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Thank you for visiting my thread, I know C3 is winding down but I would appreciate a few more visitors willing to try out the demo for Super Mario Zeal.

I'm still waiting on my request from all the way back on page 2

Thank you all, I have posted a video of Eclipsed playing the second level of the hub world in Super Mario Zeal in the opening post.

My apologies then, I was just kinda irked that he glossed over me. Although to be fair the pose I asked him to draw Richter in is not an easy one.

Thank you everyone for visiting my C3 Thread for Super Mario Zeal, This has been the best C3 I've experienced in a very long time. I will continue to work on Super Mario Zeal and I promise I'll try to have a new demo when the next C3 comes around. Thank you all and I hope all of you have a wonderful day.

You absolute madman, you ported Frank Sinatra's Blue Moon! You do you release that you have officially opened yourself up to a lot of Fallout - New Vegas jokes. It would have even funnier if you ported Big Iron by Marty Robbins. I might un-ironically use your port of Blue Moon for the town level in World 4 of Super Mario Zeal

Again I wish to thank you all for visiting my C3 Thread. I'm now just kinda waiting for the race results and wondering if I'm likely to get a silver or bronze trophy for "Most Promising Non-SMW Project" or something among those lines.

Thank you Infinity, This song will certainly appear somewhere in world 3 or 5 of Super Mario Zeal.

I really wasn't expecting this but thank you Aja!

Thank you Deeke. I'm certain it must have been a real pain to sprite him but thank you all the same

@Shinbison: Well done on getting third place in the Best Misc Thread.

This has been one heck of a C3. Even if I didn't win, I got quite a few vistors (including a few high profile ones) to my thread and I'm hoping that I'll get lucky when the Winter C3 comes around.


Originally posted by FireSeraphim, previous C3
I will continue to work on Super Mario Zeal and I promise I'll try to have a new demo when the next C3 comes around.

And here I am, keeping my word. Anyways I am once again posting a thread for Super Mario Zeal for this C3. I have another new demo out and most of world two and a few levels in world three are playable in this C3's Demo. You can find the download link at the bottom of this post.

With that said, I'm going to awkwardly repost the plot premise for Super Mario Zeal and share some screenies and videos, old and new.

Originally posted by Super Mario Zeal's SMBX Forum Thread Opening Post

King Bowser has team up with King Wart and King K. Rool in a new alliance known simply as "The Rotten Regents". Together these Kingly Konquerers have stolen and scattered the power stars for their own (as of yet unknown) diabolical ends. It it now up to Mario and his friends to recollect the scattered Powers Stars, discover what the Rotten Regents are up and put a end to their sinister scheme!

NEW! World 6, Wario's Island submap has been redesigned. yet another post-C3 Bonus

NEW! World 1, Mint Island's submap has been redesigned. Consider this a final post-C3 Bonus

NEW! World 5, Cursed Cryptland's submap has been redesigned. Had to rush it for the last minute of C3

NEW! World 4, Relic Ravine's submap has been redesigned

NEW! the Lost World submap has been redesigned

Have some animated gifs, a few of which might show some dev shenanigans that has since been resolved!

Click here to download the new demo for this C3. (0.9 "Beginnings")

New! Download this hotfix patch.

You'll still need SMBX2 Beta 4 to play this demo

@Anorakun: Sure.

1.Download SMBX2 and install it

2.Go to where you installed SMBX2, look for a folder named "worlds" and unzip Super Mario Zeal into the "worlds" folder inside the SMBX2 directory. Ideally it should look something like this:

3. Go the root directory for SMBX2, you'll want to launch "SMBX2.Exe" and then pick Super Mario Zeal from the episode list.

And that should cover it! I wrote this with the reasonable assumption that people might have some confusion over how to run SMBX2.

I loved what you have done with both games in the music department, even thought I didn't really notice any changes to SMB2's music but to be fair I was playing SMAS very briefly.

I was kinda hoping that all the purely underground sections in SMAS SMB2 would have their music replaced with the beta underground theme and I was hoping all the inside the pot sections of SMB2 would have played SMA SMB2's bonus room theme but I suppose SMAS is already a hard nut to crack.

I am actually kinda impressed with how you ported SMB2 into SMW in terms of gameplay but might I recommend a small Quality of Life change to your little project?

In SMBX you have to press down + B to grab veggies and whatnot and that's a better and less finicky system than OG SMB2's more context sensitive grabbing system and it prevents people from accidently grabbing shyguys when they don't want to (like when you're riding a shyguy across a spike pit and you accident grab em and hurt yourself in the process)

I know it might come off as weird as first due to muscle memory (I was briefly tripped up when I went to check out SMB2 in Ladiesman's SMM2 SMAS music patch due to being used to how SMBX handle's SMB2 veggie pulling/grabbing mechanic) but it is a better system overall.

I'm going to keep it kinda simple, I would like a layout that mimics the looks of Castlevania - Rondo of Blood's file select/name entry/options menu. It doesn't have to exactly be a 1:1 recreation.

This video should show a decent glimpse of it:

Here's a spritesheet rip of the aforementioned menu:

Thank you for visting my thread so far. I'm admittedly in the midst of redesigning a few of the the worldmaps. I recently finished redesigning the world map for the Lost World and you can check it out in the opening post.

I have added a hotfix patch to the opening post. It fixes a few bug in a couple of levels

Thank you Lusho and Anorakun. This C3 has been a good one for me. I have once again updated the opening post with another submap, this time I have resigned world 4's submap.

I like what you have done with the Worldmap in your hack, especially digging the colour palette.

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