noticed this too at another boss. I just hope not many will notice it, because it's unlikely I'm going to update this hack anymore. Thanks for commenting though.
Once I get to my computer, I will try it out and I wíll get addicted to it. (278 in the original wtf am I doing with my life wtf)
What I usually count as non-linear is a level that has one, fixed normal path to the exit, but also has additional pathways/bonus rooms.

The Tale of Elementia has some great examples of a good non-linear SMW level in my opinion. One forest level can (almost) be completed by only progressing through the forest, but there are many places where you can get to a different sublevel which is in the canopy. This is where the /spoiler/ secret /spoiler/ exit is located and there also are some other cool things to be found.

One of the worlds in NewerSMBWii, world A, which is also located in a forest, has become the standard of awesome non-linear levels to me. Watch this and see that there is always a fixed pathway to the exit, but besides that you can explore the trees and hidden things into the ground. The levels itself can be completed in 2/4 minutes, but I usually got around the 10 minute mark just to explore every inch of the level. That's something that in my opinion should be present in at least a few levels of one's hack. I realize it's much easier to do this kind of shenanigans in the NSMBWii engine because the screen is so much bigger, but still.

When I make a level, I start with the route to the exit, and redesign stuff afterwards which adds to the non-linear factor. With a cool extra sublevel or a small bonus room a level is much more interesting and memorable.
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Fornaxus' Profile - Posts by Fornaxus

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