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Oh baby, can't wait to see more.
Oh damn that's pretty cool. Aren't you gonna to release the other thing, though?
>LMSW update
Originally posted by RussianMan
the graphic used when Mario is on a hook is a bit odd

it's supposed to look like DKC2 when diddy's on the hook.

diddy has a tail tho

Paperball is a game I've been helping my friend DJ Coco with! It's got over 150 stages of ball rolling action spanning 4 game modes, including Arcade, Rush Mode (where you have to beat all levels within the time limit), Medal Mode (where you have to win medals to unlock more levels) and Multiplayer Mode (where you compete for the best times simultaneously)!

If you'd like to give the game a try, there's a free demo that's available right now! It's got 10 stages to give you a taste of the final game, coming out soon!

If you're interested, be sure to follow @CliaxGamesCoco on Twitter! We're also running a contest where you can win a free Steam key for the game!
Whatever happened to that Sidestepper you were making?
This is a big pack full of SMW styled graphics, all taken from my cancelled ROM hack. What's in it?

An airship tileset.

A beach/desert tileset.

A factory tileset.

SMB1/2/3 tilesets.

A snow tileset.

Most of the classic enemies from SMB1-3. I took a few liberties with the SMB2 designs.


Thanks everyone! Reinterpreting new themes in SMW's style was definitely the funnest part of hacking to me so I'm glad people like it!
OK this is great and all but we all know what this needs.

This needs Yoshi with the head of burger.
Thanks guys. I've forwarded your responses to the lead dev.

Originally posted by Final Theory
What platform does it run on?

Only on Steam right now, but that might change in the future.
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