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y tis stickeed?

My signature.

I was thinking of helping you guys out, but I have a really big question that really doesn't recommend anything, rather receives a recommendation (ahaha see what I did there): Can I use a track from the music section? Personally, I just love the SMW soundfont, lol.

Edit: Just realized I was ninja'd by DPBOX. The question still stands, however.

Originally posted by jellybean
Too bad, i can't download it, it contains a virus for my laptop.

If you disable your antivirus, it should be fine. It's not a virus at all. Lol

I've really been wanting to show this tileset to you guys for a while now, but anyway, it's part of the level, so enjoy.


I'm not done yet--but I'm getting there. Especially with the bosses:


(second image is not part of the level, but of a previous work that I'm recycling the boss out of)
And yes, (the above boss that I'm not spoiling so you actually look at it lol) has cutscenes! Surprise surprise!

For those who really think I'm farfetched with the first boss, I know what I'm doing. Don't worry. It involved invisible SMB2 bombable rocks for a boss HP bar at first, but now, considering that none of the other bosses in this project will have an HP bar, I'll just stick to a Mother Brain for this one.

Just so you know, I'm flat out serious with every word I'm saying here. It might take a month or so, but boy will it be worth it.

Oh right, the difficulty. It'll be difficult, but it won't be as hard as the dark world should be.

Originally posted by S.N.N.
Gorgeous tileset! I can tell just by what you've written here that you know what you're doing when it comes to this engine, and I really can't wait to see where you go with it.

Aww, thanks, SNN! #smw{^_^}

Originally posted by Din
I'd say try to stay away from a boss HP bar. That's an addition that probably would be a bit inconsistent with the other bosses present, and seems to be in there more to say, "Look what I can do!" than to serve a real, practical purpose. It's cool if you want to stretch the engine a bit, but don't overdo it just to impress people, alright?

Hmm... alright. I understand where you're coming from, and I agree with the fact that it'll be unfitting. I guess I'll stick to a layer-attached Mother Brain, then, like with most custom bosses. That should make things way easier. Thanks for the advice, Din!

That said, the screenshots look superb, and knowing your other works I can only expect good things from this. Keep it up.




KRtDL Remix

Title: Vs. Heavy Lobster

Unfortunately I cannot provide an SPC since this is originally DS music and not SNES music, though the boss itself did originate on the SNES.

Please make it sound as close as possible to either of the videos.

I've gotten quite a bit of progress (new screens probably tomorrow), but first... okay. Would you mind if I split this up into 7 levels? If that was a bit blatant I'm sorry LOL. If you need this to be only one level, I could try to shorten it a little bit.

Originally posted by Lui37
Originally posted by SilverDeoxys563

I can pick this one if you want. I'm going to assume you want it sampled, since you said that it should be as close as possible to the original, though what I'd like to know is which specific Addmusic you're using (K, 4.05 or M), so I can give you a compatible version.

Actually, I'd prefer it not sampled (weird right). When I said "as close as possible to the original," I forgot to specify that I wanted the original SMW instruments, lol. It might sound weird to you, but I'm actually quite fond of the original instruments. I'm pretty sure it can still be pulled off, however.

-custom music missing

-custom graphics missing



Why not have it all in one zip/rar file? Of course you're going to want both the music and the level file if you're downloading this level.

Originally posted by Cesar the FoxWolf
Here's a good idea, why not chiptune remixes from the Snes Mario games for retro styled levels?(I'm pretty sure you can use custom tiles in SMBX per map pack)
Here's some stuff I Whipped up!





MAAAN, those are amazing. I could probably sneak in a few 8-bit levels here and there. Too bad you wouldn't be able to use the second one though.

Originally posted by "TRS"
In related news, have a thing: a thing

I just have to say, although the grass really looks amazing, it doesn't fit with anything else (pretty sure you knew though).

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Guess this project will have to do without any contribution of mine. (oh noes)

oh noes oh noes wat due wee duuuu?!?!

On an unrelated note, this might be useful for the world map:

Still need a respone for ^
Also thinking about doing 8 levels for this just because I don't want to copy the whole game completely

In the meantime, while I prepare more screenshots and a demo...


To be completely honest with you that was one of the easiest cooler things I've ever done. Just saying.

So I've been asking about this on the IRC, and it seems to me you don't need a specific version of AM to insert a track. So my first question is, why does it matter as of right now?

My send question is that it depends (I'm kinda new to this)--is AM 4.05 easy to everyone or is this just a few people saying? If the easiness of 4.05 is a held public opinion, go for 4.05. If not, do K because it's apparently the best except for some bugs.

I'm not exactly a foodie, but when I do eat I'd really want it to taste good so I can enjoy myself. I agree with the guy above me when he talks about eating out, because that's always fun since I hardly ever get a chance to.

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