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A divided 5th place! I'm pretty happy :3, especially seeing NGWU liked my entry so much he gave it a 5. He noticed that I decided to stick to the more simplistic design instead of 'hey let's make a level which is B screens long but takes you 10 minutes to complete because so much stuff and paths and okdjahia'. But I guess I overdid it a bit, because the other judges critizised it. Oh well. This helps me develop my own design style more and more.

Also I must congratulate everyone who got mentioned here because I liked their entries really much and they deserved to be on the winners platform for sure. Let's hope there will be more special contests like this in the future!
@The Senate Review

It's really nice to have a review since the review option is still being worked on. Thank you.

I can't really say anything about the scores, apart from that they're amazingly high. I never expected someone would love my hack so much they gave an average of (38/40)-1 = (19/20)-1 = 9,5-1 = 8,5.

The ones who Let's Played my hack, saw most of your points too. The hack is a bit too hard/unfair in the last world. I've already toned down the difficulty compared to v1.0, so you can imagine it was downright insane playing through that. The lack of save points also didn't do my hack too good. I should've added some big yellow dot levels (I still don't really now what they ment in SMW, other that the levels were a bit longer than the ones without) and made the hack save when beating it. The midway point issues you mentioned are also a reaccuring problem (I've fixed a lot of them before v1.3), which I seem to forget everytime (and too lazy). This also counts for the level specific errors you pointed out.

Overall, I have to agree with you on all points. Maybe I'll make one last update, v1.4, in the future where I fix those last things. Not really sure though. But thanks again! This made my day :p
For a first custom level, it's actually really good! A few things that bothered me (nothing section specific, but in general)

- The first thing that caught my eye is that the level is very ... busy. Basically there are very little places where you can stand without being assaulted by enemies. If you're going for a hectic, fast-paced, end-game level, it's all right, but a rest spot gives the player some rest to to overlook the next series of obstacles. Most players do not like to be constantly focused so it adds to the fun-factor as well.

- What I also noticed is that you use a lot of different enemies and kinds of obstacles in one single level. Try to base your level on a specific set of, let's say 6 enemies and also try to be consistent with your object placement, while still gradually increasing the difficulty.

- Watch the time limit! You're playing the level pretty fast and yet you still almost run out of time. Add an extra 100, maybe even 200 to the time limit just to be sure.

These are some general things that I mostly stick to when designing a level/castle. I hope they'll help you too!
Especially in level and OW design I find myself good. I think I developed my own design style over the years, which is highly influenced by SMW, but with my own touch to it. I like to challenge myself in my new hack by making levels with very little enemy variation (x<5), while still being interesting and cool to play.
Porting-wise I'm nothing, but I do compose stuff while practicing my classical music stuff. So far I put one composition on a score but someone else is porting it for me. No ASM for me though! I think I should learn it as I want to do study Computer Science later, but I'm far too busy with school now to take the time to learn a programming language.
That looks nice! It's a pretty standard screenshot so I can't tell much about it, but seen your previous works (your excellent CLDC2013 level comes to mind) I think it'll be good as usual. The shading of the green pipes are a bit off though. I think the green-/yellow-/grayish of the darkest colors conflicts with the rest of the palette.

I should make a thread too by the way :P. I've been working on this for a good while now.

So, I started working with Reggie (The NSMBWii editor) last week and I managed to make a working level with it! Any tips/comments/critism?

Level 1-1

I might turn this into a full-sized mod if I can find the time. So far editing with this program has been really great.
Are we allowed to change the order of the levels in the worlds (except the worst/best submap of course)? That way I could blend everything into one map much better.

Woo! I like contests like these. I'll definitely give this a shot #tb{:]}
Can I have a second chance too?

And while we're at it, can I ask the community what they would like to see in the maps?

It's not that I think it's completely unfair, because heck Ladida, your maps are amazing. But I do think this is kinda giving you a privilege noone of the other competors got. If we had left the worst/best submaps out of the contest because they would have designed afterwards anyway, they'd have had more time to work on the other ones. Who knows what would have happened then.

The creator of #3.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
I have to be honest, we're in a rather unique situation here. I knew as soon as Ladida submitted his maps that they were going to be controversial, but I didn't expect the outcry to be as abundant as it was. It may seem wrong of me to tell you "no" in regards to redesigning your maps, and I understand if you're frustrated by that, but I don't think it's necessary to have another vote when Ladida quite obviously won (on the basis of his other submaps). I mean, even though the bottom two maps have created a clash of opinions amongst the userbase, his entry still got the most votes.

At this point, him redesigning the submaps sort of goes beyond the "contest" portion and into the "collaboration" portion, if that makes sense.

It was a retorical question, but I understand that was a bit unclear :P

Anyway, you're right. Ladida's maps may then have broken a site rule, but hey, it's a contest and her maps were more creative and imaginative than ever. I was indeed a bit .. agitated when I heard this was the solution to the controversy, but what else can I say, she has won legit anyway.

Hey all,

I played this hack a few times now, and one thing that I found frustrating is that this castle has much more potential than has come out right now. That's why I'd love to redesign this castle, using the same gimmick with the five yoshi coins unlocking a bonus room. (Some references to the original SMWCP are needed right #ab{:P})

I'm planning on keeping it completely vertical, like a tower should be. As the castle was pretty generic and uses a lot of different enemies, I have no specific theme yet, so suggestions are greatly appreciated.
I was wondering, is there a sprite list around? After multiple tries to start a good replacement for Treacherous Tower, I was thinking to use a firebar/net/layer 2 combination. I'm pretty sure that there is a level which uses firebars, but I have no clue which. Thanks in forward :)
Thank you! I hope I can find the time to be more involved in the community after the holidays. I've been quite absent since the release of The Senate, partly burn out of inspiration, partly busy with school. See you all next month :P

Don't know what happened to the lighting, but it's ok I guess.

E: woops guidelines.

will edit soon

It's been a long time since I last saw this hack. What I really like about your style is that you never go overboard, while still maintaining the quality we all know from you. I'm really looking forward to the rework. Great job!

Everything from this guy actually, although We are the dream (TheFatRat Remix) is my favourite.
Originally posted by Lazy

Let's Give It a Spin
Normal stuff. No fancy visuals etc. for this one.

Simple idea, very wel executed. The yoshi coin placement reminded me a lot of the DKC collextables, as they are very hard to get on the first run, but are clear to get once you run past them. Looking forward to see more!
I think it's insane how much great stuff you come up with. Every hack you made is a bit more custom and a bit more realistic, while the SMAS Mario seems to be fitting all the time (especially when big).

Really small cutoff on the left of the top right island, but apart from that I really dig the submap. I wonder how the events work out!
So... It's been a long while since I saw you starting a hack (Think it was Ogg? Nog sure though) and I'm dazzled by the progress I'm seeing. If I could give you one suggestiom, it'd be to make sure your grasland levels are more distinct from eachother (1-1 and 1-3 primarily) Changing the sprites is one thing, but even adding a different decoration type or changing the palette a bit can make the level more recognizable I think.

Best of luck with building your levels! I'll keep track of this :3
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Fornaxus' Profile - Posts by Fornaxus

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