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No-one said Invader Zim?!?!?!?!?!?!

Count me in.
It's sort of odd how these things work. A brony friend of mine showed me an ENTIRE SUBREDDIT of r34 pony-dom. It's called ClopClop.
*Go to Church
*Play Tennis
*Read some more
*Play some sort of game
I'm only thirteen, but I wish I was more into music when I was younger. I've played Piano since I was five (my mom teaches me), Drums since I was 10ish and Bass for the last couple months or so. When I was younger, I didn't have a creative outlet to spread these instruments to, so all my talent was wasted. I was raised on lots of Christian music and 80's pop/soft rock. I now listen prog/grunge and take drum lessons from a hair metal drummer, which helps me when playing heavier songs.
Since there is already a list of level hacks, we need to show some love to the improvement hacks also!

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

Castlevania II Annoyance Fixes - tkempkes
3 ips files that remove the false floors, horrible night dialog and doubles heart values.

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger Bugfix - ManuLowe
Fixes a lot of the text to make the game make more sense. Helped me out a lot.


F-Zero Tracks Unlocked - smkdan
Allows all of the tracks to be unlocked from the start.

Final Fantasy

Final Facelift - Goongyae
Great improve that retranslates and restores the game to what it should have been.

Final Fantasy++ - Grond
Redoes the graphics and adds new maps, while also correcting the class system.

Final Fantasy I-4 - Egadd
Based off of Final Facelift, this improvement redoes most of the spells and includes a 6th spell name slot.

Final Fantasy IV

FF2 Modernization Hack - SirRob
Similar to Goongyae and my hack, this changes armor, spell, weapon and other names.

FF4 Magic Plus - Deathlike2
Adds usability to Sight and Dispel.

Kirby's Adventure

Kirby's Adventure UFO Fix - Dizzy9
Lets you keep UFO after a level is done.

Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen

Ogre Battle Army Balancing Mod - FinS
Too much for me to describe. In his words
Originally posted by FinS
This mod makes the previously undervalued units useful and adds a new class to the witch line which she can promote to at level 15 then she can use an undead ring to become a sorceress. The mage now promotes with an undead staff. Many attacks have been changed to make the game more enjoyable. Vampyre now uses an evil ring attack, the top dragons have three area of effects from the back row, the Cockatris keeps the Gryphon’s gale and has the petrify up front. All top level beasts now have 4 front row attacks and their resistances have been increased. Giants and Golems now have a normal chain of promotion just like the other characters. Evil ones, Muses, Beast Masters, Dragoners, Dragon Masters and Tigermen all get an extra attack up front. All four lords have been improved. Generals and Dragoons have 3 back row attacks because they are g d heros man. The only reduction is to the Lich which has 2 for balance, he is still the most powerful character in game. The goal is to make any character good enough to be valuable at the end of the game. I tried not to adjust too many stats or change anything unnecessarily but only to improve the characters in need. Included is a reference guide with all the important stats.


Ogre Battle v.1.02 - red_bird
Tweaks genders, job trees and stat growth.


Pokemon Red: Dark and Steel Types - Koolboyman
Overhauls the matchup system to include Dark and Steel types.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Knuckles and Tails - SonicHalloween
Has Tails follow Knuckles around like he does Sonic.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic 1 Spindash - Esrael
Adds Spindashing.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic 2 Delta II - Esrael
The Sonic 2 version of SMW Beta. This includes all of the original Zones, along with adding Sonic 3 graphics, a ring counter showing you how many remain, and Knuckles! A must have.

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. DX - flamepanther
Overhauls all of the graphics to reflect SMB3 standards.

Super Mario World

Super Mario World: Graphics Hack - peter_ac
Like DX, replaces all of the graphics to SMB3 GFX.

Feel free to add more to the list!
Among other things... *ahem*
Ahndore - conj.
-to refer to the fact that the event/action may happen with or instead of another event/action.
I haven't looked at our budget, but our wedding will have a DJ ahndore catering.

Excerpt from Webster's Dictionary version Beta 2013.
Is it just me or did Chuck's avatar get nuked.
Because I see a empty void, void of everything, because it a void.
The other day I found a copy of the Star Fox 2 beta for the SNES. It was absolutely excellent. It included whole areas of exploration (small areas), Star Wolf, an Arwing walker, Star Fox Command-like mission mode (though much much better), Andross (as Andorf), space station exploration and near 3D environments (using the Super FX 2 chip). It was great!
Who else has played this?
Yeah, and I slapped the Aeon Genesis translation/bugfix on it.
Not exactly. Rhythm doesn't have it in each syllable. Young has o and u as the vowels. Y is a consonant that makes the yeuh sound. Y changes it's sound depending on whether the word needs it to be a vowel or not.

Here are two links to back me up.
Don't you have IE on your computer?
If you're on a Mac, don't you have Safari (I don't know this)
Originally posted by TRS
Originally posted by Egadd
Not exactly. Rhythm doesn't have it in each syllable.

It sounds like it though. The m in rhythm is pronounced like "-em".

I was meaning there isn't a y in each syllable. The -thm gets along just fine by itself (though thinking back I realize that this really doesn't make sense.)
what is this i dont even
Seriously, what is going on here?
Two more years of misery until this revolutionary layout comes out.
Originally posted by DaxterSpeed
Oh and to the "europeans" in this thread, you seriously need to teach yourself some geography. All maps clearly state that America is not only the biggest country, but also the greatest and most free country. "europe" doesn't even exist on a normal map (proof <- like you can't even see "europe" on this world map).

Ermm... America is the third largest country. The largest is...
COMMUNIST PRC!!!!!!!!!(China)
I made two.
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