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This lockdown is obviously a trying time for mental health reasons.

Domestic disturbance reports went up, as expected, due to people being stuck together in close quarters during this stressful situation.

It's very easy to get bored or feel trapped, even as a social introvert, because of the thought that you can't go outside without a good reason.

I've got anxiety issues, but are very socially extraverted so coming home from work and feeling locked in gets very boring and lonely. I live by myself, so there's no-one to share this quarantine bubble with. I jog alone, eat alone, drive alone, and follow all the guidelines for the good of public health.

It really sucks, but we have to do it to get through this as best we can.

So glad to have a job which makes me go outside.

We have alcohol gel hand sanitiser and latex gloves.

There's people calling in on the radio shows about how bad their employer is responding to the pandemic, that they have no PPE, that they should be furloughed because they're doing nothing but endangering others by being together.

In my job we support retail IT systems, and the retail industry is booming where it sells essentials. Doing what I do helps keep systems online, so card transactions work. It feels good to contribute to society in some way.

Since about 80% of the company were furloughed, it's just me and one other Field Service Technician covering the entire South West England and South Wales.

I'm driving long distances on empty roads and highways, never know what the week will bring or where I'll go, watching places change over time. What I have noticed all over the UK is supermarket queues getting longer, and more people jogging.

The highways are really something, I see people leaning over bridges and just watching the traffic. I thought it was strange, but then from their point of view the motorway must look so weird being empty.

I blame the UK administration for us consistently having the second highest total death count from COVID-19 in the world. They put us through austerity, and after seeing how the virus affected Asia and then Europe, the Prime Minister announced lockdown long after the public wanted it.

Now we're trying to open up again, despite the continuing significant levels of infections and death, and not long ago they conceded it is worthwhile covering your face with material.

Only yesterday we had more deaths from COVID-19 that day than the whole of the EU's 27 countries did put together.

We'll see what happens in 2 weeks. They can always blame people flouting the rules to cause the second peak to come early, rather than government strategy.

Also: Wash your hands, grocery packaging, door knobs, tools, cars, phones, and don't touch your face!

I was playing this game before I could walk, in 1993. Seems like a world away now.

It was and still is one of my favourite all time games. Now I do a bit of 11 exit speedrunning. I emulated it a lot in 16:9, the way god intended.

I had dreams of making my own version of the game someday, and later discovered Lunar Magic. What a great time to be alive.

Hello all. I want us to share some theories of things no-one has definitive answers to.

What's your philosophy? What are your beliefs? What is the point of it all? Is there a point to it all? Why are we here? Where did we come from? How should we live? Very open questions that people would have vastly different answers to.

I'll start by saying what I believe are reasons we should aspire to do things in life, even though it is transient.

Snapchat posts are supposed to be temporary, much like how a sociable moment occurs and passes. Rather than life being like a pile of something that keeps getting added to and grows bigger and bigger, life is more of a stream that passes experiences and we only see them by looking behind ourselves.

Like a brief moment that is worth planning for and then becomes part of your memories, the moment was the point. All of life is a moment, one in which there is no momento to take with you, unless your consciousness follows it. Wouldn't it be great to find out?

Being miserable towards the end of life is like being miserable towards the end of a holiday just because you're going to return home, rather than making the most of it.

We are part of a system with higher systems and lower systems. There's the molecular level, the cellular microbial level, the animal ecology that we fit into, the planetary system, the solar system, the galactic system, the wall of galaxies. We evolved to play our human part of Earth, like cells evolve in you to play their part. We are no more aware of how we unconsciously regenerate our skin, grow our hair, beat our hearts, as we are aware of how we fluctuate the atmospheric pressure to blow the wind, grow the mountains or shine the stars. The universe is one.

It's all going to fall apart in the end, so don't try to hold onto yourself too tightly, just flow with it and enjoy. There's no point holding onto a branch that is falling with you. In Hinduism I've heard that there's a hand gesture that means to say we shouldn't be afraid, because it's all an act.

But what's your philosophy? Do you have any theories on consciousness you'd like to share? I can't figure out why I only see through my eyes and experience my little bit of the universe, rather than experience other nervous systems.

Definitely all these PAL SNES games:

Super Mario World, Super Mario All Stars, The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, and a couple versions of Street Fighter II.

Then many games after that as I grew older.

Gosh don't the years go by quick as you get on. Here's to 20 years of modifying what is a childhood game to many of us. It won't be long before LM is twice the age of some people using it.

I do wonder if the Christmas image import Easter Egg feature will be made into a refined feature we can just use, without secret workarounds. I was able to do some complex GFX rips with it in the past, and it seems like a beta thing that is really useful to have, rather than not have. I think it struggled with greys mostly, so was worked around by changing some colours in the import process.

lmao. I love ideas like this.

Windows ME was a disaster to some, but my first x86 computer ran it and it ran many emulators, so I'll always have a soft spot for anything to do with that.

I'll follow this.

There's a lot of possibilities with what we could do to SMW.

I wonder how LM could level up from this point. A small team working on different parts in a closed source project for v4? Could LM even be stretched a bit (a lot) into editing SMAS levels and overworlds?

I'm sure I heard someone in Discord once saying something about level editors being easy to make in principle, but then if that were true we'd have level editors for all of SMAS.

There might be a SMASSMWCP some day. I did notice LM uses some SMAS sprites in the buttons, so I wonder if this was a mild consideration at one point.

Hello peoples. Do you know what ever happened to the "more OW levels and events" patch? I know there is or was some shortcut for it in Lunar Magic, or is it fully integrated into LM and so doesn't require a separate patch?

I'm trying to see what the current methods are for additional levels on the maps, but most importantly the additional OW events. Maybe I've got it wrong and it's not called "more OW levels and events" at all.

Edit: I found some useful information on GitHub.

LM said I will need my own ASM to actually make use of it. I'm not sure what that means though.

Are there any examples or explanations for what that entails or does it just work out the box?

Originally posted by Ninja Boy

Thank you for that info. I'm merely asking in principle to find the upper limits while outlining some plans. I want to do something very unconventional with regards to exits and maps. 93 levels is probably fine, but I might be keen to work on extra map events a long way down the line.

Since we have a way to up the events passed, and I think there's more ways to trigger them than beating levels, I'd like to get creative with it, rather than use them sparingly.

My name is my given name, it's Irish and means strong wolf, or strong as a wolf.

An adjective with the same spelling (but separate etymology I'm sure) means of or relating to the conus arteriosus (infundibulum) on the heart. I also found out recently it can mean to be shaped line a cone, conic, but that's pronounced cone-al, I'm pronounced con-all.

When I registered I had the cringiest handle. GOTHCLAWZ. I fancied myself a goth and fan of the furry fandom without identifying as a furry. 😂

I don't think anyone is surprised this happened, but it's a big thing to be hospitalised with disease this close to an election.

Did you see his drive-by around the hospital?

These are strange times (overstated). I actually like the facemasks. People will adapt to anything and try to follow the path of least resistance if it means they at least get to do what they were doing before.

If we didn't do lock-down before getting to this level of restrictions, it may feel more strange and draconian, but since we went from full lockdown for 3 months, to gradually doing what we did before albeit one way systems, arrows, chevrons, hand sanitiser, facemasks, it feels like normality has returned.

But don't celebrate too soon. I've been reading on the BBC that it's a cold virus that survives better outside the body best at 4C. The lack of UV rays during winter will also help create ideal virus conditions. So do brace yourselves, because winter is coming and it may very well be pretty bad.

I had this doomsday theory that if we had lockdown during winter which prevented roads from being driven on, and then big snowfall that wasn't being melted away because there's less vehicles on the roads, we could have double disruption and it could really mess up daily life for many.

All the Facebook image links aren't working, citing:
URL signature expired

Anyway, here's Rolo & I.

Happy birthday WhiteYoshiEgg, welcome to the 27 club.

Happy birthday also to Jayfeather and 9th Zentillion, I hope you come back.

Last Bible 3 - Underworld Forest
SMWC⬇️ - YouTube

That's my all time favourite. I'd like to do all the music for my own hacks, but if I do take just one from the site it's this one.

I'm so glad this is going ahead now. Someone had to do it.

Hey, potentially really silly question, but I was working on a level for VLDC11 called "Mint-Berry Crunch", but after developing the visual formulae I made a level design that sucked and I ran out of time trying to make it better.

Would you have any desire to use the look of it for something somewhere? Not as a "level" parse say, but anything else?

It's a lot of fun to have custom GFX, sprites and music in a ROM hack, but it's out of reach for noobs until they've spent a lot of time learning about SMW hacking. These people could be perfectly good level designers, just not familiar with the tools yet.

Why don't we have base ROMs to make it easier for people to make themed hacks?

Few examples:
Megaman Base ROM with all the GFX and ported music from the original, and ported sprites, with a .txt to help explain where everything is addressed and how to access it in Lunar Magic.
All Stars Base ROM, this could be well utilised with SMB X like levels and custom power-ups and example levels.
Sonic The Hedgehog Base ROM. Well, not a lot of custom stuff exists for this yet, but a base ROM can be the point of making new things for others to use. It doesn't even need to have custom sprites or bosses.
You could just have a completely custom drawn and coded base ROM that's not based on any existing game at all.

These base ROMs can be updated over time with new sprites and better optimised content. You could have different collections of assets for the same game, let's say if a base ROM was just SMASSMB2 stuff and had really háčky things like Subspace, without taking up loads of space with unused elements from the rest of SMAS.

The possibilities are endless, really. You give people greater means to start building their hack where they're not just confined to Vanilla. I'd play hacks that use a base ROM since it will be fully customised level design and that's mostly what Vanilla hacks have going for them. People will still want to know how to customise more things in the ROM and there's still motivation to grow as a SMW hacker, it's just they're no longer held back from making a Chocolate hack.

Credits for the base ROM resources can be in .txt for the person using it to insert them into the hack somewhere.

Why wouldn't it be okay to have a base ROM section starter pack for new people to decide early on how to begin their hacking?

You could even literally have a fully customised and original base ROM with your own graphics, original sprites and et cetera for new people to learn with!

I'd contribute for sure.

If you're confident, you can try to fix it with isopropyl alcohol.

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Conal's Profile - Posts by Conal

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