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My ABSOLUTE favorites are for sure Mew and Deoxys. I like Mew because he's cute but tough, he's stronger than it looks. And I enjoy Deoxys's badass style, especially attack form, mostly because of his battles in movie 7. Others include: Blastoise, Feraligatr, Articuno, Steelix, Aggron, Reshiram, Krookodile (most badass gen 5 pokémon ever), Gigalith and Dewott (I wish Samurott was something like this - http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2010/334/5/d/daikemaru__completed__by_kittyventzxa-d33yk6o.png - something with Dewott style).
If you're using custom music, you can easily change the title screen music in Addmusic. Open the ".ini" file and set "TitleMusic=xx" to another value, where "xx" must be an Overworld custom music value.
Instead of thinking of Mario as an empty character, I prefer to think of him as an incomplete character. Mario (as well as characters like Crono from Chrono Trigger) doesn't speak or show any emotions, because he's highly dependent on the player's choices. But when you analyze his independent movements and interactions (they're quite common in Mario RPG's), you can see he's not just the "everyday Peach savior". In my opinion the construction of his character is dependent on the other characters who interact with him. For example, when Mario wants to talk, other characters do it for him. It's not much noticeable in the main series though, because these interactions are rare.

Back to the subject, I think Kratos is one of the most overrated characters nowadays. He's not a deep character at all, he just wants revenge and kill anyone who stands in his way.
Well, I was planning to use the bottom row, which is invisible, to a Ghost House puzzle, but with signalization - coins and a hand rail. I want to hear what do you think about this. Should I avoid using it?
Originally posted by Ragey
With so many signalization, I hardly see the point. It won't be hidden anyway. Kinda beats the purpose?

Yes, it may beat the purpose, although I think it won't be THAT easy too. Well, since it's for a World 1 ghost house... Anyway here's the level so you can visualize the puzzle.
Originally posted by Luigi-San
The United States of America: Making other countries irrelevant since 1776.

Brazil: Making itself irrelevant since 1822. Home of drug dealers, corruption, prostitution, spoiled culture, ULTRA high taxes for everything... and soccer.
Curiosity is killing me. What's your favorite Sonic game? Also, which is your favorite Sonic style of games: Classic (Sonic The Hedgehog 1 to 3 & Knuckles, DS Sonic games, etc.) or Modern (Sonic Adventure, Heroes, Unleashed, etc.) or both? Tell us your thoughts about those.

My favorites are Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Genesis/Mega Drive) and Sonic CD Japanese version (Sega CD/Mega CD). I prefer the Classic style, but not the Sonic Generations one, because it doesn't have a pleasing acceleration feel like the old ones had.
Originally posted by BlackMageMario
My favourite would probably be Sonic Colours. It's a amazing game, I recommend everyone check it out.

Indeed, I played it recently and it was great! Its ambiance and level design are flawless. And using the wisps powers was very funny too. The only thing that I missed on it was the high-speed feel that is supposed to be in Sonic games.
Originally posted by Syntax Errors
I don't really like classic sonic games, but i loved sonic CD. It wasn't simply running to the right. If you wanted the good ending, you'll actually have to search the entire level for signs, Holograms, and thee generator/what ever it is.

You're right, that is one of the many reasons I love Sonic CD: further exploration of the levels. But there's one thing that makes me have goosebumps each time I play it: the way levels change when time travelling. Not only they have their design and style changed according to their timespan, each of them has unique music, which completely fits the atmosphere. The music change is even more noticeable in the Japanese and (if I'm not mistaken) European versions.
I'm not sure if it was Pokémon Yellow or Pokémon Gold on No$GB (it was so old that it used DOS), probably the latter. It was back in 2000, when Pokémon Gold was just released.
About SMW hacking dying, I have a somewhat sound hypothesis: SMW hacking has a cycle in which the old (and now praised) hackers had their time to learn and submit their great works. Now that they have already done their masterpieces, they're slowing down their activities. And the new hackers are in the same process: currently they're still learning and someday they'll release their masterpieces too, and so on. But what explains this "pause" between great releases? I believe that when it was the "golden age" for the old hackers, the "new" hackers of back then were enjoying themselves with the old hackers' releases. OR they were simply losing confidence on themselves when they saw those masterpieces.

Another hypothesis of mine is that hackers of nowadays are getting more inspiration and they're motivated to create long and well-elaborated hacks, explaining this delay in hack submissions that we're currently having. I admit that there are some exceptions though. #w{xD}
Originally posted by KevKot


Yeah, I must say that Chikorita and related are (for me) the friendliest starters I've ever seen.
WARNING, SPOILERS of Terranigma, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI(J)/III(U), Tales of Phantasia and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue.

Originally posted by eXcavator
Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts II. The entire final boss sequence was just plain epic, with the music Darkness of the Unknown, which is one of my favorite VGM.

You read my mind. #w{=D}

Also, I must consider:

Dark Gaia
from Terranigma - this one's identity was quite a surprise and has epic music too. Oh, and his design (2nd form) is one of the coolest I've ever seen: a dragon-shaped giant crystal knight with wings that produce jet blasts. Cool.

Lavos from Chrono Trigger - not much to say here, weird but cool forms that have fitting music, nice backgrounds too and it was kinda cool to hear each characters' speech before fighting Lavos Core.

Kefka from FF VI(J)/III(U) - what can I say? A psycho who wants to destroy everything related to happiness, becomes a god, brings the world to ruin and has a funny laugh? Fighting such a charismatic antagonist was a pleasure and there was also good music and epic background.

Dhaos from Tales of Phantasia (PS1 version) - the 2 first battles were just okay, despite the 2nd being a pain in the ass, but the 3rd one was a gem. Plume Dhaos is one of the coolest final bosses I've ever faced. He just turns into a god-like almighty archangel and rapidly throws sets of super melee attacks and blue homing bursts at you, and can quickly cast the second most powerful spell of the game. It's a quite sad battle too, since he fights for his people and it plays a sad music too.

Zophar from Lunar 2: Eternal Blue - He's like Kefka: a very charismatic antagonist. His speeches are smart and evil and his first form uses cruel attacks, while the second can be tricky because it attacks 3 times. The 2 main reasons I liked this battle are: the epic music and it was somewhat emotional.

Every Mario & Luigi series final boss - I can say with 100% certainty that the Mario & Luigi series team is VERY GOOD at making epic final boss battles.

I could remember these ones by heart.
Perfectly Timed - get 50 bonus stars (and 3 lives) when cutting the goal tape.

Flying Mechas - be able to beat Bowser throwing Mecha-Koopas when flying only, not just throwing them up from the ground.

Cheating on Valley Ghost House - fly while ducking to get the secret exit in Valley Ghost House.

Airbound Acrobatics - fly the entire Groovy level without failure.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Also, Pepsi Twist is high on my list of things they don't make anymore (or things I can't find). It was basically Pepsi with a hint of lime, and oh dear shit it was amazing.

Oh, we still have it here in Brazil and yes, it IS amazing. I don't remember ever seeing Vanilla Coke here though. They usually don't bring these different flavors of soda to Brazil. #w{:<}

Also, they don't do Fairly OddParents anymore, although I have to admit it was getting pretty boring after they created Poof, but some episodes were still funny.
Originally posted by Buster Beetle
Not to mention the changes that occur within the fight itself, I love it when something new is introduced in the final fight that forces the player to learn new systems quickly--it adds a sense of confusion that works well.

Yes, just like in The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass, that final battle was sweet: great theme and really enjoyable/epic.

@Linkiejj: Yes, it IS Xemnas (in that form he's known as Armored Xemnas, you can be sure about that because he speaks in the middle of the fight and he has Xemnas voice indeed), he looks quite cool in that armor.
Originally posted by xImseiken3
I need some suggestions about these world themed bosses:

Sky world - can be a storm or thunder themed boss
Night City - some beast or so or whatever you find it right for this world
Great Tower - A final boss sugguestion wich to use?

Tell me what bosses should I use about these three themed worlds!

Great Tower: You might want to use Wart and maybe draw some GFX for it, or make a request.
Also, I need help on what GFX I should use in a wooden/plant-themed castle for a forest submap, it will have 3 sublevels. I already considered using SMB2 Large Tree for the second room, although it's a bit overused. If you have suggestions for the 1st or 3rd sublevels, or a better choice for the 2nd sublevel, please tell me.
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