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Tip: Yoshi wings take you to level C8 or 1C8. Which one you get depends on the overworld level you're in.Not logged in.
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One of the things the patch does is make the piranha plant use SP4 for the stem GFX (the same tile used by the upside-down plant's stem in the underground tilesets). You can fix this by using a GFX file with the stem there (GFX04 in the original) or by changing the patch. Add the following:
org $01FFD7	;x101D7, makes Classic Piranha Plants use the first graphics page
db $0A		;0B

org $01FFCC	;x101CC, makes Upside-Down Piranha Plants use the first graphics page
db $0A		;0B

to your patch and use a GFX file that overwrites the fish with a stem in SP1. This will also move the upside-down plant's stem so you don't need two stem tiles.
The Second Reality Project Reloaded
First hack I played was Super Mario TKO. I'd found ProtonJon's videos on youtube, and I decided that TKO actually looked worth trying. Imagine my surprise when I found a whole site dedicated to SMW hacking...
Okay, if I understand correctly, you want to make it so that Mario enters a level on the overworld and appears on a submap after the level, right?

I don't know if there's a glitch that does that, but this and this sprite pack each include one that will end the level and warp Mario to a new overworld location.

This block will do something similar.

Hope that helps!
My guess is that TSRPR just hits every point about hack quality. It's finished, so no 'Will I ever find out how it ends?' problem. It's a full-length hack with more exits (117) than even SMW itself. It includes custom blocks, sprites, music, and ASM (I have to say, that 'warp to new submap' trick really impressed me). Finally, it has an original story- no rescuing the princess, you're fighting off an invasion from another dimension! Combine this with the fact that it's had forever to get famous- the original was released before LM was even finished, if memory serves- and you get a hack that, while only adequate, is adequate in every area, unlike a lot of hacks that really shine in one way but lack in the others.
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
I agree with Supertails. My favorite type of secret exit is where it's set up like with Donut Plains 1's secret exit- it's an alternate path, sure, but there's still some content (Donut Secret 1, and consequently the whole secret area you can get to from there) to reward you if you find it after the main exit. Switch palaces just beg to be placed past a secret exit, as well.

Secret exits that are just straight shortcuts have their place, too, though. It gives someone replaying the game an option- do I follow the normal path, or try to race through in record time? Obviously, this is more of a concern to people making real games, where replay value tends to be higher than with hacks.

One cool idea, which I haven't seen often, is to use the 'secret' exit as simply another exit. In The Tale of Elementia, for instance (Hi, Supertails!), there's a level presented as a crossroads. A message block tells you that one path will lead to one route through the world, while the other leads to another route. Neither is secret, they're just two equal options. Keytastrophe has something similar, where you visit one level twice- the second time you've unlocked an ability that lets you find the other exit and continue the world.

Just my overanalyzed two cents.
Actually, that doesn't work. Any tiles drawn where the Yoshi Coin counter goes are replaced with blank tiles in-game (although the Yoshi Coin tiles will use the same pallette as what you put there, but I digress).

What you want is a hex edit:

Originally posted by Rom Map
x11E7 - Tile used on the status bar when there's no Yoshi coin in that spot.

Insert your 8x8 tile and change x11E7 from FC to whatever tile you added (for instance, changing it to '00' will make 0's appear to represent missing Yoshi Coins).
Well, it's kind of a kludged fix, but you should be able to put this in the level_init_code.asm file under the level you want to change:
	STA $1420

where XX is the number of coins you want to subtract from the required number (for example, 01 will make it so you need four yoshi coins for the level, 02 will make you need three, etc).

There are two catches: first, the coin indicators on the status bar won't vanish when you collect all of the coins unless you use this:
	LDA $1422
	BNE Return
	STZ $1422

in level_code.asm for your level (YY is the number of coins you want to require). Second, that init code doesn't play nice with sublevels: any time you re-enter the main level, you'll lose your yoshi coins. There's probably a more graceful solution, but I don't have the ASM knowledge to find it.

And in time it took me to work that out, two people replied.
You could use the 'shoot from slanted pipe right' option under main or secondary entrances if you don't mind the player flying right. If you just want the player to pop straight up, you'll have to use a custom sprite: this sprite by Sonikku includes the 'jump up' entrance along with a couple of others.
This patch allows the use of both the raccoon powerup and the cape in the same hack. If you want to use it, however, you'll also want either the Mario ExGFX patch if you make it impossible to carry one powerup to a level with the other or the the Separate Luigi etc. graphics patch if you intend to make it possible to have either one in any level. The patch's readme should answer any other questions.

If you're ambitious, there's also Bio's PowerTool (found in Bio's filebin). It could also be used to have both powerups (along with others), but it's currently in beta and comes with no guarantee of stability.
Easy enough.

Originally posted by ROM Map
x11E7 - Tile used on the status bar when there's no Yoshi coin in that spot.

Insert your 8x8 tile of the outline graphics into one of the GFX files used in the status bar and change x11E7 from FC to whatever tile you added (for instance, changing it to '00' with the default graphics files will make 0's appear to represent missing Yoshi Coins).
Originally posted by DonnyKD
I have to ask a question: How exactly, do I use PowerTool so I can pick out specific powerups?

Like, I would only want Super Mario, Fire Mario, Raccoon Mario, and Hammer Mario?

Well, you could probably remove the pointers to those powerups from the main ASM files, but since I'm lazy, I would just install all of the powerups and not include the powerup sprite for anything you don't want to use. Same as if I made a hack without capes; the cape code is still in the game, I just never gave the player a feather. Hope that makes sense. The only reason not to do it this way is if you're worried about running out of space in your ROM, which takes a lot of work to do.

In case you're not clear, by the way (since this confused me too at first), the actual powerup sprite is the GenericPowerup included with the tool. You have to make a copy for each different powerup you want, with 'POWERUP = $04' at the top changed to the number of whichever powerup you want it to give you.
Reznor's graphics are on GFX 25. If you want the colors, too, they're the last row (pallate F) with "Sprite Pallate 2" selected in the Pallate menu. His platform's graphics are on the same page and use pallate 9 (the standard greyscale).
I think this is what you want:
Originally posted by ROM Map
0AD63 $01:AB63 1 byte Misc. Value that determines what to give the player for bouncing on 8 or more enemies consecutively. Change to [07] to give the player 8000 points instead of a 1up for the consecutive jumps.

Here are the different options you can choose, straight from the ROM map:
00 = 100
01 = 200
02 = 400
03 = 800
04 = 1000
05 = 2000
06 = 4000
07 = 8000
08 = 1up
09 = 2up
0A = 3up
0B = 5up (may glitch)

I can't check right now, but I think that will also affect multiple enemies hit with a shell. Hope that helps.
One of these patches is the flutter jump being demonstrated in the video. It doesn't allow you to only flutter once per jump, but there's enough delay before the next flutter begins that you'd need to jump from a really high place to do it twice.
It doesn't matter what's going on in the level when you make the save state. YY-CHR just gets the palette information, so as long as you're in the level you want the colors from, you'll be fine. You can export the palette from LM instead, just go to Palette -> Open palette (*.pal) instead.

By the way, thanks Nariofan for finally clearing up what the heck that icon actually is.
To my knowledge, there's no good fix for that. The way that the mushroom block in SMW works is that the sprite generates the block at its current position, and the game isn't equipped to track multiple blocks in a single layer at once (This isn't just SMW, an unused musroom block in SMA4 has the same problem; see it around the three minute mark here)

If you wanted to accurately emulate the SMB2 mushroom block, you'd have to use a sprite. The problem with this is that you'd get slowdown very quickly as those blocks come onscreen. I'm not sure how SMB2 did it.

The last option is to make your level entirely on level 2. You'd lose background (unless you made it with layer 3), but the mushroom block wouldn't overwrite anything.
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