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Originally posted by StackDino
• [] Ad ($XX $YY) → ADSR ($ED $XX $YY)
• Eg1: $ED $4F $E0 → Ad($CF $E0)
• Eg2: $ED $72 $AA → Ad($F2 $AA)

I don't understand why the decay values would need to have 8 added to them. Wouldn't it be better to just type the decay value you want instead of going through, even if simple, an extra math step? I know AMK currently does this for ADSR in #instruments, but as far as I know that's only because that's used to tell the program whether to use ADSR or Gain. Also, this may have disagreements from porters because of years of habit, but maybe it'd be nice to take the opportunity to change the parsing so the values are read in A-D-S-R order instead of D-A-S-R as it has been so far, if only to make it easier for new porters and also to correspond to the order displayed in SPC700 Player.
Originally posted by KevinM
The instrument way of defining ADSR is the technically correct way, since that's how the values are then used in the DSP registers. In fact, I never really understood why the $ED command had to use them differently, I guess it comes from older Addmusics (I know usually other SNES engines have an ADSR command which uses values from $80$00 to $FF$FF). Changing the order of the values in the two bytes is something I would advise against for the same reason: that's the order in which they're used in the DSP registers (i.e., the $DA$SR bytes are directly copied there), so it makes sense for them to be like that.

Oh, interesting to know it's actually how it's read by the chip, but while keeping the bytes intact keeps things consistent with other engines and the raw code, it doesn't exactly facilitate porting, which should be the goal of a porting tool, especially for those who're not knowledgeable at code level (which is the majority). Also, like MFG said, there are two separate tool commands for ADSR and Gain, so I don't see much of a point in keeping the high byte syntax for ADSR in this case.
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You know, it's really impressive this is coming out of the SPC700. The sound design here is flawless: the mixing, the echo, the very crisp sampling, the pitch modulation for the voice samples lmaaao. I mean, look at (or rather, listen to) that piano and trumpet, it's all so clean... Also, this soundtrack was a great find and, ngl, from what I've listened so far I legitimately found your covers doing more than enough justice if not to say they're downright better than the source. Props to you my friend, I hope you see this finished!
I often find myself porting music with violins, but almost always the violin samples we have hosted plus the ones I've got are insufficient in quality and/or covered pitch range, so more violin samples and/or violin sample sets would be super appreciated on my end.

Originally posted by musicalman
Better/new solo strings samples are definitely going to be a thing.

Dude, nice! Looking forward to it!
First of all, I'd like to thank Sinc-X for hosting this contest and for patiently bearing with my multiple submission updates, lol.

Second, I'd like to congratulate the winners! You all did an amazing job. In fact, when I listened to your entries in the Cover category I immediately went "99th place here I go!!!!!!!". Also, I stand convinced that the SPC700 is actually perfectly capable for rock music and electric guitar sections (as in, in a level above stuff like Rock n' Roll Racing), for which I had my doubts before. I'm very impressed!

Third, I'd like to thank everyone who voted and thank you for the votes for my entries. 4th place is much, much better than I anticipated, I was delightfully surprised to see that placement when I wasn't expecting anything in top 10 to be very honest, lol. The surprise was bigger when I saw Dark Forest (normal version) in 11th, given how desperate I was to find a good enough violin sample and ended up with one that still didn't satisfy me. I accept violin sample donations!

Fourth, I'd like to apologize for not voting or commenting. Actually, I've had no time or energy for SMWC matters lately, including voting for Non-VGM Tourney (sorry again, Deppy, if you're reading this!!!) due to irl and health problems. Everything is ok now, though.

Finally, some fun facts about my entries:

- No More Bugs was my main entry. It took me almost all the original submission period (pre-extension) to port it. I was basically finished on September 25th or something. It used 28 custom samples, of which about 10 are chord samples. They add up to a total of 51.8 kB of space, which is easily the highest I've ever reached... aaaaand now you know why the port has no echo! #wario{;)} For everything to fit in ARAM I had to fully optimize the MML, probably more than what would be needed for it to be accepted in the SMW Music section. Truth is, this port uses so much ARAM that one additional ADSR command was enough to exceed the limit and kill the port, lol.

- Dark Forest was that kind of entry one comes up with in the last 5 days of contest just for the sake of having an entry, lmao. ...Although in this case I already had No More Bugs, but y'know, the more the better hehehe. It is my second ever music transcription, with the first one being another Layton track. Originally, transcribing it wasn't in the plans, because I wasn't expecting the original music to be streamed and not sequenced (and therefore rippable) in Layton Diabolical Box. It ended up being a good thing though, because it became a very good transcription practice. Getting a serviceable violin for this port was quite the challenge though, because the pitch range it had to play in was too low for the samples I have access to. Diabolical Box's music couldn't be ripped, so using the game's violin sample wasn't an option. Layton Curious Village interestingly seems to use the very same violin of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, which I think is how I had the idea of making a PMD version of this port. Too bad PMD's violin wasn't realistic enough for the normal version though. Eventually, I was between using RS3's viola or recordings of a real violin. Unfortunately, the recorded violin samples for the octave I needed had a very pronounced attack, which wouldn't work with Dark Forest, so I used one from an octave above, which sounded ok attack-wise, but ended up a tad too muffled for my taste at lower octaves.

- There is an SMW version of Dark Forest I had reserved in case I wouldn't be able to make a convincing PMD version. It was eventually not submitted, because I was satisfied enough with the PMD version... and honestly, there isn't anything special in the SMW version. I literally took the ADSR + tuning values from Custom Instrument Thread, tweaked them to work with Dark Forest and called it a day, LOL. Well, to be fair I did try to have the flute be @13 instead of @0, and it actually provided a more similar flute to the original than @0, but unfortunately there was an audible artifact in the sample when I used it that way. Sad!
I support this idea because I never remember any of the holiday nicks I used in the previous year, lol. :(

I guess keeping it as a single field would've been optimal if we used it for more holidays, but since we have name changes exclusively for Halloween and Christmas, it shouldn't hurt to have one more. For future proofing, in the case we're allowed to name change for any other event, maybe the fields could be called "Display name #1" and "Display name #2" and then explain in the description that "Display name #1" will be used for special events other than its assigned holiday.

Also, maybe it would've been better to make this thread in Issue Tracker, since it requires site developer analysis and issue tracking would be applicable here. Moving it there should still be possible, I think.
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