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Yes, i tried that, but when i inserted the second sprite, the first turned into a fuzzy falling from the sky...
You need to insert the sprite in the same list. Not make a new list then insert a sprite.

I want to say you something.
My first hacked game was this whit the lunar magic program.
The first time i open lunar magic i doensn´t know hot to put a single tile.Then i say: "Screw this".Some day i remember lunar magic so i downloaded it again.I have readed the readme and i know hot to put a tile then i deleted all things in level 105.My first level was newbiesh.Then i see on youtube hacks whiit custom sptrites and blocks new GFX and ExGFX.Then I say:"HOW CAN THEY MAKE THAT?" then i search google:SMW HACKING TUTORIALS. Then I entered this site in the documents sections i see almost all then I say:"OMG HERE IS ALL!"
Then I learned how to insert custom blocks and sprites and aply patches.When i play Super Mario Odysey I play mi hack again and say: ... THIS IS BAD...
Then i start my hack again.I have restarted like 5 hacks until I find the NSMB remake GFX.And that´s how i started and I say myself:"The only thing that makes a good hack is the level design not the GFX.
The I learn by miself OW editing the events etc.
Whe i first released my hack it was rated 6.0 the 6.6 then 6.5. I say to myself This is better than much first hack.
Then a virus entered to a computer and my hack was deledet.
Now i am starting a new Hack whit all what i know.
Moral of this story:The time is all

I have got a problem:
How can I fix the plate?

I am 10 not joking 11 december 5th
If mods going to bad me, i don´t care

I can make a Block tool tutorial

What do blue coins do? Is it mikeyk's custom coin block?

No i have just puted blue coins XD lol
Yoshis palete umm... what is wrong?
Does somebody know a god screen recorder because I have the Tut but the quality is BAD!

I have 1 Question and is simple:
How can i make the poinson mushrom come out of a block like in New Super Mario Bros Remake

Edit: Got it thanks someone can close this

Mi name is...

Originally posted by my name

1205 means my birthday

Originally posted by Lancelot074
NVM found out how to do it

Go to the documents section and search a ExAnimation Tutorial.

If you don´n understand then Send me a PM

Originally posted by Boing
I already helped him via PM. :P

Ahh at least i don´t need to write :P

You must go to event editor mode then press page up the events show up delete them then make your events whit the number you want.

And do certain event numbers have to be assigned to cetain levels?

Yes, when a castle or switch palace destroyed is a event.