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Originally posted by Ladida
1st = p4plus2
2nd = HuFlungDu & TLMB
3rd = Ladida

This seems rigged
Originally posted by GameplaysDetonados
S.N.N. when you will finish judge I'm going crazy

From previous contests I would expect it to take a couple of weeks
9999999999990 seconds is equal to (ans/60=) 166666666667 minutes is equal to (ans/60=) 2777777777.78 hours which is equal to (ans/24=) 115740740.741 days is equal to (ans/365=) 317097.919838 years.

Seems about right.

Slow progress
Originally posted by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
Still, I do also think it would be a great idea to not emulate over 15% of the hack as far as graphics go. We would like for such a project to stay as individualized as possible.

I wouldn't worry too much about it.

I want to give whatever it becomes an industrialization theme like Sonic, so I stole the inspiration from that as well as Donkey Kong... the latter was also inspiration for SMWCP2, I think. The rest of what I have planned won't share that much in common with CP2.
I played through all the entries as well and am writing my thoughts down for the people who are interested when I have the time. Exams, etc.

Also it has been like a month SNN golly geese.
Originally posted by Neidave

Pardon me?
Originally posted by Neidave
Originally posted by Gregor
Originally posted by Neidave

Pardon me?


What, exactly, is "gonna be BIG"?
Alright. Just got done with my last exam for this year as well as the Nintendo Direct and reporting some things to the police. So Rosalina in Smash, what's up with that? But anyhow, here are my personal thoughts concerning the level design contest entries. These might be of use to someone. More to come, etc.

#1 - cocoa level contest entry, Two Tails
The palette, choice of music and tileset came together nicely, resulting in a fairly nice atmosphere. The level itself was unremarkable though. Nothing that hasn't been seen or done before, somewhat short, a bit empty at times.

#2 - vss, darkmario777
First of all, when you enter the overworld, you get a level name that says "Go Left". My inner smart-ass was less than pleased when I was unable to go right, forcing me in fact to go left. I hope you are more considerate of us subversive smart-asses in your future agenda.

The level itself was... You took level 105 and slapped some ugly Boos in it, as well as placing Eeries in less than considerate places (the one right at your landing spot as you get out of the diagonal pipe comes to mind). I have to remark, though, that it was indeed a very scary scramble to beat your level with only 4 seconds left when I was rushing.

#3 - My Level Update, Snowplays
Very entertaining! I am not the biggest fans of autoscroll levels, but you made it work through a combination of fair platforming and clear design. The aesthetics are standard fare, but don't feel downgraded from the original YI like most levels do. Another appreciated detail is the distinction between slippery ice and normal ground. That's something I'd like to see more often.

#4 - Vink2, ColdSnitchz
A somewhat clever gimmick that was mishandled by level design consisting of annoyingly low ceilings and hard to dodge enemies, with a weird fondness for baseball spam. Had promise at first but took a turn towards the not enjoyable much too quickly.

#5 - Sundown Contest Beitrag, Neidave
Visuals that work with each other, a nice song that sets the atmosphere pretty well and level design that's fair and rewarding. Enjoyable.

#6 - Cloudy level, MFG659
From what I remember ('cuz it gone nao) it was a fairly decent level, though the level design was a bit unclear at times, one good example being a falling platform placed where you couldn't see it and without much room for error.

#7 - Clouds and Stuff, Mercurypenny
Pretty standard stuff. Clever little gimmick, though the level didn't really utilize it to its full extent, and a bit short.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
We're going to aim to have the results up by the end of the weekend now.

Why do you have to keep upstaging me

Originally posted by ColdSnitchz
Wow, that was the first bad critique I got on this Level. Well, it's nice to see what I can Change in my design. ^^

Glad to hear my rambling is of use to someone!

#8 - Nick139's Chocolate Entry, forgot the name
Very amusing. Is certainly one of the most "out there" levels I've played, with the idea, palette and music combining into something quite abstract and funny. The level design was good, though had a few parts that could've used revising, one good example being the part where you get hit by a shell kicked by a Koopa at the top of the screen where you could barely see it.

#9 - Chocolate Replica, Sockbat Replica
I'm not so sure about this one. The level has a lot of split-second reactions going on, often making me die or lose health with barely any warning, which is a shame, because the level design surrounding these moments are clever pieces of work. I recommend anyone, and I mean anyone reading this to look up the term "antepiece". It's a pretty important part of level design and something I found to be very lacking in this particular entry.

#10 - Midnight Meadow, Gamme V
Enjoyable enough. Nothing that particularly stood out in my mind, the graphics were nice, the music fit well, it was neither too hard nor too easy.

#11 - Lespna1's Weird Falling Chairs, some person
Well. The first thing that greets you are some of the worst palettes I have ever seen, which I'm not sure how anyone could pick without getting the urge to claw out their own eyes. The level design is pretty empty and feels unfinished. This feeling was further enforced by all the other rough spots in this entry (the lack of backgrounds, weird enemy behaviour, the ear grating music in the second area). I must say that the gimmick left me in awe, though. I am not lying when I say I have never seen anything like it. Very imaginative and unexpected.

#12 - RykonCLDC, Rykon-V73

Really though, this entry is a good example of what can be achieved with the SA-1. The level occasionally ventures into what felt like "hey look how many sprites I can stick on the screen without it exploding" territory, with a few spots that were a bit cruel (the spike parts) but overall is still a pretty enjoyable, polished level. Seriously though those spikes man.

#13 - CLDC2013, tcdw
Absolutely love the level design here. It's certainly a difficult level at times, but at just that kind of difficulty that motivates me to beat the level rather than quit in anger/disgust/boredom/etc, and I think where you hid the Blue P-Switch block was pretty clever, if a bit obvious for veterans. Apart from that, the music and graphics were pretty standard fare.

#14 - CLDC 2013, levelengine
And again with the "Go Left". You people. But in all seriousness, the aesthetics of this entry was the best part. It was well decorated without being distracting, the pallete was nice (though the blue pillars were a bit too bright for my comfort) and the plants fluttering in the wind was a very nice touch. The level design in the first part was decent enough, if a bit cheap at times. Seriously, there's a moment when your level has more than enough shellless Koopa's kicking shells. The parts after that only built on these cheap moments. The underwater part especially felt incredibly claustrophobic at times and wasn't particularly fun to go through.

#15 - Space Sokoban, Sokobansolver
The intro to this entry is the greatest intro I have ever witnessed. However, I simply can not beat this entry. The first part was easy enough but the part with the rolling rock, I just can not get past. I often find myself struggling with the camera because it can not go too much to the left because if I do the rock despawns and I have to do everything again, but I can not get to the ledge because I can't make enough speed to get there because when I do the rock despawns. Either that was how it was supposed to be solved but I'm not doing it right, or I am just a bigger idiot than I thought I was. I have to say the music is godsdamn awesome though, it really got me pumped. Is it a module file or something? Because it certainly sounds like one.

#16 - Pyramid Grassland, Alessio
Entertaining enough. The SMB3 theme you have going on works well with the level design. Not a lot I can say about it besides that.

#17 - Yoshi's Treasure Hunt, some handsome devil and a great music maker
Obviously the best thing to be found here. Why even bother playing any entries afterwards? They'll just disappoint after this anyway.

But in all seriousness, as an amateur designer it's always interesting to receive feedback on your own work. How others perceive your creation is, I find, interesting. I'm pretty glad that the few people I discussed my entry with found it enjoyable, though one issue came up regularly: the lack of hitpoints. This wouldn't be that much of a problem, I think, if it weren't for Yoshi's weird hitbox. In normal gameplay, it's not as noticeable, but without a plumber on your back it looks and acts a bit weird. I'm afraid I have very little experience in ASM, and I couldn't get anyone to help me make my entry work with the Doki Doki Health patch in time. Apart from that I started getting sick of it, so without hitpoints it is. Oh well.

But I do like the final product. The level design came together a lot better than I thought it would, and I got to do a few things I haven't really seen before. Shame too, the Yellow and Blue Koopa's can make for some nice puzzles, even though I didn't really utilize them to their full extent.

Moose really made the levels shine with his music, I think, making the level a lot more enjoyable. If only I could have polished it a bit more.

#18 - Leafy Reminiscence, Mirann and Oh Hell No
Fairly enjoyable. It has a good balance of difficulty, not being too tough or too easy, though felt like it went on for a bit too long.

#19 - Loli, Ladida
I have to say that while it's technically very impressive, and the graphics are well done, you really overdid it. The screen is often too visually busy or cluttered which isn't very nice to look at. The level itself was pretty short and not really interesting. It felt more like a showcase of the graphics rather than an actual attempt at level design.

#20 - The Tale of Oogtar and the Silly Goose, Tahixham
While the idea is unique and it is executed well, I couldn't help but feel like the level went on longer than it should have. Still good, though.
Originally posted by Giant Shy Guy
anyone wanna do this

If the position is open, sure. All I'd have to do is to design the level, right? (And perhaps some graphics).
Originally posted by Lightvayne
IF you think you are up to it, go for it. The main entrance is already done its the inside of the building that needs to be finished. Kinda check over the thread and see any idea that have come up you may want to try and incorporate. Lui37 is already handling the Jukebox portion, so no need to worry about that, but it will need GFX.

I can definitely do GFX for the Jukebox, but there'd need to be some kind of list of what there needs to be done.

Originally posted by Giant Shy Guy
It's not as simple as that.

It's the HUB of the hack. It's not much of a regular level, but ala Yoshi's House.

I'm aware of this, but that is what needs to be done, right? The design of the HUB as well as the graphics. I can do that.

Originally posted by Giant Shy Guy
Anyways, doors are scattered inside the building. These doors are unlocked by a certain amount of SMWCP coins (a block has been made for this) and contain prizes and whatever - increasing in value as more smwcp coins are used.

Alright, fair enough.

Originally posted by Giant Shy Guy
you know

now that i listed it

i could work on this again
but again as you can see im not reliable enough for this

I can't do graphics, music, nor the NPC's. Someone else has to deal with that if I were to work on this.

Well that doesn't really help me. If you want to design it, it's your call. I can do graphics if you were up for the job.
Originally posted by Xinn
The sky could use more decoration tho.

I need to figure out how to draw clouds first.
Ich bin positiv überrascht von dem, was ich hier sehe. Weiter so

Originally posted by Neidave
You said that original GFX manipulations are accepted... How far does it go? Are we only allowed to literally "copy and paste" parts of different GFX into one file

That's a good question. Are we allowed to recolour things, as well? Or merge things?

And what I was also wondering is, is there a limit how many levels can go into a world? Do we have to say what kind of theme we want to do when signing up?
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