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There were some PC-only games, and some that were on both PC and consoles, buuut mostly console-only I'd say. Sorry for the (too) late answer, I've been too scatterbrained this time around... #ab{x_x}

But that doesn't mean I forgot the contest ended today or anything, so with no further ado, here are the results!

PlaceUsernamePointsSolo-guessesGame guessesFranchise guesses
1stBlue Leaf34,75pts7☆31◎1◇
2ndVic Rattlehead17pts1☆16◎2◇
8thAmos Defamos7pts0☆6◎4◇
9thSMW green man6pts0☆5◎4◇

Blue Leaf was the last person to submit their guesses, and good is it that they did too. Truly stealing the thunder of the show, bravo! And most certainly a mighty hooray for the other winners as well - Vic Rattlehead and Gloomier. \o/
A honorary mention goes out to Halzyn who was as close to tying with 3rd place as could've been the case without actually doing so. :'3

For a grand overview of what tracks came from what games, who got what right (or semi-right) and whatnot, have a looksie over here!

...much like last time, I am still pretty human-ish, so I may have made mistakes in dealing out marks (and thus the Excel-formulas breaking pointage), so feel free to throw corrections my way if any errors are spotted.

Congratulations to the winners! I'll be contacting them by PM by the end of the day to sort out prizes, and really now, thanks to all twelve of you participants for joining in the spectacle. It's been a pleasure reading your guesses/answers, and watching the upset in placements as time went on.

Best wishes to all, have a great week~!
オンバット~ ♥
Originally posted by K.T.B.
Darn, I actually briefly considered checking MK8's OST, but I sort of assumed that you wouldn't use songs from the same game twice after the last one.

Fufuh, I know I probably should have gone for a lot more new titles rather than just picking new things from old ones, bu-u-ut to be honest I was seriously running out of fresh suggestions. Were it not for that, this would probably have been another 100+ track mish-mash... Ah well, next time'll be different perhaps. #ab{:P}

Originally posted by K.T.B.
Out of curiosity, what was the specfic song you had originally for #4?

It was supposed to be "Rumba of Love". Hmmph, when I searched earlier, I couldn't (easily) find a decent-quality version to replace the ruddy original with, yet now I find one as first Google-result. Ah well, I'm happier with the replacement tune personally. #ab{¬_¬}
オンバット~ ♥
Happy Birthday to you, Ersanio! ...yeah I've sort of ran out of inspiration over the years to come up with something even semi-original anymore, I guess. I still care though, so let's just take a brief glance back at a relic in reminiscence of the olden days. #w{:>}
Hope you may have a fantaaastic day! \o\
オンバット~ ♥
Oh yes, right you are! I've edited that into the results now, sorry about that. Guess I was so occupied with giggling all over the place when reading through your answers, that legitimate mention flew straight past me somehow.
Thanks for pointing it out!
オンバット~ ♥
Ohoh, just because I'm not logging in, it doesn't mean I'm not visiting at least once just about every single day!! This comes to mind.
Either way, thank you so very much Ersanomnom, for still remembering and for the best wishes. It's been a nice day, and seeing this put a definite smile on my face. #w{:>}
オンバット~ ♥
Whoa, and even though I didn't get around to doing any campaigning (or even voting, oops) this year... A most heartfelt thank-you to those who voted for me, I'll be sure to try not to disappoint. First order of business: returning to my ever-present, scarcely-active state. I've got over a solid decade's worth of experience mostly spent on lurking around here now, so it can't be that hard to keep up the, ahem, "good work". Suh-weet! ♪

Congrats to all the other winners as well (in categories both sweet and not-so-neat, why not)!
オンバット~ ♥
Another year, another birthday on which occasion I'll happily extend a "Happy Birthday"-greeting to a certain coolio fellow whose username ends with -rsanio.

I know we're just barely into the wee first hours of this most special day but still; Haaappy Birthday to yooou, Ersanio²!! I wish you a most goodlyful one! C:
Keep on nomming on, heeeckie yeah~ ♬
オンバット~ ♥
Sounds cool! I have no prior experience with Pokémon Showdown, but I'd like to try participating in this - if only to inevitably make easy pickings for someone else. Should still be a fun experience! #ab{¬_¬}
Seeing as I've now settled on a team composition, I can finally proclaim that Sneasel is my favourite Pokémon. Such a shame that it's banned from this format... #ab{:[}
オンバット~ ♥
Egads! I knew there was something about my usual birthday routine that felt a little off; turns out the whole "checking the SMWC birthday thread" part was the missing puzzle-piece! #ab{>_<} Good on y'all for making a bit of fuss about it, and Amos in particular for kickin' it off. #smrpg{<3}

Thanks a lot for each and every good-wishings I received, 'twas a fair day through-and-through~ #ab{:D}

And aww, Ersaaaaan. #ab{^^;;;} How'm I gonna top something so gloriously 'n flatteringly "random and weird" come your time next year, huh?! Guess I'll have to think of sooomething; you can trust me not to forget THAT occasion at least, even if I somehow forgot my own. Promise! #smw{:peace:}

And lest we forget... uhh, happy birthday to all those who'd happen to have their birthday today yet remain unlisted in the opening post, you're the true lurky winners!! 8>
オンバット~ ♥
* Tokiko took on head honcho idol!

idol won 2-0! Time for me to resume hibernation... Best wishes to the rest of ya!

Good matchery, I knew joining this event would be fun 'n worthwhile no matter the outcome. #smrpg{:3}
オンバット~ ♥
Ersaaaaanomnom!! Already solidly past the quarter-point to a century, remaining my elder by a bit more than half a year... and I've known you for, like, somewhat more than a decade of it all? Crazy, isn't it! #ab{:[}

Well whoa, wishing you a Happy Birthday like the rest of 'em gone previous, you still surely deserve nothing less for all your efforts. :) Have a sumptuous face, or... hopefully at least some pastries of similar qualities!
オンバット~ ♥
Wasshoi!! It's been a pretty good birthday, no complaints - and this year I remembered to check this thread sooner than several weeks later. òvó

Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes, Ersanio 'n Amos!! ♬
Edit: And to Katerpie as well!! #tb{:j}

Even though it's basically become an ever ongoing tradition, it's equally positively surprising each passing year to see your timely birthday wishes, Ersan!! :P It means aplenty to me, and I hope that your interest-pursuits nowadays and forwards into the future are fulfilling and intriguing for you to keep busying yourself with. òwó7 (Big spooks oooo?!?!)

Thanks for the heads-up, I'm so inactive I don't get along with the times, consarn it... it's not as good of an effect now as it used to be, but it'll have to do. #w{:>}
オンバット~ ♥
First off, my birthday is: October 1, 1992

Oh, egads! Another May 25th's come by as far as my time-zone's concerned, and it just so happens to be one of those "it's Ersan's birthday!" kind of affairs... golly, one of the more remarkable days of the year right there, every time! :)

Well-well, what can I say but-- Happy Birthday to'cha Ersanio, you W A C K Y individual, you!! #lm{pal}
Hope you had (or will have) a fantastic day! ♪
オンバット~ ♥
Oh, nice catch - whoops! Well, if updates are automatically scrounged up as well;

October 1, 1992
オンバット~ ♥
Oh-em-gee, the tradition just keeps going strong!! Thanks a heckathlon for taking the time off your busy-ness schedule to wish me such birthdayery, Ersanio -- and for your birthday wishes as well, 7 Up and IDKAGN!! #w{:>} 'twas a wondrous day indeed, filled with familial gathering and pizza-dinner and overall good stuff. Sweets, gifts, good times and merriment all accounted for!! #w{<3}
オンバット~ ♥
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Tokiko's Profile - Posts by Tokiko

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