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Using normal Lunar Magic resources you can't, unless you make a door/pipe next to the respawn point (in the 1st room obviously) that leads you to the second room.
In other words, IMO variety is something that usually pleases us, hack players, who expect different ideas from the original game, while repetition makes the player pay more attention to the style (especially level design and graphics) and it emphasizes the ambiance between similar levels. Well I think that a good idea to "repetition hackers" is using 2 different custom music for each specific tileset. This would create a balance between "variety" and "repetition". And it wouldn't be hard or effortful to do, as there are things such as search tags to make it easier.

I personally don't care with repetitions, except when just everything is repeating from level to level: same GFX, same music, same palettes, same enemies, same design ideas...
Originally posted by Giant Shy Guy
I'm in S'M'W2, though I doubt I'll be finishing this...it was a little of a letdown D:

Same here, but I think I'll finish it. I was expecting more custom music and less boring castles/fortresses in S"M"W2, but their level design is still the same: narrow. And it has chucks on almost all levels. :/ In spite of those, it's still enjoyable.
When I played SMW 2+3 at the final cutscene before the final boss.
I was quite emotional with Kamek's story and Perry's lecture on Roth. The music helped even more to create that atmosphere.
I personally like linear levels most when they don't have secret exits and they aren't very long, so they won't get tedious. I think it has a nice sensation to make Mario sometimes run more than jump in some levels. I really get bored when I have to just jump, especially in narrow levels.

Originally posted by mathelete
Linear levels are usually used either in the first world, or as the first level of a specific world. A linear level is perfect for the first level of the game. Consider SMW's linear levels. Yoshi's Island 2 is a great example. However, it is the perfect starting level.

Totally agree, because IMO linear levels make the player pay more attention to things such as the background, so (s)he will familiarize with the type of world that is coming. And linear ones also tend to be easier, so the player will assimilate that with the fact that it's just the first level of that world.
To assemble big BG's manually or find out that the perfect BG that you have just downloaded doesn't work in LM 2.01 or whatever. >:/
The very first thing that I did was the entire Overworld (without the events, but with Mario's paths), so I could extract some ideas from it for the levels and even the plot throughout the process. Then I think of a basic design for the next level. Once I come up with an idea, I search the corresponding graphics and music, and finally I make the level. Then I add the events and repeat the process.
Just like aj6666: youtube -> smw stuff -> Brutal Mario boss battles -> amazement -> download Brutal Mario. I wasn't too sure which hack was the first, so I opened the oldest hack zip files I had. Then I had a great surprise: when I opened Brutal Mario's zip there was the site that I downloaded it. Then I just remembered everything: I downloaded it on a Brazilian website called Mario Hacks and there I discovered SMWC (it's an affiliate) and all about SMW hacking. :) It was back in 2009.
I think the camera will only make Mario appear on the left side when he is at the left side of screen number 0, because before screen 0 there's an empty space impossible to modify and the rom won't load it. So I think it's impossible to set the camera the way you want without Mario's respawn position to be the left side of screen 0. Don't worry, it IS a minor problem, nobody will really care.
Originally posted by Footsteps_of_Coins
How the HELL do you do the slope jump in Fiery PIpeline of Super "Mario" World 2? If I don't know, I will die!

Just press down to slide on a slope and when you think you are ready to jump just press the jump button (do NOT press anything else!) and you'll do a great horizontal jump.
Try deletting both levels and re-adding them with different events than 01 and 1C. I had the same problem but unfortunately I don't remember how I solved that. :(
Well I think I did it. I changed level 1C position to one tile to the left and then it worked: now level 3 will be revealed by event 1 and 1C will be revealed by event 1C, BUT now level 2 AND level 1D will be revealed by event 0 for an unknown reason (I didn't do anything with them O_O), but since level 1D is a castle, I'm quite certain it won't be affected by any means.
This is kind of embarassing, but who cares: I don't use the spinjump very much (sometimes on Thwomps, Grinders, Spike Balls, etc.) because when I played SMW I didn't know of the spinjump's properties, so I used to only use it on turn blocks. =P
Did you try running Lunar Magic as administrator? Also, maybe the version you're using is wrong (make sure it's for Vista and it matches the type - x86 or x64) or the ROM is screwed.
Lufia - The Legend Returns (GB): although it's not THAT underrated, it sure is obscure. Every SNES hardcore player knows Lufia I and II, but this one didn't achieve much success, even though I found it quite fun. It gets more and more interesting throughout the plot.

Street Fighter 2010 (NES): it may not look like a Street Fighter game and it may be immensely difficult, but it's very unique. The graphics are good, despite being a NES game, has EPIC soundtrack, a mysterious story and sometimes a dark and creepy atmosphere. It's not a bad idea to just try it out or listen to the OST.
Ace Attorney series. I was kind of bored with DS, so I went to find some games. Since I like criminal investigations and mystery, I eventually found Ace Attorney Investigations. I wasn't expecting something extraordinary or remarkable from it, but it was simply fascinating. Epic cases, epic soundtrack, charismatic characters and unexpected turnabouts (the key word for Ace Attorney series) in each plot of each episode. After getting impressed by Investigations I tried the other ones and got the same feeling of pure epicness.
Personally I'm not fond of 4th gen, BUT I think Honchkrow, Glaceon and Togekiss are cool (probably because they are related to previous generations pokémon =P).
Originally posted by S.N.N.
2. Super Paper Mario. To be fair, I did enjoy this game, but after playing TTYD (which is still one of my favorite games of all time), it felt like an absolute letdown. Speaking relative to that, it was mediocre. Speaking otherwise, it was a good game on its own.

Well said. Someday I might get some inspiration to finish it.

Spyro Dawn of the Dragon: I was really expecting something better since Spyro A New Beginning of Xbox was great on both graphics and gameplay.
Since the new Smash Bros. will be produced by Bandai Namco, it would be the craziest (and funniest) idea ever if they put characters like Goku, Agumon (or other Digimons). I'm just imagining Goku using a Kamehameha and pulverizing defeating R.O.B., or Agumon turning into Wargreymon and using an enormous Terra Force as a Final Smash. @[email protected] Just kidding, I know it would ruin the style of Smash Bros. but it's something I'd like to see. :P
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