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Hallo Leute

Ich weiß , dass es jetzt nicht zu SMW gehört aber ich frag mal:

Yoshis Island funkt nicht. Bei mir bleibt es immer schwarz.

Muss ich davor noch etwas machen , bevor ich es spielen kann ?

Danke im Voraus

ROM geht jetzt , aber ein neues Problem:

Es kommt immer diese Meldung: This Game is Designed only to Play with a Normal Controller. Please Disconnect Mouse, Super Scope, etc. to start Playing.

Ich benutz ZSNES
Hey People

I'll show you my new SMW Hack: The Rescure of Chuck Island.

The Story:

One day, Mario was exhausted after his rescue of Princess Toadstool.
The chuck and the Koopa's have teamed up to bring down the Kingdom of Princess Toadstool.
But they failed, the Mario has destroyed the old Chuck's grandfather. The Chucks have vowed to destroy when Mario King Chuck also want, then it's war.
Some Chucks have undergone Luigi brainwashed to work as an undercover agent. The Koopa's have separated after the incident of the chucks.
Mario went on a walk with Princess Toadstool. Meanwhile hear's Mario voices from Luigi. He jumped onto the window sill and looked into the hall.
Mario does not believe it can, Luigi and Chuck King have a Packs
closed, bat the whole Chuck Island back.

"Psst, tell Mario just nothing else he wants to stop us," said Chuck King
"Of course not, He will never remember what," said Luigi

Mario was horrified. His only brother, whom he has confided, sayn him.

"That can not be. Luigi. This can not be it. It is not so. Oh God ..." said Mario

He jumped from the window and looked Peach. But he did not see.

"Today, everything is down the drain .." said Mario.

After 10 minutes of fruitless search, he was captured by some Chucks and was brought to an island that exist under Chuck Iceland.

"Where am I? Am I dead?" Mario said, swollen

He got up and found a note:

Mario, my beloved Mario:

I do not know what's going on, but I'm trapped in an old house, here it is dusty.
Luigi hat I found in a barrel. Please help me.


Your Princess Toadstool

{From here start you!}

Enough paperwork, now the pictures:

This Hack contains:
Custom Music/Graphics/Block/Sprites
Secrets and many more..

See ya

Sorry for my Bad English :)
Yoshi's Strange Quest, my favorite Hack. The Overworld is great and and and... I hope, there comes a new Updates. :)
Awesome Pictures :) I can't wait for new Pictures. Do you planned a new Demo for us ?
Ich habe mich mal dort registriert (EliteBellic)
My unnamed Castle for an unnamed Hack.

(Warning, big picture!)

What do you think about it?
Hey Guys,

i made there an little part of a unnamed grassland level.

(Direct URL

What do you think about it?

And now, i'm gonna sleep, guys :D

~Patrick (Please call me Patrick, not Kenny :) thx)
So, something new from myself:

What do you think?
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
Originally posted by Kenny2412
So, something new from myself:

What do you think?

Looks good, but a little empty. Also, the music is repetitive and uses rather screechy instruments, could you change it?

Its still WIP, thats why, its empty.
About the music: i got there a altenative music, but I dont know the title (this "factory" in the last world of ASMT)

But thanks for the feedback
Joa, Milch ist ziemlich lecker, sei es roh oder mit einen Anderem Geschmack, aber wenn ich Milch trinke, dann ist des die Vollmilch und Kuhmilch. Schmeckt und tut seit Generationen gut (eh woher war des nochmal?)

Aber ganz ehrlich, wir sollten auch die nebenprodukte von Milch Bedenken, sie gehören ja auch dazu.

Bin ich der einzige, der so denkt oder ist jemand mit mir? :D
akacesfan: Pretty nice stuff you got there, but the ground Palette is (for me) a bit to dark, how does it look, when it's a little bit brighter ?
@Sleepy: It looks....okay. Not bad, but not really good. For me is this green in the grass to dark (you see it in this bush in the dirt.) And it looks a little bit like Copy-Paste Level. But keep work on it.

Well, it's time for me to post something new:

(Warning, big Picture!)

What do you think about it?
I tried to rebuild your Overworld and fixed the errors.

As you may see, that Overworld look a bit different, but it looks a little bit better, what its your choice, i only fixed your Overworld.
Why is pure vanilla a boring concept? Super Mario world did the same and it still a great game. Not every hack need Custom Stuff like Custom Graphics, Blocks, Music or other. I think, every Custom Stuff destroy a tile of the Smw Feeling, when I start a level.

On topic, it's your choice, if you got enough motivation for this project.
this looks beautiful, Mirann. But this waterfall on that little island look a little bit strange, but overall it looks really good. 👍
(I love the mm games overall)
This Hack/Level looks okay, but remove from the status bar the coin/star and the time bar.

And your mega man look also a little bit strange, but good enough overall.

But I can't judge over only a hand full of pictures, keep it running.
It looks pretty nice, but whats with this "sun" (idk the name of it right now) on the second (?) screen of the level? It looks like it floating in the air. But anyways, the level design itself is pretty easy, i think, its an World 1/2 Castle.
Originally posted by Lynnes

A generic muddy cave.

Why? Why? Why it looks so good?

But seriously, it looks so damn good. Good Work 👍