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I am glad to see that you took my feedback into account when you made your Marble Zone port. The drums on this one really do a better job "grounding" the song and holding it together.

The only thing I can say about this one is that's looks to be both brilliant and yet cursed at the same time.

Out of all the ports here, I found the Sky High Zone port to be the best one.

The lava fringes on the top of that background doesn't do it for me. Honestly I don't think it's a very good attempt at an SMW Styled Volcano BG. Maybe you'll have better luck next C3.

So I've been playing APFAS and I'm having a good time when I ran into a problem. I'm running into a glitch in the level All Hallows' Eve where there's a star coin behind a pumpkin, crammed between two logs. After hitting the switch that toggles the pumpkin torches that star coin also disappears, making getting all the star coins on that level impossible. I have tested this both in ZMZ (my emulator of choice) and SNES9x.

I like this boss theme you ported. The percussion is just bangin' and the composition is on point.


An important new update will be coming very soon to the demo, courtesy of all the hard work Lusho has done for the new worldmap border. This worldmap border in my opinion is the best of all possible worlds when it comes to aesthetics and getting across the stuff you need to know about the level you're about to enter, and lemme list em for ya.

[*]There's the usual star, lives and coin counters but beside each level name there's also a tiny star icon that will appear when a level has a power star, the star icon is grey when you haven't got the power stars in a level and will gain colour on getting the power stars in that level.
[*]there's also a keyhole icon that will only appear when the level has a secret exit, starts out black but changes to red once you found the secret exit
[*]An ! mark will be auto-affixed to a level's name when you have 100% the level (Just like in the classic DKC Trilogy! in this case, finding all the star coins, collecting all power stars if the level has any and reaching the exit)
[*]the star coin icon for the worldmap is still being worked on as of this time but will work similarly to the power star indicator, with it gaining colour once all star coins in a level have been collected

Well done, everyone. Especially you WYE!

I will admit that maybe I could have done better and I think the lack of a boss for world 3 of my project kinda hurt my chances heres. That and the fact I was late in delivering a promised update. I am however happy to see that SMBX is getting some more recognition, especially with my colleages Enjl, MrDoubleA and Idunn getting silver and bronze trophies in the honorable mentions category.

Ghouls and Ghost/Super Ghouls and Ghosts - Stage 1
I hope the following request isn't as difficult as the very games this song comes from. For this particular port I would appreciate if if the porter managed to get the little intro from the Arcade/Sega Genesis Ghouls and Ghosts (basically, the first ten seconds) and then base the rest of the song on the faster SNES Super Ghouls and Ghosts version, perhaps having the first 10 seconds from the Ghouls and Ghost intro lead into the Super Ghouls and Ghosts intro before going into the rest of song?

Lightly Sampled
Ideally I would like to have this song unsampled but I am willing to compromise in favour of lightly sampled if needs be.


Midi files

Youtube Videos

Ghouls and Ghosts

Super Ghouls and Ghosts

I like what I'm seeing here, your trailer does a good job showcasing your upcoming SMW Hack.

I would like you to draw Richter Belmont in this pose, please

Originally posted by Me, from four c3's ago
I'm going to keep it kinda simple, I would like a layout that mimics the looks of Castlevania - Rondo of Blood's file select/name entry/options menu. It doesn't have to exactly be a 1:1 recreation.

This video should show a decent glimpse of it:

Here's a spritesheet rip of the aforementioned menu:


So here we go again, another year and another promising and lovely C3! I will admit that I have not made many new levels since the previous C3. Most of the period since then has been more focused on polishing and bugfixing, not to mention the month and a half long hiatus/break I decided to go on. Not to say that there's nothing new. Bonus and Challenge rooms finally have a Donkey Kong Country Trilogy styled bonus room API, courtesy of MrDoubleA; which is a BIG game-changer and will allow me to make more challenging challenge rooms in future levels.

At this point I feel that this project of mine is starting to get where I want it to be on the gameplay side of things. anyways I believe a brief premise recap and some screenshots new and old are in order.

King Bowser has teamed up with King Wart and King K. Rool in a new alliance known simply as "The Rotten Regents". Together these Kingly Konquerers have stolen and scattered the power stars for their own (as of yet unknown) diabolical ends. It it now up to Mario and his friends to recollect the scattered Powers Stars, discover what the Rotten Regents are up to; and put a end to their sinister scheme!

-1.4.3 "Mad Forest +3"-
* fixed a serious bug in 2-1: Jungle Hijinx where ending the "collect the coins" bonus game
while in a barrel cannon would cause the barrel cannons in the rest of the level to stop working
* fixed a minor oversight in 2-1: Jungle Hijinx where the first "reach the goal" challenge room doesn't
block itself off correctly when completed
* slighty nerfed the upper path of 2-11: Ship Deck Trek
* fixed a glitch in 2-D: Birdo's Bog where you are send right back into the first "reach the goal"
challenge room if you fail the challenge room
* slightly nerfed the end section of 2-D: Birdo's Bog
* speaking of which, I've added a secret easter near the end of World 2 - DK Island. See if you can find it.

-1.4.2 "Mad Forest ++"-
* fixed glitch/issue in 2-Castle: Gangplank Galleon where you can get out of bounds in the beginning of the lower path past the third checkpoint barrel
* in 2-Castle: Gangplank Galleon, the sole Black Klobber in the Phanto room has been replaced with a Yellow Klobber instead
* fixed a minor worldmap music issue in World 3: Ship-Breaker Slough.
* fixed a visual bug in 2-Factory: Fireball Furnace.

-1.4.1 "Mad Forest+"-
* fixed a minor softlock issue in 1-4: Mint Island Mainstay
* fixed an oversight with 1-A: Midnight Memories second bonus room
* fixed a minor cutoff issue in 1-Castle: Seaboard Station
* hopefully fixed a minor glitch preventing players from getting the achievement for beating World 1's boss

-1.4 "Mad Forest"-
* three new levels have been created since the previous C3. They are H1-GH: Spectral Station,
4-2: Riders of the Purple Train and 5-1: Boos 'n' Bones
* applied the nerf bat to 2-9: Platform Perils Returns, 2-10: Aquatic Adventure,
2-A: Lava Tubular, 2-C: Cobrat's Crawlway, and 3-A: Swamp Romp.
* fixed a visual inconsistency with the cheep-cheeps and star coins in 3-B: Alternate Antiquity
* a new town has been added to the Lake Shroomperior hubworld, fitting named Hub-Ville
* a new, abeit condensed minigame based on Mario Bros. (the original arcade game)
has been added to Hub-Ville
* The intro has been redone to allow for a faster start to the adventure
* removed an unintentional life-farming opportunity in 1-A: Seaboard Station
* fixed a minor visual glitch in 3-A: Swamp Romp
* reworked some questionable design elements in a bonus room in 3-6: Snakey Skies
* fixed visual errors in H1-Fort: Shoomperior Starfort and 2-11: Ship Deck Trek
* fixed the missing music error in 3-Castle: Keytashropic Keep
* 3-Castle: Keytashropic Keep finally has a fitting boss
* fixed a minor pathing issue on world 2's map
* implemented MrDoubleA's new KindaHurtBlock.lua API
* custom KindaHurtBlock.lua fixes have been added to both 2-12: Stickerbush Saga
and 3-7: Prickly Passage to greatly improve the hitboxes of the brambles.
* implemented a new DKC Trilogy styled bonus room API that was coded by MrDoubleA for this project.
* updated bonus rooms in previous levels to take advantage of the new bonus room API
* reskinned the Player only and NPC only blocks to be a hybrid of both their SMBX2 appearance
and their JUMP series appearance.

Google Drive (UPDATED Yet again!)

I like your BG rips and I too can kinda see myself making use of them, especially the stuff from Opa-Opa.

May I be so bold as to suggest creating a full spritesheet of a 48x32 King K. Rool that includes all of DKC1 attack frames and him whipping out and using his DKC2 Blunderbluss?

Yikes! Very impressive. This kinda reminds me of a recent and similar API created for hurtboxes in SMBX, namely KindaHurtBlock.lua by MrDoubleA. (I'm using that very API in Super Mario Zeal)

Nice work, Strikeforcer. I kinda dig small Luigi's jump pose.

I wish to thank everyone who has visited this thread so far. I've been informed of a few troubling glitches and I've gone back and updated the download in the opening post.

If you have downloaded the demo already I wish to urge you to redownload the new revision in the opening post.

Can I convince you to draw Richter Belmont?

I'm kinda not sold on all of those genesis rips, but I will admit that they have their merits.

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FireSeraphim's Profile - Posts by FireSeraphim

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