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If you change $00:D067 to 00, the cape will always be there. I've used it in my test ROM too and you do see the GFX present at all times. [1]

Or you can just change the powerup for Cape spin with GFX.

I've attached some useful SMW ROM Map entries to this post.

$00:D065 controls which power-up the player needs to have to be able to cape spin.
Change $00:D067 to 00 to make mario cape spin in all forms.
$00:D077 controls how long Cape Spin lasts.
$00:D07C controls the cape spin sound effect to generate.

Change $00EB79 to A9 00 to make Super/Fire/Cape Mario have a 16x16 interaction field (like Small Mario) or change it to A9 01 to have a 16x32 interaction field (like big Mario) (in conjunction with addresses $01B4C0 and $03B67C)

$01B4C0 - Change to A0 00 to make Super/Fire/Cape Mario have a 16x16 interaction field (like Small Mario) or change to A0 01 to have a 16x32 intereaction field (like Big Mario) (in conjunction with addresses $00EB79 and $03B67C)

$03B673 - The width of Mario hitbox with sprites in pixels.

$03B67C - Change to A9 00 to make Super/Fire/Cape Mario have a 16x16 interaction field (like Small Mario)or change to A9 01 to have a 16x32 interaction field (like Big Mario)(in conjunction with addresses $00EB79 and $01B4C0)
Is your ROM SA-1?

Do you have any other patches already applied to the ROM?

How did you apply the patch?

What had you done to the ROM prior to the patch?

Is there any more useful information you can give us to help purview the issue?
Originally posted by Vitor Vilela

That looks amazing! I really want the rotating foreground now.
I was thinking; with the advent of the SuperFX Patch, how come we don't see many SuperFX hacks? Is FX just too complicated to code in assembly that it's not worth what ever benefits compared to SA-1?

Originally posted by Darolac
Maybe this may help you? Not sure if it works with 32x32 GFX though.

Yeah, something like that. I'll need to do a bit more reading to figure out how that patch works exactly. I hope it's possible for it to work with 32x32.

At this point I'm not sure how to customise the patch to what I need it for.
Wow Gamma, this is awesome. The OW horizon water is a bit odd because the ripply water doesn't line up to scale, given it's where the sea would meet the horizon. That would be flat, but the art style throughout is beautiful. I like the reworked vanilla look.
Does anyone think there's a way to have 32×32 Player Tilemap Patch 1.2 and Alternate Mario ExGFX work together?
02, 08 and 1F do it. Just look for "Layer 2 Interact: Yes"

Originally posted by Karen_Kujo
I want to make a level that uses both mega moles and torpedo teds, I was wondering if anyone could give me instructions on how to pull this off and if it is possible.

44 Torpedo Ted. is SP4=06
BF Mega Mole. is SP4=20

Since they both occupy SP4, there is conflict, however, luckily, they do not occupy the same banks/positions in the GFX files. So all you've got to do is make a new GFX file for SP4. Either copy GFX06 or GFX20, then move the Mega Mole into the same position from GFX20 to GFX06, or move Torpedo Ted tiles from GFX06 into their respective positions in GFX20.

Then just save this as ExGFX and import it into SP4.

Originally posted by Moltz
Princess Bowser/Bowsette fanart is trending like whoa right know, so I felt like drawing again and giving her a shot.

I've seen the memes lately, this is really well drawn and it fits.
Originally posted by zacmario
I'd have to seconded this. I like the vine idea. Maybe blue one could be a p switch activated?

That's what I mean. There is a sprite that reacts when it touches water and then it turns into something else; but if we could have a sprite that changes as soon as you throw it onto the ground but there is a sprite that breaks into another sprite when smashed (altough it should turn into a puff of smoke with different SFX) , anyone could basically make it into a chemical flask/Magic Potion that turns into miracle grow for a plant, a bomb explosion, Sumo fire, Coin Snake, multiple projectiles firing in multiple directions (like a nail bomb). We could use the Pot and have it turn into YI Dynamic Door (v1.1) disguised as two SMASSMB2 doors, but it will only go to a screen exit and not the parallel room or level ending stuff (thus interfering with other screen exits you might want to have on that level).

To take it a step further, when inside vases, all flasks could just break into a puff of smoke, as defined by an invisible sprite in that screen, so people can't spawn doors (and anything else) from Magic Potions when inside the vase. This could also prevent spawning a door in places that you don't want players to warp from.

I always thought the act of picking up a Magic Potion and throwing it in SMB2 was cool, but I'm thinking we can have a dynamic SMASSMB2 style door sprite and so many other things.
If you go to the #lm{16x} 16x16 Tile Map Editor you can copy and paste the muncher block to some of the unused tiles (that you'll see if you scroll down).

Then just make the block act like 130, a cement block. Harmless.

At that point it shall retain the GFX of a muncher while acting like a concrete block.

Then you can go to the #lm{objects} Add Objects window and find the new 16x16 block you created from Direct Map16 Access (Lunar Magic) on the dropdown Window.

Could there be a simple way for the player to swim in lava when either invincible (star) or with a specific power up (flower) in a way that every sprite will still treat it as lava?

I'm thinking since the lava kind of acts like water (albeit it kills you), it might make sense if, when in an invincible state, that the lava continues to harm other sprites, but be possible for Mario to swim in.
I had a dream that I was madly in love with someone, we were cuddling and smiling a lot... then I woke up, which was disappointing. #w{>=(}

With nightmares you can wake up with some relief that it was just a dream, but with happy dreams you can wake up with disappointment that you're not a billionaire in space. #ab{;_;}

I think dreams about being around people and animals you love are the best.
May 29, 1993

Happy birthday Jayfeather & WhiteYoshiEgg!!
Seems like a no-brainer. If it came to it, the situation should empower you to let it happen.

The last I saw of one of my family members alive, they were no longer appearing compos mentis; so dosed up on morphine that they were unconscious, but when they were conscious they were in so much pain that they wanted to get dosed up as quickly as possible again.

It's kind of fortunate that their physical state only enabled them 24 hours of being almost completely incapacitated before they died, otherwise we would have had to put up with them being unconscious for a long time and thinking about when to put an end to their suffering.

Euthanasia should be legal so families and doctors can come to that conclusion. It's not like putting down a pet.
Congratulations! You're a veteran for sure.

Don't worry about how much you think you should have accomplished. Projects will go through phases of inactivity and then spurts of enthusiasm, the great thing is you can just leave it for a while, take a break, then come back to it any time while it's been gathering dust on the shelf.

Nothing is lost, you do it when you want to do it.
Toad. He's small, his voice is annoying and his abilities are usually under-powered (thinking mostly of SMASSMB2).

Who would ever pick Toad? Really.

I found this interesting block recently, basically if you touch it then Yoshi will disappear when you access the next room (screen exit).

From then on you play the level without Yoshi, but when you die or complete, otherwise exit the level, you will retain that Yoshi you had before you went to the next room.

Remove Yoshi upon entering a room by zacmario.
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