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Posts by SuperSaiyanSquidward
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Well, this is my first attempt to create a full length hack. It will mainly use vanilla graphics. IF I do learn how to insert custom graphics or music, then I will still use vanilla graphics and music. I kind of want it to be like the VIP & Wall Mix series. Like some levels use vanilla graphics and music, while others don't. STORY: Well, I have two ideas for a story, but I haven't decided which one to use. Here's the first screenshots.
Originally posted by Austin
Not bad, not bad. By these few screens your design is looking nice, but this is not that enough. I would like if you take a full screen of some of your levels, convert to PNG and post here, then I'll can have sure about that.

Ah, put some bushes here and there sometimes.

Yeah, I though I needed to add a bit more. I might change the color though.
Second level, Skyhigh Grassland:

Originally posted by Sowhart
That's sweet, I like the idea of a floating landmass!

Thanks, I'm still working on this level. For the next level, I'm thinking of a ghostish grassland.
Originally posted by Austin
Found the floating land idea cool too. The only things I don't like much are the two cement blocks "blocking" the Sumo Brother's way (if they're necessary somehow, you can just keep them there, but it's still odd for me) and the three little pipes one in the side of other, that's some kind of object spamming. Anyway, the athmosphere of this level seems very nice, nice job.

Yeah, I thought it looked a little bit weird too. It will most likely be changed in the final version.
Someone needs to port Dracula X: Bloodlines.
What's your least favorite, or most boring part of SMWRom hacking for you? For me, it's making grassland levels. I don't know why, but it's so boring making them.
Vanilla Mario all the way. The custom Mario just doesn't look right to me.
This is the first level to have a gimmick. You're going to have to run the whole level. I'm also going to change the time limit to 100.
Originally posted by Austin
I just don't like when people persist in remove the balls in the hills BG - anyone agrees it gets too empty?

Agreed. I'm probably going to change it.
How do you beat master hand???!!!
Do you guys think old people watch anime? The only old person I usually see is my grandma, and she mainly watches Days of our Lifes, Ellen, etc. So I'm not really sure.
OK. It seems no matter what I do, I can never get AddMusic to work properly! I looked at Slashman's How to use AddMusic 4.05 thread, and I followed all the instuctions. I put the level music in the level folder, and I did the thing where you put down (Level Music).txt in the one folder. When I open cmd, (Command Prompt for me, I have Vista) I typed in Addmusic.exe Super Mario World.smc -sc (I didn't rename my ROM yet) and it said, Addmusic.exe Super Mario World.smc -sc
is not reconized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I don't get it. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing wrong. >:(
Originally posted by Masterlink
Originally posted by CerberusYoshi
I typed in Addmusic.exe Super Mario World.smc -sc

That's the problem, the rom can't contain spaces in its name.

OK, My ROM now has no spaces, and it still didn't work. Do all the letters have to be lowercase?
Welcome to SMWCental! :)
Fluttershy is best pony!
Originally posted by zero318
I hate anything to do with to do with xkas, asar, or addmusic. None of those programs worked for me. #w{:s}

I feel you bro. I can never get Addmusic to work! (It's mainly Command Prompt, or CMD that doesn't work.)
I've successfully converted all my (remaining) friends into bronies. I did lose some friends, but the ones I lost are those assholes that call anything they don't like "gay" And I don't consider people like that friends. Let alone human beings. About that, they even called the show gay. Their definition of gay: a man who likes another man. Now tell me... How can a show be gay? I mean, does the cartoon magicly grow legs and walk out of the TV screen and get funky with another TV show? No! Does the show have emotions?! No! Do shows have a gender?! NO! The logic of some people just baffles me. Sorry if I got off topic, I just had to let that out.
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SuperSaiyanSquidward's Profile - Posts by SuperSaiyanSquidward

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