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I appreciate everyone who has visited this thread and has played the current Demo for Super Mario Zeal. You know in a few months it will be a year to the day I started work om this and this project has come a long way since it's humble origins. It's still early days yet and I am looking forward to making further progress and showing off Super Mario Zeal at the next C3. I wish to thank you all for visiting my thread.

I would like to nominate Daizo Dee Von's R-ACK - A "No Rules" SMW Collab created by Team JANK Thread for the Spotlight. I have seen some private dev footage of the hack and while this type of hack isn't my cup of tea, I cannot deny that R-ACK is brilliant and creative in it's own way. I especially like the footage I saw for the "Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman" level in R-ACK and thought the underlying idea of making spiderwebs to progress across the level to be kinda clever. R-ACK may be unapologetically raw in it's visual and it's level design ethos but where it really shines from what I have seen is in it's creativity in level design.

Thank you for visiting my C3 Thread. I literally had to rush to get one last screenshot in.

@Von Fahrenheit: Thank you. I actually kinda have a funny story behind that one. I was listening to "Gruntilda's Lair" from Banjo Kazooie while I was making the the original iteration of this map because the song I chose for it ("MAP - Haunted" from VLDC9) sounds a lot like "Gruntilda's Lair". Infact now that I think about it I think it would be cool if someone did a port of Gruntilda's lair in the style of (and with the samples used in) "Map - Haunted" from VLDC9.

I sorta decided to redesign the submap for world 1 after comparing it to all of my pre-existing submap designs and honestly I think I can do a lot better now with the submap design than I did a year ago.

@Ondore's Lies: Thank you. You know it's not everyday you get a major SMW Hacker like you commenting on this thread. This C3 has been a great experience for me overall, even if not many people seem to have commented, critique or played the demo of my SMBX episode.

I was wondering where this hack went. Interesting approach with the music but I can't help but to feel a little underwhelmed musically. Mind you that I'm not asking or expecting Rob Hubbard levels of musical finesse but something about it feels lacking in comparison to a handful of the C64's best music. I suppose it's still early days yet and you'll probably get around to abusing the SNES's music capacity to really make the music shine. I'm afraid I don't really have much else to say.

So I have just finished redesigning the submap for World 6 (Wario's Island). The submap is (maybe no so obliviously) based on Wario's Island as shown on the title screen of Wario Land 2 but the original source material is kinda hard to interpret (just like my interpretation of Rare's version of DK Island, kinda funny how that work out), so I had to wing it a little.

What you have achieved here is truly impressive and worthy of being called a revolution. But you know, seeing all this makes me feel strangely nostalgic for the very first C3 I actually participated in, way back in 2008. Back then I used to be this account (which sadly I no longer remember the password for).

It brings me back to those halcyon days merely a few years or so after such legendary names like Icegoom and Ghettoyouth vanished, days where such things like HDMA, custom sprites and the like were still new and revolutionary in of themselves. Back then my own little hack I made for that C3 won me the silver trophy for best level design. I mean sure things have moved on since then and the community today is far different then when it was back then, but you know; something about this C3 (and the summer one from the previous year) kinda echoes that first Fall C3 that I participated in over 13 years ago. It feels weirdly like history is repeating itself. Who knows, maybe I'll win a silver trophy for best level design in a non-mario hack thing or something like that.

I apologize for derailing this topic, I can't help but to wax poetically especially consider how strong this C3 (and the previous one) feels like C3 Fall 2008 all over again.

Thank you all. I could not have won the trophies I did without you guys voting for me!


Once again I'm posting Super Mario Zeal at C3. Super Mario Zeal has seen quite a lot of progress since the previous C3 Expo. World 2 and World 3 are basically almost done and 99% percent playable. I will be releasing some updates as the expo goes on (such as an updated world map border that will hopefully be coming very soon). I look forward to hearing your critique and I hope you'll enjoy the current demo and perhaps look forward to future releases from me and my colleagues in the SMBX Community, Without their help I doubt that Super Mario Zeal would have gotten as far as it did. Thank you.

King Bowser has teamed up with King Wart and King K. Rool in a new alliance known simply as "The Rotten Regents". Together these Kingly Konquerers have stolen and scattered the power stars for their own (as of yet unknown) diabolical ends. It it now up to Mario and his friends to recollect the scattered Powers Stars, discover what the Rotten Regents are up to, and put a end to their sinister scheme!


World 1: Mint Island

Hub World 1: Lake Shroomperior

Lost World

World 3: Ship-Break Slough

World 4: Relic Ravine

World 5: Cursed Cryptlands

World 6: Wario's Island


v1.1 "Destiny"
[*]Fixed all Yoshi's arms colour
[*]Change the Black, Pink, Orange and Cyan's Yoshi's colours to use actual SMW Colours
[*]Finally made a unique animated loading screen icon
[*]Fixed a rather embarrassing glitch where 2-C: Cobrat's Crawlway was missing it's backgrounds, configs and AI files
[*]Implemented MrDoubleA's Accurate Koopas API for the SMW Koopas
[*]Implemented MrDoubleA's updated accurate SMW Costumes for Mario, Luigi and Toad
[*]Greatly improved the classic Goomba's appearance and colouration
[*]Fixed a minor visual oversight where the Snifit's bullets death effect was missing
[*]A new fancy map transition system for worldmap pipes, barrel cannon, and regular cannons has been
coded and implemented by MrDoubleA. Now going between worlds is faster while still being immersive
and interconnected!
[*]Created P-Balloon sprites for Toad and improved Mario and Luigi's P-Balloon sprites
[*]Power Stars now rotate like in Super Mario 64. Level ending power stars have black outlines,
non-level ending power stars have coloured outlines instead.
[*]Which means that Toad is once again playable!
[*]deprecated powerup_guard.lua and Implemented anotherPowerDown.lua
[*]Fixed the missing unique sound effects in 3-B: Alternate Antiquity
[*]Fixed the somewhat amusing "fade out" bug in 3-A: Swamp Romp, but at the expense of losing the
water's enemy concealment
[*]1-1: First Step Fields and Mint Island Village's backgrounds have been improved.
[*]A new fast travel system between towns has been implemented. Visit your nearest FUNKY Flights
for more information
[*]The secret exit in 2-13: Honey Hive Hop has been tweaked to be appropriately more difficult
[*]The Green Switch Palace is now available
[*]Almost all of World 2 and all of world 3 (except for it's actual boss fight) is now complete!
[*]Bully and Birdo now have new sprites
[*]The SMB3 and SMB1 Bowser's sprites have been replaced with my edit of Gambare-Lucifer's Bowser Sprites
[*]Both Bowsers can now be spin-jumped on (although there is no level with 'em yet)
[*]Super Mario Zeal now has a fancy-ish Launcher Page and Achievements. Gotta catch 'em all!

Download (Google Drive)

Secondary Download (Dropbox)

Well played, Enjl. Well played indeed.

I've played a bit of your episode and I liked what I played of it. Honestly this small minisode is a tour-de-force of design mastery and has some of the best levels I've seen.

reposting my request from last year.

Originally posted by Me, from last year

I'm going to keep it kinda simple, I would like a layout that mimics the looks of Castlevania - Rondo of Blood's file select/name entry/options menu. It doesn't have to exactly be a 1:1 recreation.

This video should show a decent glimpse of it: https://youtu.be/RBvOS9jdwHg?t=123

Here's a spritesheet rip of the aforementioned menu: https://www.spriters-resource.com/turbografx_16/cvrob/sheet/15044/


Can I convince you to do Richter Belmont doing this pose? Or his "peace sign" pose if the the former is too complicated?

Even after all this time, I'm still looking forward to this hack. I am honestly impressed by the visuals and workmanship of this hack.

Originally posted by Redwykelz
I don't know how to set SMBX up to play this, but judging by the videos and screenshots, this looks absolutely gorgeous. The plot is funny and the levels look fun to play, with a diverse amount of gimmicks. One thing I would say though is that the worlds have maybe too much levels, 20 levels per world is a lot. This may be just me though; I think if you make the levels themselves different enough, it won't feel too rough. Keep up the great work here!

It's actually not difficult to set up. Lemme walk you through it real quick!

1. Download and install SMBX2 from here

2. Download my episode demo

3. unzip the demo inside the "worlds" folder in SMBX2's install directory. The end result should look somewhat like this:

4. launch SMBX2.exe and select my episode from the launcher.

it should show up in the launcher like so:

Your Glover ports are impressive. I figure I give you a heads up and let you know that according to the USF rips I have the OST was composed by Allister Brimble and Richard Joseph. Just a little thing to add to your Glover ports' song data

If you told me back in 2008 that nearly a decade later someone would port the SMA2 SMW cutscenes back to SNES SMW, I would not believe you. That's how impressive this is.

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