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Originally posted by Snifit
Alright camoslash we hope to see some progress soon.

Taking [Reassembled Level 4] .

I already started on the graphics:

Going for a desert theme obviously. Level comes with quick sand (acts like water) that uses a palette animation to create the proper look. The current look of the level is inspired by Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Mario Bros 3 desert levels.

Woa, That looks very good. It's so good what you guys can do with the original recources. As the original SMW didn't have any desert level, you just made a great one for them ;D.

@Silverswallow: Hey, I have a problem with the recouces I used, when I insert your EXGFX file, It messes up the game. Could you test if the ExGFX file is all-right?

I was so stupid, I just realized I inserted the ExGFX in the FG2 page instead of BG2 ;D.
Ok, Let's get started then!!

EDIT 1: I've made some screens already. I really like working with this, thanks Silverswallow! Progress will be uploaded this evening maybe.

Here are the first 5 screens, comments?
Originally posted by Schieber1234

Do you like it?

Edit: The name of the fifth level is cold lava volcano so you know that you can swim throug it. And there are fishes that swim in the lava :3.

- I'm impressed that this is your first hack, the level design looks good. Nice job combining vanilla with chocolate also.

- That would fix the issue of BlakMageMario
Aaaargh, I don't now how. But I suddenly lost all of my progress. For some weird reason, when I load my level, your sample level appears.
Don't worry, I stil have my first 5 screens that I easily can reconstruct from my link. I didn't add any screens since, just the roof bushes you sent me.

EDIT: Reconstructed the level. Fixed some small issues while making (springboard etc)

As for the custom music, I think Forest Interlude from DKC2 will fit great here, what do you think?

EDIT 2: And, with that, I could make some more of the level.

This is the screen with the Springboard until B.

Screen 4 until B

The midway point looked weird with the palet, so I made a quick cover.
I may draw the midway point again with the right palet in the ExGFX file SilverSwallow sent me, but I could also keep this or make another cover.
Thanks for the feedback. i had a quick look of how you used the "tree bushes" and thought you used it like this ;D.

I was really in the mood for this level so I made some more screens.
Tree bushes haven't been added yet, but I'll do it tomorrow because my inspiration is gone now.

Anyways, here's the link

Screen A until 10 and a bit.

Oh, can I get the code for the userbar of TCCR designer? I'd love to have it ;D.
NVM, I found it on an earlier page on this topic


So.... I decided to (almost) finish the level. Total time elapsed since start: 9 hours. Total time elapsed working on this level: 3-4 hours. I really have to stop now :D.

But! Here's the last screenshot.

Scren E to 14 (end)

Ignore the level entrane on screen 12, just did that for testing. (I needed to scroll the screen via a vine, because Vertical scroll at will really s*cks in this level)

EDIT 2: Added the tree bushes today. The level is almost ready for testing, IPS will hopefully come later today.

Replaced some sprites, objects and tested if everything was allright. And it is.
Here's the IPS!

TCCR Level 16

Oh, Silverswallow, you may want to update the main post screenshots. They are a bit outdated and it may attract more players if you show many more finshed levels.
Well, that looks pretty neat! But why did you used that HDMA gradient at the second level? Imo it doesn't fit with the level as far I've seen it, but that's your buisiness. I guess you have agood reason ;D.
Nice Status bar. And you (accidentally) deleted your video for level 1, so I can't judge that. But the screens are looking nice ;D.
Okay, I really like your plot. Original and you could make a great and long story to it. But I'm sorry to say this, but your levels look pretty flat, and so is the OW. The enemy varation is good, but with the screens you uploaded, the level design is a bit poor. Try to look at all your levels and see what level design you could improve to make it more interesting to play. Or maybe make a video from a level to show what you've got!

Fot the rest, nice hack so far. Looking forward to more.
Use this program, I use it too.

Search: Debut Screen Capture Software.

This is the best screen capture program I think, you can use it a month for free, and then you can pay for the full version, but that's not necessary. It gives you a great quality .avi file, easy and fast to upload on Youtube.

OW: Ah, if that's what your aiming for, that's great. Forget what I said ;D.

Levels: I think I can't judge until I see a video, but I think it'll be all right.
Really Nice OW's there. Great job on that.
I also like the mixed tileset and Level Design. But why not changing the tree bushes with the priority on so you'll go behind it? That'll make it much interesting I think.
Working on a level for TCCR now. What do you think?
Credits to SilverSwallow (Main Designer) for the tileset!

Screen 0 to 5
Small Issue, but maybe Wario can make that large jump in the cave with the help of that ninji, have you tested that?
As much I did like Ogg, I like this hack, please don't cancel it ;D.
Thanks, it was a pleasure to work wuth your tileset. I think I'm better at creating levels and level designing instead of making the tile sets for it.

I have one more question: As I'm very,very bad with names, and with that I mean really bad, could you think of a better name for my previous level (Which is still Cheese Bridge Area) and for this level. I don't know, but with my level names, you won't come any further then Green Swamp or something ;D.
Is there still a level free to take? Because I have no other current projects I can fully focus on a level.
Originally posted by SilverSwallow
First of all I thought it was a real good level and once again you did a really good job with the difficulty (easy enough to be a World 1 level but not too easy to be boring). The majority of the problems I found were graphical issues.

Thanks, glad to hear you liked it. I think I worked little bit too fast, so not all the graphical errors catched my eye :)

Originally posted by SilverSwallow
Screenshot 1,2,4,5,6

All fixed, thanks for pointing that out.

Originally posted by SilverSwallow
3.If I jump up here without using the vine it’s hard to see what’s going on. Quite a few times in this level you can get a little too close to the top of the screen without the ability to scroll it upwards.

Ok, that's something major. I looked at the level again and forced the player more often to use a vine. As far as I've seen, you almost cannot get out of the top of the screen except you do some really weird maneuvres.

Originally posted by SilverSwallow
It probably would be best to set free scroll at will, but you did say you were having trouble with that. What was the problem with it exactly?

Yup, that could be a solution. Vertical scroll at will doesn't give any problems itself, but only making it scroll when you use a vine gives it more potential I think. But that's me, it's always possible to change it to that.

Originally posted by SilverSwallow
7. I like the idea of having enemies surround the goal but it creates an odd situation if you fail to clear them out since they'll continue to move next to you as you do a victory walk.

Also the Yoshi coin appears partially blacked out during this sequence.

Oops, totally forgot about that, The end looks like this now:

End Shot

Originally posted by SilverSwallow
As for the name I'll come up with something eventually. I can't come up with any good ones right now.

That doesn't matter, we have enough time, don't we ;D
Ok, thanks! I just need a theme and the I can go ahead.
Ok, I'm going to take Level 123 Ice/Snow Cave.
Planning to make it fully vanilla, if that's allright.
Ok, I'll start working on it today, thanks so much
Hey, I was thinking: Why not draw some Icy ExGFX for the level. Since SMW didn't have any real GFX for Ice levels, I'm going to draw some for them ;)
So.. I'll need 1 ExGFX file.

I'll post an YYCHR Screenshot tomorrow if I'm done then.


I'd also like a sublevel please because there will be a out- and indoor part.

Well, worked a bit tonight and here's are the first outdoor ExGFX. Comments?
Note: the spikes will go with another palet, they're for the indoor ExGFX

ExGFX v0.1
Well, the first OW is still really good, but the cave OW seems a bit flat to me, maybe you could add some more decorations or play with different heights, that'll make your OW more interesting to see. Overall, nice! I wanna see moooore :D
Holy CraB that looks very good! Nice tileset mixes and stuff. Looks pretty impressive.
That big mole is chasing you, right ;)
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