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Alright, just finished playing through the demo so far. Got a lot going for it, actually. You've got a pretty firm grip on level design, I really enjoyed the levels as I was playing, and they weren't so difficult I had to use save states like the majority of ROM Hacks I'm used to playing.

Really need to customize the music though, the SMW default songs don't really work with it, thematically.
game freezes up when I smash the Yellow ! Switch. It plays the end level theme, the SMWC coins start to appear, level select never loads.

Her attacks are invisible, so I can't dodge them.

then when I do beat her, the game plays the P-Switch music and keeps playing it after the fade to black, and I can't return to the level screen.

Can't leave Star World, pointer warps you back to star world.

Graphical glitch for some enemies. No idea what they are.

really hard to get past these glitchy blocks. For that matter, I'm not even sure how I got to this level. I went back through a pipe on the Oasis level to go back to the Key Hole, wound up in a mid level boss, and suddenly it's the matrix.

Antigravity never works in these levels. Worst thing is I can't even turn regular gravity back on, because I'm halfway through the floor.

Miscellaneous Glitch: Coin counter stops counting if the level ends or you exit an area before it stops.
Music is absolutely the most important thing. A lack of different music can take me right out of the experience. A story line is just whatever, because I really care more about playing.
I love this hack so much! Also, I got a heart container, but it doesn't seem to want to fill up. How does it work and, also, is that from a submitted patch? Because it sounds like it'd be very useful for Metroidvania style hacks.
Originally posted by Roberto zampari

What think about this?
And why everyone don't played my hack?

I did play it. Again, it's really missing a certain something without custom music.
So I'm trying to get back into Rom hacking after a VERY long hiatus. I seem to be having some trouble with patching the ROM. Some patches work just fine and I have no trouble with them at all. Others don't seem to be working at all. Maybe what I really need is a tutorial that explains everything graphically, but I keep getting this error when I try to use xkas patches with asar:

If anyone can help me get started here, I've got a list of patches I'd like to apply, and this would really be the first step in getting started on a hack for me.
Ah, thanks for that. Yes, that fixes that problem. I still can't seem to get 32x32 to work. It keeps cutting Mario in half. Is there something else I need to do that wasn't specified in the instructions, or is that normal?
okay, after royally screwing up the sprites, I'm gonna have to ask, is there's a visual guide to the 32x32.asm patch? I really need a player character that's 32x32 for the hack I'm working on, and it's very important to get that one put in. Every time I do it, though, Mario's sprite is cut in half, so I have no idea where in YY-Chr to edit to make the Player sprites.
This will definitely help. Will it explain how to insert the left and right Gfx files, or will patching the ROM put them into the allGFX file automatically?
I'm curious what you guys think the most atmospheric, longest, best SMW hack that doesn't feature Mario (or even any MArio characters) is? I just wondered because I really enjoyed Sicari and Bonni's Quest (the last one woefully unfinished last I checked). I'm just looking for recommendations.
This game feels so different to the normal Mario World hack, it could have been themed after some original character and I wouldn't question it.
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