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How about a D&D type game? Someone (probably me) acts as the Dungeon Master and 6 or 7 people sign up. The players roll up some characters (with classes and item lists and all that crap, but simpler) and we start a quest. The players level up along the way, and fight bosses and such. I'm not sure what genre it will be (Fantasy? Steampunk? Futuristic? Superhero? Modern-Day?) but the same thing applies to them all.
How does this sound?
Ah, my favs are

Melee: Cap Falcon, Dr. Mario, Fox
Brawl: Mr. GW, Ness, Ike, Bowser
I'll sign up. I'll send the tech and stats to you sometime in the next 24h.

EDIT: Welp, it looks like no-one is signing up, so...
Fat chance is sarcasm, slim chance is literal.
U.S.:Land of the unemployed and uneducated masses.
Greetings from sunny Florida and the now finished NACC (look it up)! I now have free wi-fi, so I'll upload...

Update: Fixy Fixy Fixy Fixy Fixy! Thx a bunch yogui!Third-2
If I recall correctly from a certain history book(1), there is a wheel of time that flows throughout the ages. Each age is different from the last, and eventually the cycle will repeat itself. I predict that another Civil War will happen not due to slavery, but due to the stupidity of President Obama/Romney. Woo.

(1)- The Eye of the World - Robert Jordan
1. What do you think of Apple as a company?
Apple's big idea is the enforcement of (as my dad puts it) "the ecosystem" of Apple products. Considering their first commercial was a big thing on 1984, their policy sure is quite the Big Brother. I've seen my dad work, and the annoyance when hooking up a MacBook to a projector gets on both of our nerves.

2. What do you think about Apple's products?
I am personally a Windows user, and I prefer Windows because I can get around my environment easily and restrict free. Apple's idea is to take out anything the casual user wouldn't use to streamline everything. This is bad for everybody who actually likes to tinker with comps.

3. If you dislike Apple, its products, or both, why?
I can't stand them because of their inaccessibility to Windows and Linux users along with the Big Brother-like approach to products.

Originally posted by Assorted Users

iTunes is pretty sucky, and if I didn't have a niceish laptop my comp would constantly crash due to the 50% CPU USAGE!!!!!11! But the alternative: Winamp? #w{x(}
Psychonauts is one of the best examples, though the inclusion in the Indie Bundle V and free in Xbox Arcade gave it some love. Grim Fandango is the first 3D point-and-click adventure (I think) and one of the best. It's also the reason LucasArts doesn't do Adventure titles anymore. Both of these, and other things made by Tim Schafer tend not to get love.

But my fav is Elite Beat Agents. It was an amazing game with rhythm tapping and sliders (like osu! but on the DS). It was about a group of agents who danced to songs to help people, characterized by Manga illustrations. It was funny, catchy, and is one of the only games where I have gotten every single thing possible.
I leyex Sawnix 20006. IT's so hipsters i luv luv luv it! has hot squirel on princes action!

Edit: Lllllleevel UP!
where is the secretz forumz? is it a secret?
Oh, and happy 10,000th, Max!
*prepares for hate mail*
I've seen some parents let their kids play CoD and the kids are alright (and these kids are few and far between) but giving your CREDIT CARD to a kid is Fresh, Organic, Medium-Rare Stupidity straight from the farm.
Killing in the Name (by Rage Against the Machine) was actually a effort for people to vote for George Bush later that month. The baskmasked message "Join the church, love God, and vote for Bush" can be heard during the "F*** you, I won't do what you tell me!" outro.
Skyward Sword: Joining the peanut gallery, I must admit I played it once at a Target, and the motion controls made me want to blow my brains out.

Super Mario Sunshine: I dunno, it was too hard last time I played it. I need to go back to it.

TLOZ:Four Swords: Yawn. Boring level design, along with the whole level system.

Sonic Adventure: This is a more recent one, but I loved SA2 and Sonic Heroes, so Sonic Adventure seemed like a natural choice. It was, however, so bad it's good, by today's standards.

Skyrim: This is when I realized I hate RPGs (except for Earthbound).

Ico: Too weird.

Starcraft...when I played the free play. When I played the story, it was AAAAAMAAAAZZZZZIZNGGGGG! And then my dad laughed at me for actually playing the story of a RTS.
I'm not sure how it would play on a SNES...(but I really don't understand EEPROMs so...)
I found out it gets even better on harder difficulties. More levels and stuff.
Oh I got another one. Wario Land 3 is one of the only games I've ever bothered going until the end with. The gameplay can get tedious, but the puzzles are top-notch.
I've never played it, but Beyond Good and Evil is supposed to be great (according to my dad).
Arkham Asylum and Force Unleashed got only "good" reviews in GameInformer. I played each constantly until the end, best games at the time.
Super Meat Boy is really fun, even with the extreme difficulty.
The Sly games are really fun, though the first is just Metal Gear Spyro. The second blew me away though, with the unique gameplay and interesting story.
You do realize the only way to find out is to kill all three!
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Egadd's Profile - Posts by Egadd

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