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Screenshots, please?

How an I supposed to get up here? No secret blocks or anything.....
Can somebody get rid of them? I inserted them into my hack and they do absolutely nothing. I know I put them in correctly because Sonkuu's blocks work the same and his ACTUALLY WORKS.

Also the 200 coin counter does NOT work with any of the shop blocks that uses $0DBF once you have 149 coins. That should be changed in the description.

No, LevelASM is NOT easier or easy to learn.

No, Ice Man's HDMA crap can mess up a lot of stuff in a rom, and is actually harder to understand than LevelASM.

Yes, a sprite is easier to use:

Use this ASM file
Use this cfg

Insert this sprite as a generator.

Thank me later.
Well if you tried all of that and they work, give me the ones you tested, because the ones I downloaded from the Blocks section don't work. Do they not work with BTSD 0.38 old? 'cause that's what I'm using.
No. He's sitting here trying to tell someone to learn some complicated ASM crap, when a sprite will suffice just right, just for the sake of saying something popular (like TSRP is the best hack in the world). Why clutter his rom with sucking up freespace, freeram, NMI hijacks, changing inits in old patches, managing all that stuff on a per level basis, and wasting his time with some half-baked tutorial on it? I disagree. You guys need to stop posting stuff just because its popular to say, like my TSRP example.

Stick with the sprite, bro.
First off, to leod, don't call me a faggot. I didn't call you anything, so don't call me anything back.

Second off, .........whatever man. He wanted a SPRITE that created a wave effect. I gave him that, effectively answering his question. He didn't ask for uberdupesuperblooperASM or whatever. Now y'all mad at me because I disagree with him putting all that levelASM junk in his hack? That's whats wrong with these hacks today. All these stupid gimmicks y'all put in beyond SMW original capabilities. The result is freezing, glitchy hacks, hacks that aren't BSNES compatible, and hacks with ugly HDMA that flickers the screen when playing or entering pipes. Don't get me started. Got me going off topic and stuff.

I don't know why we're arguing anyway. This guy done probably moved on because we took too long answering his question. So now we got a bunch of us going back and forth for no reason so....
Because there are so many choices here, I want to discuss what is the WORST SMW hack you ever played on this site and why. You may even add a mini-review and screenshots if you want...
Oh. So its OK to have a "Best Hacks" thread that's useless, but its wrong to have "Worst Hacks" thread that's informs people to stay away from crap hacks?
How in the hell did anyone pass that Darkness Hall level when there's no light switch to see............

.........and why do you start "but-hugging" the walls on certain levels?

And why is Yoshi is that ugly default blue color that came with Yoshi player GFX? Why not change that?
Why are all of you suggesting demos? Suggest full games. Nobody wants to play a demo..........
Frankly, I don't see whats to nominate. This C3 was a failure. All the new tools or patches either don't work or was rushed out without polish.

VLDC Collab and TSRP2R both is like drinking a milkshake full of thorns. Looks good on the outside, insane difficulty on the inside. I wish people on this site learn whats difficulty and whats save state abuse. and test your hack with a wider audience other than yourselves, the SMW Masters.

Most demos was good like Vanilla Cake, but the problem was it was just a demo. All the good hacks are demos, the full ones were just awful.

This C3 #smw{-_-2}
I'm a so sick of people coming on these sites talking about how SOMEONE ELSE is repro-ing SOMEONE ELSE's hack and trying to pretend to be a hero when all you're doing is making an ass out of yourself for something you have no understanding of. Do you even think Nintendo's legal team gives a shit about your hack being sold out here? They got way bigger problems than that. As long as their not loosing a big portion of money they don't/shouldn't give a shit.

And mind your own fucking business and learn what Rom-hacking rights are really about.

I also like the idea of playing hacks on a real console, too.
I don't get what this tool supposed to do. Had he explain it on page 1 I would, but I guess that's too much to ask.

I also don't get what I'm looking for in the demo either. All I see is sloppily designed levels.
Stop being lazy and make some Yoshi, cape, and balloon sprites or else I won't download it.
"randomly designed levels"?

Ewwww. Gross.
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
IDK but if it was the slightest bit harder than the original you could maybe call it Kaizo.

Because that's all we need is another Kaizo Hack of a game that's already difficult #tb{¬_¬}.

How about making a hack that's a real true successor to the original DKC, and not the crap retro made.
It would have been nice if you actually edit the Mario sprite to look like the Giana Sisters since its their game. Seems kind of obvious to me.
It's been a while, brother. I'm wanna play the worst SMW hack on this site. Can anyone recommend one, Mean Gene?
Bump for answers...
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