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Hello, my name is Danny.

Ever since I was young, Super Mario World had always been one of my favorite video games. When I first started the game, I was really bad at it. I once had 50 game overs and still could not beat Yoshi's Island 1 or 2! However, as I practiced, I became more and more skilled at it. After a few months, I was eventually able to complete the entire game. (The level "Tubular" was pretty annoying, and I had a lot of trouble trying to complete it. It was the only time in my life when a video game had made me cry.)

When I was in sixth grade, I met several people who loved Mario games. One of my teachers, Eliza, loved Super Mario World, and I guided her through most of the game! My friend Fred (this is not his real name, since "Fred" is paranoid about his real name posted online) really liked the game as well, so I also guided him through the entire game. After some time, he was just as good as me!

When I was young, I always thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice if there was a level editor for Super Mario World?" Well, my dream came true. In 2004, I discovered this wonderful program called Lunar Magic. I've played through some fan-made levels, and they were so fun. I'm still a n00b at ROM hacking, but I hope to become a 1337 h4x0r in the future. :)

Anyways, I've been checking out this site for some time, and I've finally decided to register. I hope that this will be a great learning experience!

I just finished the Pandemonium Fortress hack and I'm wondering if it's only a demo. The hacks page does not list it as a demo, but the game is rather short and there is a large area on the world map (including a ghost house and several fortresses) that seems inaccessible.
Wow, this looks really exciting. I just finished the first installment of Pandemonium Fortress, and I can't wait for the second one! :D

(By the way, you might want to test your hack for glitches before releasing, since the first hack had a few of them. Read my review for more details.)
Does anyone know where is the Blue Switch Palace in Bowser's Vengeance?

Thanks in advance.
At the end of each level, the player gets 50 times the number of seconds remaining added to their score. However, there have been a few times where I get an abnormal bonus score (such as over 50,000) after completing a level. This seems to only happen when I play a hack (it doesn't happen on vanilla SMW).

Has anyone else experienced this?
Originally posted by Sus Try
@ixfd64: Yes. Secret exit of Polar Fortress. You must have unlocked the Red Switch Palace before that. So.. When you are next to the Goal Sphere, don't touch it. To the right you'll see only a wall. What you need to do is to pass from that wall, in a certain part you can walk through the wall. The rest is a straight-walking to the key and the keyhole.

I got it. Thanks!
I just cleared a level with 421 seconds remaining, but I got over 40,000 points!
I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this, but the "Hacks" and "Featured Hacks" sections show only the hacks that are waiting to be moderated.

Is anyone else unable to see the other hacks?
SMW Central got hacked (no pun intended)? This stinks. :(

You could the Wayback Machine to recover the lost data, but the last time it crawled the "Hacks" section was in August 2007. :(

Google Cache has a more recent copy of the page:

Unfortunately, Google Cache doesn't archive pages "recursively" like the Wayback Machine does.
Ugh, there are still a lot of work to be done.

Whoever hacked SMW Central deserves several Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks to the face.
Have you ever had an idea for a hack you really wanted to see, but didn't have the time (or knowledge) to make it? Well, post your ideas for great hacks here!

Note: this is not a hack request thread; this is more of a brainstorm, but you're more than welcome to make the hacks! :)

Anyways, here are some interesting ideas for hacks:

1. Mario Goes to Hawaii

Hawaii is one of my favorite places. The eight major islands (Hawai'i, Maui, Kaho'olawe, Lāna'i, Moloka'i, O'ahu, Kaua'i, and Ni'ihau) could easily be the eight worlds held by Bowser and his seven kids!

2. Mario Screams for Ice Cream

I was reading the "Flavor World" section on the Ben and Jerry's website and I realized that the map would make a good basis for a hack. If such a hack were made, it would go very well with the food-themed lands of vanilla SMW (no pun intended). If all the worlds were used, the hack would have at least as much content as SDW:TLC.

The hack would contain the following worlds:

Organic Fields - similar to Donut Plains in SMW.
What's New Lagoon - an ocean world.
Torch Light Cavern - similar to Vanilla Dome in SMW.
Novelty Forest - similar to Forest of Illusion in SMW.
Frozen Yogurt Igloo - ice world.
Ice Cream Range - mountain world (it should feature a lot of jumping from platform to platform).
Scoop Shop Oasis - desert world.
Mt. Sorbet - this should be the final world - Mario enters the volcano to fight Bowser. An interesting idea is to put in a secret level (or two) that takes place outside the world.
Flavor Graveyard - this could be a secret world owned by Big Boo.

In addition, there should be two special worlds, as follows.

Star World - allows Mario to go from place to place with ease.
Special - similar to the Special world in SMW, this world would feature eight levels with food-related adjectives as their names. A good set of names would be: Delicious, Scrumptious, Delectable, Savory, Delightful, Flavorful, Yummy, and Tasty.

A good overall difficulty level of the hack would be between that of DW:TLC and The New Mario World.
Is it possible to create fake lava that acts as water instead of killing Mario instantly? If so, it could be very useful if you want to make secret areas that are very well hidden. :)
I've never played the original TSRP, but I must say that TSRPR is awesome!

By the way, I've noticed that I always lose any Yoshis I have whenever I exit a level. Is this a glitch, or is it intentional?
When I was little, I used to think that there were levels located in the following places, even though I found all 96 exits:

1. The island northwest of Donut Plains
2. The empty section in the southwest area of Vanilla Dome
3. The two islands east of Chocolate Island 1
4. The lake west of Forest Fortress (when I found the route that led to a lot of 1-up mushrooms, I thought that it would take me to the lake)
5. Someone once told me that there was a "Special 2" world. I actually believed him!

Also, when I was young, I drew blueprints of Mario levels as well. This was way before the days of Lunar Magic.
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