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tattle 2: electric boogaloo
tattle 3: with a vengeance
I'm waiting to see what the trade-in rate for a 3ds is, I'd honestly like a new 3ds but really don't have the money to spend on one, and getting a solid $100+ off the price might be worth it. Not even sure I'd get that much for it.

Other than that, felt like a stop-gap to me. Not a lot of stuff that felt "big," other than the brief MM3D clips.
grieve my tome and go ahead with a bonk
when's mahvel?

the hype is real though, melee for 3rd year in a row, mahvel made it back (jwong steal my heart again), KI last year really surprised me with how good it was, some animu games (prob won't watch), mortal kombat x will at least be interesting, sm4sh getting a major tourney right off the bat, and then the super new tekken 7 with solo play over tag!

sooo good
rally wink latukas unless someone says otherwise
rally wink again?
I find SMB3's level design frustrating and its physics slippery. I prefer SMW far more, it's frankly just a more interesting game imo
Honestly SMWC was a huge part of my younger teenage years but I'm straying from it as I'm becoming more of a prominent smash player and such. To think that I'm about to turn 16 when I was only 13 when joining here is crazy. However, I'd still be interested in joining these, it's a good reason to keep coming back.
been a while, turning 16 ^_^

happy bdays to tcdw and Alex Zerdax as well!
miss the dank story that used to be in WoI but these are likely a lot simpler to make lol

many keks, do another
dalek - absence

for whatever reason I got a negro necro nekros dl first, and while it was good it didn't feel as noisy as I wanted it to be. absence is straight noise-hop, in a sense the death grips of boom-bap. the production is "tight" as in it mostly sounds like my computer crapping out and while mc dalek is only ok he has some good lines and he fits in well with the production.
finally beat Super Mario 64 yesterday. I got like 30 stars within the last couple days and I might end up going for 120, I dunno. have something like 82 at the moment.

also pretty close to beating banjo-kazooie. I thought I was covered even though I didn't do a lot in click clock woods, and while I had enough notes to get through the last door, I was short a few jiggies. I picked up 3 more from freezeezy peak, and I think the one on top of the entrance should be enough to finish the final painting if only I could actually reach it ;_; I'll figure it out eventually. will probably pick up donkey kong 64 after this, I might end up hacking my wii so I can play it on my tv in my room.
Butthole Surfers - first EP

there's a time to fuck, and there's a time to crave, but the shah sleeps in lee harvey's grave

prob their best work other than locust abortion technician
my bloody valentine - isn't anything

essential shoegaze, haven't listened to this album all the way through in forever though. I prob need to get a mbv shirt, maybe one with the you made me realise cover on it that would be dope
Originally posted by Quizler
If you're emulating using the Wii, I'm pretty sure donkey kong 64 can't be emulated on it, I've tried. It never had a VC release either, so you can't just pirate that. I love the game, so I'm excited for the vc release on Wii U so I can finally play it again since my brother always steals the game and expansion pack from me.

Originally posted by MolSno
Yeah from what I've heard, the N64 emulator on Wii is pretty awful. I remember looking at a list of what it could emulate and pretty much the only thing it could emulate perfectly was SM64. You might want to find another way to play DK64.

ye it sucks, the emu never really got past alpha. bk works ok but I know for a fact that sm64 has awful slowdown. w/e I'll play it on my computer

not a lot else. have put about 35 hours into final fantasy iv. game was fun but end of game grinding sucks, especially since a lot of the final enemies can one-shot your party with the right rng. I've gone to some smash tournaments, last one I went to got 1st in pm and 3rd in melee iirc
I haven't played a lot of Bethesda, and I wasn't too fond of Skyrim, but this looks pretty great. Lots of depth that we've come to expect from, it def looks like a game that I can sink a ton of hours into.
damn, haven't been in here in a while

finally beat final fantasy IV, took about 53 hours or so. I figured out a little way to make grinding easier so I cut down my final dungeon grinding to about 6 or 7 hours or so. after that the final dungeon was basically tedium, I'd figure out the strategies for each encounter and just auto-battle my way to the end. Zeromus took a few tries (and it's hella annoying to get back to him because if you die you have to trek through 45 min of dungeon) but I eventually got him. the ds version is designed to be played multiple times to get all the extra augments, but I highly doubt I'm going to go through all of that again. pulled my old gba out after that and picked up golden sun for the rest of exam week, fun stuff.

been trying out emulation on the wii, it's actually going pretty well. wiisx actually works ok, so I've been getting my badly-ported 2d fighter fix with stuff like capcom v snk, street fighter alpha 3 (alpha 2 sadly won't load ;_;), guilty gear (runs really nicely because it was made for psx), jojo's bizarre adventure, king of fighters 98, etc.

other than that, summer sale stuff. I played through metal slug 3 for the first time and it's super fun, def need to try msx because that looks really fun too. tried some guns of icarus as well and it's pretty good. managed to beat kof98 on my computer, it runs super nice, basically arcade-perfect. got some other stuff as well, looks fun.
Sausage, Pork are Meats
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