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Hello, my name is Derek.

Though I haven't Registered until now.
I have been using this site to gain useful knowledge of SMW hacking!
I made this account so I can get more involved.

Now for a little bit about me! I love games, computers and challenges!
Thus another reason for my love of smw hacking! And ironic enough, like a lot of people in 2000, wondered how nice it would be to make my very own Super Mario World! I EVEN made blue prints of levels along time ago, hehe. *Of coarse those plans fail now :P* So it would be fate, that a great man like, FuSoYa would make an editor for SMW! But for the last few years things were hard. Work kept me busy, until one day!

I found a job that pays well and now have some much needed time to start my new hobby.
With all that said, I hope you all will enjoy my stay, as I know I will. Sorry for that long intro, but I also want to point out, so far, I learned how to put in custom music, doing custom sprites next after doing some block installing.

If you want to know more about my hack, go to my YT channel, Superderek1
Ok, I have been looking into this for weeks now, long before I registered. But I'm stumped on this question: What's the best method to put in those pipes after I use Addmusic made easy? I cann't use patches that come with a few methods and hope to find a work around if possible! I've looked at quite a few posts, but didn't really describe what method and didn't really go into some detail.

Well, my problem is with patches: It won't work anymore when I do patch it. I didn't want this to be my first thread, but all I can say is: I hope to find the answer and get it done correctly, no matter what is needed. So far, my hack is going great, found some ways to fix some music bugs and other work arounds. I do know how to copy everything over if somehow I need to. So with this said, please help me get this solved! So that I can get it solved, and I can look back and say, that answer was so simple! Duh! Thank you for reading this.
Well, back to work. Once I get this out of the way, It's all good.
...At least for now :)

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Well, I'm confused. It said in that readme:Pipes.ips
You have to apply it to the ROM, or the pipe will kill you!
Is there a new version or something? I downloaded it weeks ago from here. <dang, I feel a "boy I'm stupid" coming> It wasn't the orignal ether. So does it really need that patch? When I do use it. Music no longer works. Thanks for the responce. Hope I learn from this :)

Edit: Well, my problem is avoiding 99% of patches or else my music will screw up or worse...
Maby, just maby, I'm missing something. I feel a "Boy that was easy" emotion coming! Once I get this done, then on to more editing!

Edit2: Ok, this is now really bugging me! Now, I just redone it a few times. Guess what? Music is not screwed up! But now, no map16 data is appearing! I did everything I've done before. Maby i'm just losing it after a long time fighting for those pipes. Ok, going to attempt this a few times. Wish me luck! I think I'm missing a step and might be over looking it, or something. There is a will and there is a way, so I will find it! I will try to resolve this, in the meantime, thank you for your time. ...I'm going to look at this later and laugh! I know I will!

Last edit: I'm not laughing yet, but ok. I found out what I was skipping, BUT now I find that the Map16 data won't load. I try to use F6 to load it, but it refuses to do so. Leaving me unable insert the data meaning I'm stuck! At least I now know my problem after looking into it. Could anyone shine some light on how I can solve this? Thanks! If theres anything I might be missing, here is all I'm doing.
1. Put everything in the same folder ,and of coarse, have a few backups.
2. Doing the CMD prompt.
3. Using both patches
4. Trying to insert map16data ,which is my problem!
5. Inserting the GFX.
Could anyone help me out? If someone helps me out I'll be most greatful!

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Ok, still no answers but please note, this will be maby one of 4 questions I'd ever ask like this! Besides, it would be just one more post to show what you know. The reason I need an answer soon, is I'm having my first world tested VERY SOON and theres a few places that needs the SS Pipes in world 1!
It's just, when I try to load the map16 from the file that came with Pipeinstall, it won't try to load! Show me what I'm doing wrong so I can stop being so stupid get my hack past world 1! I've found many answers in the forums and ect. But just so confused about what I'm doing wrong with the map16 insertion part that it has me stumped!My hack is in your hands!!

P.S. This will be one of the last stupid question posts I swear.
Edit: Opps, that needed to be an edit. /sigh

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*Rolls on the floor laughing at his own stupidity!*
Well, I guess I got the buttons mixed up.
And thank you, now I'm just one step closer to not being stupid getting my hack out there! I knew it was something I was over looking! This will be the end of me making stupid mistakes involving overlooking things. And no, I'm not usally this dumb way. A leason here is make sure you double check what your doing and don't over look things. Thank you for your time and helping me out.
You have my thanks! :)

Edit: Well, I'm not going to ask my new question until I must.
I'm looking at all the threads to make sure theres a sulution to my Pipes not working and looking kind of bad. So many to look at. I swear, I've seen something about the pipes not working and how to resolve it somewhere! If you find a few threads that might solve this. Please send them to me. I'll let you know when I find what I needed. Also, I remember a Thread having a post that said the Fire flower freezing the game! I'm having that problem also. *starts to search like mad!*

Edit 2: If you happen to come across or know where the above is anwsered, please show me the thread that solves this problem! If you are able to solve this, you will get my outmost respect to solve my problem.
Another thing that might help you out, when I use Pipeinstall ...sometimes windows will say that "this is not installed correctly", sometimes freezes my game at the title, ALWAYS ports me to the upper left hand corner instantly killing me, always freezing when getting a fire flower, and lastly pipes NEVER working! The only time they worked right, was when I used them in a clean rom. I did it along time ago. So I do know what to do. Does it have to do with the patch or something I'm missing? Everything is done right.

Done this over to 30 different roms and tried everything I could think of. I redownloaded the Pipeinstall 6 differant times! I'm so close, yet, so far to getting this solved. Is there a better way than Pipeinstall? If patches are my problem, how would I go to manually install them.
I can hex edit, so at this point, WILLING to do anything to get them in my hack. Please help me, help myself. So that inreturn, may intertain many people with my fun hack! P.S. Sorry if I'm wasting you time! I'm sure to pay you back with playing this fun hack once I get it set up.
I've done enough work and to give up now is stupid. Title screen, alsome movie, music, soon to have many costum things added once I'm done with those pipes! Yes, I can add costum sprites no problem. It's just those darn SS pipes giving me hell!

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Ok, the results are weird, Pipe install doesn't seem to be activating or anything. So, I tried using the hex editing way. And it worked on my clean rom! So, it seems Pipeinstall.exe won't install the code into the game! Well, now I finally got what I wanted to know.
Time to put those into my hack, and yes. I know about those exit tiles. Tested perfectly. Thanks to some well planing and effort.
Thank you Vaporeon, for trying to help. I still don't understand why Pipeinstall won't work, after redownloading it loads of times!
Well, the end of pipe madness ENDS here! Next stop, time to install those custom sprites! Much easier. *Looks a back at his old posts and starts laughing as expected*

Edit: LOL, Ok, Delete other Thread.

Ok, I'll have my problem resent here From: SS Pipes bugging the title screen!!! It's bugging me.

***Now my title screen won't appear, and the item box is bugged!
I tried the item fix patch but it didn't work, plus the game freezes when I get a Fire flower in the reserve box. What is the best way to solve this problem? Once I get this done, I can move on. Once again, The fate of Super Mario in Derek's World, Bowser's Alliance, is in your hands! *Sighs*, so close to getting this all past me...

Well, everything is perfect, except those 2 problems, but having no title which REALLY bugs me. Well, I wish everyone happy SMW hacking!

*I left this open for a bit before submiting, and looked at a few threads and I found a fix for the item box, by putting x400E8 in my ROM and entered [24 08 26 0A 48 04 0E 04]. But the title is still bugged, won't show, and when in LM, it shows up has half of it garbled, the box for 8*8 tile selector is fine.* Please help me! I looked at lots of threads! But this has me even more stumped than the pipeinstall!

Edit: I just now found out that, "that so called fix", makes the pipes freeze the game! 4 trys later, It crashes the emulator! Ok, what's going on? I'm still laughing as I watch mario get stuck in that pipe, and yet mad when he does.
I'm puzzled. Does custom music work at all with the SS pipes? Without the side effects. I'm just curious as if this is going to have to be done with a certain way, that if you don't use the right method of puting music in and then the pipes and ect. , that it won't work.
Ok, with that being said, is it possible to use Add Music Made Easy, with any pipe method or Add Music with any method?
Just want to know, if theres a trick or anything I could possibly miss. I want to do it right! Faster I learn this, the better I can become. I want to learn the trick, and to make my hack the best I can, I can't do it without the help of people like you. Yes you, Mr. I think I can help, I might be wrong. Post your reply, any info will help, *cough* except for some random post* point me to anything that addresses this problem.

With helpful people like you guys, I'm sure to get some good advice or a good answer. Just to think back, how this will look when I see this 2 months later. Hi Super future Derek! Wasn't this fun, right? I probably will be like *Facepalm* while LOLing at myself. I sure wish I could him for advice... Well, for my tester's sake, please help us out.

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Delete please. My mistake.

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Minecraft Randomizer: Scrycrafter
Ok, sorry for the long time between posts, but I am visiting my Dad for 4 weeks, then going back to my house. I found the best way, at least for me, to install those pipes. I've found that using Blocktool was the way to go!
No bugs, nothing wrong, they work like they did in my dream. LOL
Thanks to Mikeyk's SS Pipes, they are now in my hack. I was bound to find them. Sorry for me being a bit stupid. Now that I got those pipes ,some neat blocks and , sprites. I'm ready for my graphics.
I love this site for all it's tools and info. *Future Superderek* *Facepalm* LOL Was I that stupid? This was so easy once I knew the best path. With everything done, Mods, please close this. Thank you everyone.

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Ok, got some custom blocks in my hack but ever since I installed those blocks, my ROM lags to no end! Not all the time, just every screen or 2.
It is so bad, my title screen now kills Mario because of the lag, I got an older version before the blocks that shows no lag what so ever! It doesn't have to do with sprites. Because I can even run a test level and it lags on random screens! Worse of all, I tried the fast ROM patch! No effect! Is there a way to fix this? Thank you to whoever solves this. I haven't seen anything like this anywhere. So thank you for your help in advance!

Custom blocks seem to hate me! LOL Other people can get them with no added lag.

Future edit: hi old me

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We have a winner! Thank you. I forgot about the bad version of blocktool!
Good thing I made a back up! That was quick! Well, at least I won't have lag anymore! Meaning, my hack is saved! Thank you very much! But, as you said, I don't need to use the backup, because it will remove the blocks! Well, thanks again. Hope to get those blocks back into my hack soon without any problems! At least it was a simple solution. Thats another step closer to making my wonderful hack for everyone to enjoy.

*Somewhat off topic: I love all the blocks you can use! It's really fun using the on and off like blocks and the powerup blocks etc. So many lists of blocks, that this would be fill with awesome blocks!
*end of off topic*

Well once again, thank you for pointing this out! I may not know everything, but I'm learning lots of neat things! Thank you.
May there be an awesome hack named: Super Mario in Derek's World, Bowser's Alliance, In you near future!

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As I said the the first post, I already tried that with the lagged ROM! But didn't work. Thank you anyways but I know it's what you said at first, bad blocktool version! Because it works 150% on the older version of my hack before I installed the blocks! It should work, but if it has a tad more lag, not like the bad version, I can handle that, also will try the patch if I see a problem. Thank you for your solutions. When I come back, I'll ether say if it works or not! If I come back and say it works, mods close this please. Thank you! You guys are being very helpful! Now to reinstall those blocks though the right method!

Edit: For quick reference, where can I download NET Framework: v2.0.50727 ? Thanks in advance. Please try to give me a link if you can :)

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One last question, Is there a way to transfer the data bases? Like from blocktool to the awesome blocktool. Just want to ask before doing lots of work. If not, I better get started on it!*Lots of blocks to reinstall :P* But if so, is there a file I can move around/rename, etc to make it work? Just want to know all the options before continuing. Well, thank you in advance!

Off topic: I've been seeing lots of renaming lately. You know who you are!
Well, maybe not!

Edit from 2010: Hey guyz, I am from the future.
I sure was a noob, huh?

Edit from 2.25.10: Now to make my first page randomly play music.
<embed src="" width=0 height=0 autostart="true" autoplay="true" loop="true"></embed>

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Just as I thought. Well, thank you for the link. I've been looking for it. It's a pretty neat tool.
Long live Super Blocktool deluxe!
Well, I better get started installing those blocks! I've got a long day ahead of me!

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Congrats! You look happy! Too bad I have no gifts to give except.... *Looks for a gift to give* Well, it may not be much but.....
*Gives a strange gift* You will know when to use it when the time is right...*Has no idea what's in that box he gave*

All I know is, that it has something that *everyone here in SMW Central* will love! Congrats! You deserve it!

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I think it's odd that some of my dreams come true. Sometimes, I feel like I'm always reliving my dreams, somehow. It's the feeling that you have done what you've done over 10 times! I sure hope a few dreams don't happen, or it would be the end of what we know as "Order"nothing bad.

So far, most seemed to come true within a certain amount time. Well, some of those dreams are way off, but if it were to come true, it would be 3-6 years from now. But good thing one dream will probably never come true, how do I know?

I was 24 years old in the dream*I had it when I was 11 years of age* *But that would mean it would have to happen 5 years from now* Plus most of it is ether impossible or most likely to never happen! Well, here is by far, the weirdest!
*Insert heroic music here*
Someone was stupid enough to finally make cloning possible and picked random people around the world. Then picked randomly out of those people and it was me.

But they would soon relies that cloning was very bad, for when you cloned someone, it turned out that the clone turns out to be a much more dark and eviler person when cloned.
My clone hated everyone, and he wanted to rule the world, and he had the perfect plan. Since those idiots made cloning possible, he would make a clone army of him, and slowly take over the world, by capturing and cloning the world leaders.

Those would be only puppets of what I would call, DarkDerek.
Soon, he would have an army of 1 trillion clones of different styles.
He hid those clones all over the world. Waiting, for the right time!
First, to make himself feel less like a shadow, he aimed to destroy me. The area I lived at was soon cloned and was about to make their move to capture me. As it was about to happen, a wall near me had blown up. With the dust clearing, I noticed it was.......ME!?! Not a clone, but me from the future. He takes me and puts me in his mini "Doomship" and drives off.

He tells me that some people in a lab has created a clone from my DNA!
That my clone is evil and plans to rule the world by capturing the world leaders and cloning them! When he does, will also play them against each other! Causing a major World War that would weaken the world's defense.
He has a mass army that couldn't be stopped. For some reason, the intellect of the Darkclone *also known as DarkDerek* has grown to the elite level! DarkDerek soon built mass battle planes *Also known as Doomships because of their big size* just in case he has to use some force in the future.

Future me also told me: So far, at this time, DarkDerek has captured Russia and some of the east. He was clearing the world more quickly with each hour and wanted to do North America last because he wanted to make a barrier around me so I could not escape. The only way to stop him, was to inject him with DNA of another animal. It would cause a chain reaction in his body causing him to blow up! But it was not an easy task, and would have to know the right spot to use it and you could only use it if he was weakened to almost death. If he were to die, he would just use another clone's body. Plus not to mention all the people he would have under his control.

But you could only do it every 2 weeks at exactly 2:00 on the same day he was made. Which was about to happen in 11 days. Clones were not made as the scientists thought. There is a certain balance you would have to use or the clones would be much different from the person cloned! Resulting the clone to be more evil, stronger and more intelligent than any man alive! He could easily take on 100 different people. But with his clones, the world! He was the ONLY ONE that had access to the cloning machine! And even if someone made a clone of him/her, it would result in making another puppet for the Darkclone.

I would have to train in some of the most elite fighting skills to even live to fight with him. He would not fight fair. But maybe, I could fight if I could know what I was thinking before I thought of it, thus, defeating him with a surprise blow with the shot of the animal DNA!

Well, I'll cut it off from here. Very strange for a kid of age 11 to dream of, but very unlikely to happen. It felt so real 8 years ago. Will he get his way? Will I stop him? We may never know...
Written because I had this dream again and found this thread but mostly bored :D
Also I dream 2 times a month. Sometimes less. So it was a shock to see an old dream I had 8 years ago. Most other dreams I ether don't remember or is something I have done. Even rarely something I seem to do in the future, oh the dajavu! *Spell check*

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Heres one I almost didn't type up, but wanted to share another old dream.
In this dream, everyone was playing my old hack. *I Deleted it before letting anyone know about it, because it was evil. I Don't do those kind of hacks anymore= NOT FUN! It was made a long time ago* Anyways, they did it because they were having a contest to play the hardest game and see who was the best player in the world!
No matter what I told them, they didn't hear me trying to tell them to stop torturing themselves with that evil hack! They only responded by going, "WE #1, we will not stop playing!"
I said,"It was a joke hack for the sake of all that is decent!
It was made to stop evil hacks, not make you love them!"

One note: The hack before being deleted had no glitches and all the graphics were fine! It was a perfect demo except for being very very hard! I don't know what I was possessed by when making this hack! But ether way, I deleted it before thinking about releasing it. What can make a hard hack worse? A maze and long factor =FAIL*infinity =INFINITE FAIL!

Back to the dream,
I could just see the pain in everyone's expression!
It was like, they were playing for a billion $ and as it turned out, it was for a billion $. So I was like, "Who would want to pay that much money and to see all of the hacking community tortured?"
Who could it be? Is there two people involved, a rich and very evil person? We may never know because...
Well, I woke up from there!

It was awful seeing people that desperate for money!
All I remember now is that there was quite a few people from here and there. At least 10 million people tried. Don't know if anyone ever beat the game.
Will update with who I remember was in this dream. I think I may know SOMEONE FROM HERE that after trying again and again said," I SHALL BEAT THIS GAME LIKE A DRUM!" Don't know too clearly.
Anyways, it was crazy! Means anything? Properly not, it just means I did the right thing in destroying the hack before it got to enjoy torturing people! Oh, but if it does, someone has my old hack somehow and is going to torture the world! Hmm...well who would be evil enough to do that... *Points to someone here* How would they get to it? Beats me, unless.......nah! No one should ever play it or abuse it's power...EVER!

Edit: Well, forget about remembering who all was there. But to let you know, I'm still working on my prized hack, this one I was talking about was a joke hack. It was what not to do.
* A bit off topic* Anyways, currently working all the stuff out of my awesome hack . I plan on doing a few surprising twists.

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I'm just taking a 10 minute break from playing SMI *for no reason* for 6 hours. So to pass the time, going to ask you 4 questions.

What do you think of this thread?

How would you respond if he was renamed and referring to you *Other than closing it* ?

What top 5 threads made you LOL the best?

And last, will I find a funny question to make you LOL, or has the first one made you already?

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Minecraft Randomizer: Scrycrafter
Well, I got a few more, so enjoy!

If I mentioned a few things to fix with your 2 hacks, although I don't think it will happen, would you eventually fix it? Just wondering if your still wanting to update a few things. No, it's not to due with those known bugs, but a few things that may make SMI 1-2 better.

Do you think I'm crazy to play SMI and be hungry for more punishment by playing SMI2 ?

Do you think I'm insane to think SMI came a bit easy to me? *I'm just a good player.* But I loved your secrets by the way!

Who do you think permabanned Tatrion for 24 hours around a week ago? *Cough* Simply not now *Cough*

Last, because you have no knowledge of me, this will make this more fun. Taking a wild guess, what kind of hack do you think I'm making? It's 3 different types, so guess 3 times what the combo might be.

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Minecraft Randomizer: Scrycrafter
To answer you, yes. But it was to make it hard, specially the last Bowser boss! He gave me a real fun time! So to answer you in full, I did two runs, one with savestates and one without. *Both complete* That way, I'd get both styles of play. My favorite part was the Secrets also! It was fun to see all the hard work you put in!

Also, you got both Puzzle and Epic right! But now, try again to guess the 2nd one. Heres a "hint" in case you get "lost".

Well, time for some more fun :P

1. Now, heres a big question. Roughly, how many times did it take for you to beat both your games? Meaning, deaths, game overs, etc.
Now, guess mine. Also, restarts to fix the bug on the over world, don't count.

I think your bullet bills from SMI2 are fun!

3. LOL, was that completely random?

4. Last, was the 2nd question sarcastic? Or am I really that crazy Dumb?

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Minecraft Randomizer: Scrycrafter
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