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My problem:
I am working on a edited overworld but when i finish a level the next level doesn't appear on the map but my character still go's "right".

What is the main issue:
I don't know wich event or how to fix this! Help!


Before finishing the level.

After finishing the level.

This is what the new level edit screen looks like (every level is the same).

Please help me. What did i do wrong? Did i choose the wrong settings?

(If image dosn't show up, open it in a new browser.)
This problem is already fixed, for those who helped me. Thanks alot! :D

I know about the images but i don't know how to publish them as a image itself. Sorry but i'll try to fix everything. :D

I know that. I was searching for a "create tread" link so i kindof forgot the fact that i had to publish it somewhere else. Oh and thanks for all u guys help. I even learned how to make my own events! :D

I made a sample level who ends up in the fight with bowser. After mario saved peach, peach give him a kiss and some slow dialouge says your adventure ended... But it is the oppeside of it! When the screen turns black normaly the credits would roll but instead i go back to the overworld with no music playing! Help! I want to have credits after saving peach. (If you don't understand i'll make a video of it! :D)

Thanks, i will try it! Say do you know how to get the camara follow mario even when he bounces on enemies? I can't get that. :(

I ment this:
Click on this for a video and watch about 0:48 then you will see me bouncing on enemies but the camara won't go with me! I want that the camara follows my character even when he bounces!

I have no idea what you are saying... The only part i get is that i need to change D0 to 80... What is x07A78?

Somehow i feel i have to learn more about hexes. :D
I don't get any *censored* of it. Thanks and btw... I duno if "You've learned to hex-edit" was a sort of joke but i found that realy amusing. :P

The jumping thing is already fixed but... There are patches for hex codes? Hmm :l

Anyways... there is another glitch too!
In this video You see when a shell or coin touches a walk-through wall it stays in the air! Please help! D:

Yah i kindof knew that already. :l
Still need help though. D:

The problem:
When i open cmd and type folder\addmusic405>addmusic SMW_5.smc INIT
it won't work! it says it can't open the rom. Help! D:

I... I... Just feel so... Dumb :l

It didnt work D:
here a picture of it:

(i hope the image works now)

yczedit: table stretch begone

Problem, when i did: addmusic.exe SMW5.smc INIT
it gave a bunch of crap but do you need to do: addmusic.exe SMW5.smc
or: addmusic SMW5.smc

Okay... emm another problem, after the story (when you 1st come at the overworld) it stays into a blackscreen. Help! I make picktures of it or even a whole movie!

oh and my custom music is called 11.txt
i put it in the overworld map but it seems the game freezes when i choose "11. not used". if i change it back it does not freeze

How many problems can i get only for putting a song inside my rom! anyways i found the next problem:

Anyone knows how to fix this?

It's realy not my day today huh :l
Atleast you poeple are nice to help me. If it won't work... Well i just start creating my 2nd level

I have no inspiration or anything close to that. What iam searching for is:

-something cool that fits a chalange
-something nice when climbing a mountain/vines/cloudbed

So you know something fitting? I only got sticker bush symphony from dkc2.

Ok i'll tell it in my personal favorit style that hurts my eyes:

What do i search for "cave":
In this subject i search 1 song who can be used in 3 types of themes. An forest cave, this includes a bit muddy but still a nice warm cave (or if mud gives you the chills that works fine for me too). A plain cave, this includes the main type of cave, since my caves are mostly only for bonuses it has a nice clay brown colour. And as final the wet cave, this includes water and fish!

What do i search for "forest":
This one is pretty easy. I need a song for a forest with a nice feel onto it. Not too hasty, not too slow. A nice song that gives you a feeling like: "Welcome to the forest pardner!"

What do i search for "sea":
A slow nice song that wants you to play and stay in the level instead of making you barf more than the original did (i hate water levels but love water haha).

What do i search for "plain":
I want a song who tells you: "Welcome to this place! Enjoy yourselfs. :D"

What do i search for "castle":
I need 2. 1 for a castle and 1 for a ghost house. I know a ghost house isn't a castle but it has a save prompt so i do count it! For the castle i want something serious! Something that wants you to fight the boss like it is the final! (iggy XD). For the ghost house i want something halloween, spooky or something realy slow but not yet nice.

What do i search for "chalange":
Something hasty, cool, pumps you up and ofcourse AWESOMENESS!

What do i search for "nice":
Since sticker bush symphony is a nice song i think it is overused alot. I want something instead of that one.

I hope this makes it clear for you? :3

(ps: if someone has something for the overworld. Plz add that too ^^)

Okay here are the results:

The forest one: How didn't i came up with that! I love kirby. :D
The plain one: Meh... It kindof even wanted me not to play.
The castle/ghost one: I still need to find a castle. This one is indeed spooky especialy the beginning! Overall it seems to be an awesome track! Even when i used kindof my 1st stage for testing... It still made me wanna play.
The chalange one: You gotta luv that music! YEAH!
The nice one: TT-TT <-man tears... Explains all. :D (That means it was the best between all!)

Still need an overworld, cave and sea one though. And i need to find a better plain one.
Thanks for the help these days btw.

This info might be handy too:

Castle levels: 1
Castle level parts: 2 (boss not counted)

Plain levels: 2
Plain level parts: 4

Ghost house: 1
Ghost house parts: 3

Forest levels: 2
Forest level parts: 3

Sea levels: 1
Sea level parts: 1

Chalange levels: 1
Chalange level parts: 2

Nice/climb levels: 1
Nice/climb level parts: 2


Caves: 7

Switch palaces: 1 ((Yellow) Maybe something for a bonus level too? Counts for the minigame in lvl 000 and 100 too!))

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BlackStone187's Profile - Posts by BlackStone187

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