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Hello. I was making some music, and I created a version of the final battle with Lavos, from Chrono Trigger. Sounds much better than my undersea palace I tried not too long ago.

However, I was thinking about writing some kind of program to automatically compress the song; automatically use the l command, and loop.

But, before I potentially waste my time writing one, does a program for this already exist that I could try using?
Okay, thanks for the info! Also, I have no issues with said philosophy.
Hey, I recently found a great overworld that I want to use as GFX in my hack. However, when I copied the GFX, as it said not to use ExGFX, I had an issue in that the 16x16 tiles were barely modified, or, not at all at times.

How can I get the 16x16 overworld tiles to work properly?

Thank you for your time.
Yes, I figured this out. Partially by the fact that it was called MML editor, not some kind of compressy title.

I also figured out via working with it. :P
If you want custom graphics for the overworld, you can check out the Graphics section of the site, hit Ctrl+f, and search for one. There are some really great OW packs.

On a related note...

How would one go about modifying the 16x16 tiles in an overworld? Apparently, it's simple as inserting GFX since nobody has a tutorial in the world for it, but I'd like to know exactly what files contain the 16x16 data for OW tiles, because I'm trying to make my OW look like it's from SMB3, and I need to know what to modify.

I've heard that it's just 1C, 1D, 1E and 08, but those don't seem to have the data.
You know, Grate, that's a pretty nice idea. While, given some time, and study in some simple javascript I never really looked into, I could probably make a compressor for the converted MML files, but your idea is far more brilliant.

The issue is, it'd be a complex tool to make. There's a reason people have to pay +$100 for FL Studio
Originally posted by Slash Man
it's only a matter of finding a non-lazy coder

...which everybody knows that most coders out there are lazy as it gets. Even most people who stick to SMW hacking are pretty damn lazy.

Just look at how many vanilla hacks are out there. I can safely say that it takes a lot less time and effort to make a vanilla hack than a hack with even a single ported song, or even a single ExGFX file.
A simple Google search would've done you some good there.

But, anyways, it seems more like the issue was that you didn't have a reference sheet for the SMW insturments at hand. I'll do the honors, I GUESS.

2-Music box
5-Acoustic steel guitar
7-Steel drums
8-Acoustic bass guitar
10-Snare drum
11-Softer Violin
13-Electric piano
21-Bass drum
22-Light cymbal
24-Wood block
25-Higher wood block
26-Hard bass drum
27-Medium bass drum
28-Soft bass drum
29-Powah set

Take note that these are NOT high-quality samples. They all have a VERY strong synthesized sound to them.
And, yes, there is no 19 or 20.
Layer 2 is not completely compatible with the purple triangles. That being said, there are workarounds, such as making a layer-2 compatible one to import with block tool.

Also, as a a semi-related side note, if you ever have an issue with tile 0x1EB having garbled graphics, you can find the tile, copy its behavior, and put decent graphics on it via map16. Great for people using ExGFX.
It'd help if you could describe what the animations are, but I'll assume you're talking about Mario's animations and respond accordingly.

The animations for Mario on the OW are stored in GFX10.
I'm planning on making some custom ExGFX, but I've noticed that with many packs, they end in the discoloration of the GUI, via having to use a custom palette. Well, I kinda want it to stay solid, one palette, so what parts of it do the GUI draw from?
I fixed it with my awesome.
Okay, well, thank you for the correction, then.
My brain always seemed to register those two things as the same, however.

They both generally paste something on the camera, and the main difference is one being interactive.

But, I digress. This thread should curl up and die already.
*looks at watch*
but, it looks like we got a little bit before that happens.
Hi! I'm working on making a romhack, and while porting some custom music into it, I noticed that the song I want needs to be looped from a certain point after the song's ending for the best effect.

I was wondering how I could go about doing that.
Okay, cool! Now all that remains is finding where it goes. :P
To be honest, level length isn't too much of an issue. You can make a 20+ hour long romhack for what it's worth. However, it should be noted that DESIGN is the key point in things.

I was playing SMWCP earlier, and I went through Unearthly Hollow, which I've noticed seems to be the most poorly rated SMWCP level. The reason was poor design.

The level was at decent length, at least for my tastes. However, first, we have the fact that it was so cryptic at the beginning. I understand it was a ghost house, and those are meant to be puzzles.


However, you have to first have the cape powerup. You must, else the task becomes nearly impossible. (HOW THE HELL IS THE PLAYER SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT RIGHT OFF THE BAT?)
Second, you have to stand at the *EXACT* spot, and run to an even more exact point. If you're even a pixel off, you fail, and have to do it over. Finally, when you succeed at that, you have to release and re-press the run button at the PERFECT timing. Now, you have the spring board.

By then, you'll probably be low on time, try to rush through the level, and of course, fail.

That beginning section was only a few screens, but the design was awful. As a result, it's quite possibly the worst rated level in SMWCP. There's also the fact that it just lacks inspiration.

But, wait! There's more!

The palette of the inside(?) of the house is so restricted, it all looks the same. That'd be fine, if I could see what I was doing. But, it's VERY unclear as to what is ground and what isn't.

Then, the trees! Those are very unclear as well, in the fact that about half the leaf-thing you land on is a part you phase right through.
Poorly designed levels are bad, despite length. It also works the other way around.
First of all, welcome to the hacking scene! You might just become the next HuFlungDu, if you stick around long enough. :)

Anyways, you need to find your ROM images on another site. Distribution of them is illegal, so you'll either need to extract a SNES rom image yourself, or look for a distribution website for them.

Using Lunar Magic may at first be tedious, but over just the course of a few days, you should be able to make beautiful levels with it. I hope you enjoy your time spent on SMW Central, and in modifying such a great game.

If you own a real SMW cart for the SNES and extract it yourself, as long as you don't redistribute reproduction carts or ROM files, you should be fine.
Well, you could make some ExGFX to make the bones look like Bowser flames. You may also do some ASM, but I can't really help you there.
You're looking at this too technically, Mathelete.

What they mean is that people don't go out and buy a Mario game for puzzles with a little action as a side dish. They buy them for action, with good gameplay.

While we aren't Nintendo, look at what they've done. They made fun levels that don't have to be puzzles all the time. It's what makes Mario a sign of many peoples' childhoods. It's the reason this site even exists. I can safely say that if I was two years old, my first game was SMW by the way, and I picked up SMW just to find a puzzle, I'd have either given up on games altogether, do ended up one of those people who thinks that not shooting or slashing things is immature in a game.

The reason I hack Mario was that I had fun with the game since I was two years old. Even now, I have a shelf with the game above my head and my old SNES no more than 5 feet away from me, still in working order.

I don't speak for everyone, but I think Mario shouldn't need puzzles to be fun...

....WOW, we got SIDETRACKED.
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