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Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
I'm attracted to females, that much I know. The thought of me being attracted to males makes me feel somewhat uneasy, though I really can't tell if that's disgust or denial. (Don't even know if I'm supposed to be able to tell. :/)

You just read my mind. I'm 90/10 too and I often feel sexually attracted to women, but I've never kissed one, although I had some oportunities to do that, but I don't know if it's because of my shyness or because I'm waiting for the right woman to show up. I try to not care about society's pressure or jealousy, but it's just getting stronger. Anyway, I think the best relation I could get into, is one that is very balanced on romance/sex.
Originally posted by Roy
^ I don't think WYE said he's 90/10, as it would imply he would have some attraction to males anyhow. But yeah, I can't speak for him.

Yeah, it wasn't my intention to say that, I thought 90/10 was the maximum value for heterosexuality, my mistake. Sorry WYE if you felt offended by any means. After understanding better this "sexuality metric system", I think I'd be like 95% heterosexual and something near 0% homossexual.

Originally posted by Roy
Having read your post further though, I can say I fully agree and you shouldn't let peer pressure get to you. I know a number of people who make a goal out of "getting a girlfriend", "getting kissed" and "having sex". Doing it is obviously okay, but actually seeing it as an achievement is something you should refrain from doing.

Exactly, making those as achievements won't make me a better person and will only hurt me if I think too much about them.
Originally posted by Kaijyuu

Don't...mention...that...cursed...level...again... #smw{B)}

Originally posted by Hailcrash
2. Bowser's Castle
Hack: An SMWCentral Production
At first I didn't think this level was going to be as tough as it turned out to be. The beginning was still rather tough, but I just saw it as just what I would originally expect a final level in an SMW hack to be like. Savestates actually made it a lot easier.
The second part is the reason this level is on this list. All 8 rooms of the Virtual Reality gave me a ton of trouble, and the boss didn't make anything easier either.

I agree with this one, especially the Forest Void level, oh how I got frustrated with those branches and the "well" placed sprites.

Anyway, I remember these ones by heart:

Bowser's Boiler 2 and 3 from SMW Infinity: I just HATE those muncher-things that go up and down, especially when they're placed with sprites abuse (bullet bills, hammers from hammer bros...). It requires lots of concentration. Also, level 3 has invisible spikes. #smw{¬_¬}

Hyper Temple, Super Mingus World and other final levels from Super Luigi World: Luigi's Quest. Well, what can I say? Sprites abuse, mainly chucks and shelless blue koopas kicking shells (they kick them off-screen so the player almost needs to guess where they'll come from), lack of midway points...

Hot and Hectic from S'M'W 2: those continuous "purple triangles with pipes" jumps are quite hard to maintain. Another case of "perfectly timed jumps required".
I'm 17 and I'm 173 cm/5'8". I wish I was taller to make my older brother put his tail between his legs. #smw{¬_¬}

Kirby's Adventure (NES) - Rainbow Resort 6
The grayscale scenario and the music say it all: that level IS epic. Although it's not hard, it's long and has a well hidden secret button.

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess - Hyrule Castle
Who would expect that the final level was the one and only Hyrule Castle, a place which is almost always one of the starting points of the Zelda franchise? This, the nostalgic music, the complexity and the length are the main factors that make this level one of the best final levels IMO.

Crash Twinsanity - Ant Agony (or the Evil Twins' Stronghold of Evil as Cortex said)
Despite being a VERY long level (it takes about 25 minutes - yes, that's something for a platformer) it's so enjoyable and at the same time so challenging that it certainly doesn't make the player get bored. The music is somewhat good too.


Super Mario Sunshine - Corona Mountain
The whole level itself was a disappointment, it didn't have that final level feeling. The first part wasn't that bad, but the boat part... well: first, why there's a damn BOAT floating on LAVA? Second, the boat itself has a TERRIBLE physics aspect, it's quite hard to control it with the F.L.U.D.D.

And I have a question about this thread: do RPG final "levels" count on this thread too? Because I think I have some...
That (stupid) centipede-like boss from Zelda A Link to The Past. It's unfair: if you attack the head, you bounce back, if you get hurt, you bounce back too, and if you bounce back there's a chance that you'll fall to the previous floor and then you'll have to restart the battle. #smw{>:(}
1. Fishin' Boo (random movement and the "homing" factor), Porcu-Puffer (same reasons of the Fishin' Boo PLUS the fact that it's always used in water/tide levels), Torpedo Ted, Magikoopa and Hopping Flame (these last 3 can be really dangerous depending on the level design).

2. Bubble Goombas, because when you pop the bubble, the Goomba will fall but it won't hurt you immediately, and it's not hard to avoid. Maybe the only way to turn them into a real threat is to place some kinds of obstacles to slow the player down, but I have no idea what those could be.
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Originally posted by Gloomy Star

And I have a question about this thread: do RPG final "levels" count on this thread too? Because I think I have some...


Then I'll add to my list:


Kingdom Hearts - End of the World
The atmosphere completely matches the purpose of the final "world": it's not a world, it's where the parts of the destroyed worlds gather, the Heartless' domain. Everything here is epic: the scenario, the music, the (hard) battles, in the end you visit parts of all the worlds you've already been... The length is average and some places may feel empty, but everything else make it up.

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga - Bowser's Castle
You're inside Bowser's Castle, but not to beat Bowser or save Peach this time. It's to save the Beanbean AND Mushroom kingdoms from a witch that gained control over the Koopa King. Also, you'll have to face the Koopalings after they've been abandoned for 12 years since SMW in a epic comeback. Scenario: good. Length: somewhat long. Music: good. Battles: enemies can be tricky to deal with. Very good final level overall.


Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals - Fortress of Doom/Dhaos Shrine
The music and the scenario are PERFECT, BUT it's quite empty! There are no monsters, just the Sinistrals that you're already bored to easily beat them. Overall, it lacked "dungeoness", it was a disappointment. And the last part, where you have to prevent the fortress collision with a town is not a challenge at all, because there are no monsters and not even a time limit.
Level designing too, but what really makes me to go on is the thought of seeing my works (in micro: levels, etc., in macro: hack) complete. Also, I like to make things to test others' skills and I like to bring up a good story and I think an SMW hack is a good thing to put a custom story into. I kind of consider it a hobby (I say kind of because sometimes I don't have time for this, and sometimes I have time, but not patience or inspiration so I "take a break" for some weeks). #smw{...}

Originally posted by Gamersoul
I mean what would you do after the release of your hack? Would you create another for fun?

Well, if I would make another hack, it would be a sequel of the first one, but with some improvements in GFX, gimmicks, etc. I don't know if I'd create it for fun or because SMW hacking is a hobby. Maybe it's just a need of mine to give more complexity to the first hack.
Originally posted by EvilGuy0613
Lately, I've been really into the Phantasy Star series.

Phantasy Star series had a pretty good storyline/setting. Also, they're quite challenging too, even The End of The Millenium, which was the softest IMO (although I didn't play the 3rd, because my brother said it sucks #smw{9.9}).

In general, I like games with DECENT stories, that's why I love classic RPG's. But speaking of game genders, I like: RPG's (esp. turn-based), platformers, racing (not simulation like GT5), fighting, puzzles, adventure/exploration, MMORPG's.

Speaking of consoles: the SNES due to its classic and epic titles, the GB(A) because they had some interesting and unique titles and were the only good portables back then, the PS1 for the same reasons of the GB(A), mainly because of the Crash Bandicoot trilogy, Digimon, Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and some RPG's.
Dunno if it counts, but anyway, I felt very bad "defeating" Godot in Phoenix Wright T&T, because his story is very sad (along with the music that plays when he tells his story). Well, since it's a "courtroom battle" and Godot is the "enemy", I think it does count.
Oh, I almost forgot about Dhaos from Tales of Phantasia. MEGA SPOILER:
After you finally defeat him, he'll then tell his true objective behind all his "evil" actions: he was preventing the disappearance of mana in the world so then he could collect it to save his people and his homeland, but when you defeat him, you destroy that world's last hope. In the end, you feel guilty for doing that, despite Dhaos killed many people. But happily, the Yggdrasil Spirit makes a mana seed from Dhaos' body to save his homeland.
Originally posted by King Dedede
Probably Level Design and... finding the perfect GFX-Music combination for any level? I'm mediocre at music porting

I'm somewhat like that, although I feel I'm decent on OW designing and story. I can also pixel-draw with some ease, but not a whole tileset. ASM? Not even started learning. Dunno, I think I don't get comfortable in this area, but I wish I could so I could make my own bosses. About music porting: I made 2 ports, the first one was OK (not that accurate, but eh), but the second I'm really having a hard time to finish, so I can say that I'm still weak in this area. Anyway, level design is my forte.

Edit: level up!
Speaking of games I actually played: my votes are for Street Fighter 2010 and the very first Mega Man, both for the NES. Even the beggining of these games was hard and the controls themselves of Street Fighter 2010 are complicated. I've never played it, but some people say that the first Contra game was extremely hard.
When the "Rescue Egg" scene starts, it just goes OK until the "Welcome" music (the one that plays in the start of the game) was supposed to start playing, but the thing is: it doesn't play at all and then my ROM crashes. Additional info: I haven't changed any music that plays in this scene, and it occurs in snes9x 1.53, but in zsnes 1.51 it works alright.

Help, anyone. #smw{T_T}
I was using Romi's a long time ago and then I started using HFD's, but I didn't port to a new ROM, maybe that's the problem. I'll try it and take this opportunity to remove some patches.
No, it didn't work. I think I'll just remove these scenes since they aren't really that important. Also, I have a question: do the hack moderation demand compatibility with accurate emulators, or compatibility with zsnes-like emulators will do?
Originally posted by MaxodeX
Would you mind lending us a link to the txt? It's really simple stuff to fix.

What music are you referring to? Because the game crashes when it was supposed to play the "Welcome" music during the Castle Collapse scene, so I don't know if you're referring to that music, or to the corresponding OW music of said castles (not all castles were having that problem when I tested them, and strangely, some were working and others were not despite being in the same map - the main map) or whatever.

And there's something I found out that might be the problem: the echo. I put the default headers (level - $2B and OW - $68) on every music, but I read that these values must follow the insertion size of the music. Does it matter?

Originally posted by MaxodeX
Make sure you're still using HFD's Addmusic though.

Yes, I ported everything to a new ROM and inserted with HFD's Addmusic only, but the problem persisted. (Yes, I had all that work to get no results.) #smw{^_^;}

Originally posted by MaxodeX
Also no, I'm fairly certain that if you note in the hack's description that it won't work in accurate emulators, mods will accept it regardless.

Yes, just as I thought. And I saw all that elitism stuff today, so now I'm not worried anymore if I'll have to use ZSNES-compatibility as a last stand if I won't achieve SNES-compatibility.
Originally posted by Kaijyuu
I'd hate to go without any of them. Smell might seem like a relatively useless sense, and it kinda is, at least practically. However, its hidden usefulness is with memory; smells tend to associate with memory more than any other sense, which is why certain smells (like your parent's cooking) can bring out strong emotional responses. Ex: I associate s'mores with Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, because I ate a ton of s'more pop tarts when I first played the game. The moment I smell a roasting marshmallow I have Gordon screaming "Jenifer!" in my head.

Exactly. There are some smells that strongly trigger a nostalgia feeling on me, like the smell of rain. Dunno, I think all of them are important, but I'd choose "touching", because despite being somewhat strange to not feel something, it could also be an advantage to not feel pain, despite that being dangerous too regarding diseases and tissue-damaging.
Kingdom Hearts 3!!! I'm sure it'll come someday, but because Square-Enix is working hard on FF Versus XIII, it'll take an eternity some time...

Also, Mario & Luigi 4, but this time I'd like they would return to the style of the first game. It was simply amazing (Cackletta for best Mario villain ever), but yeah, the other 2 games were nice too.

Digimon Rumble Arena 3 and a real sequel to Digimon World 3/2003: it seems the former will never come because the second one didn't achieve success, despite it being somewhat funny to me (and despite the countless bugs it has too). And for obvious reasons, the latter will never see the light of day, but I'd like to see a new Digimon World game that followed the style of 3/2003.
Originally posted by imamelia
Man, the Crash Bandicoot games went downhill after Crash 4...

Actually, I think Crash 4 was waaaaay worse than Twinsanity. Dunno why, maybe because it had a more interesting plot... But I love the "warp-room" style too and I think Crash of the Titans and Mind Over Mutant were complete disappointments. When I saw them, I asked myself: what the [email protected]#$ happened with Crash games!?!? I just wish Naughty Dog bought the Crash franchise back.
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