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Greetings from he grave! I figured I'd share this project with the SMW community since it's Mario related and all. I'm currently in dep with my current project, Mario Adventure 3. If anyone has played Mario Adventure, you will see the concepts in that hack fully realized and expanded on in this hack.

Premise: Mario isn't out to save the princess this time. No, this time Bowser gets the upper hand and over takes Mario, throwing him in prison! During the time of Mario's capture, the mushroom world is over taken by Bowser's minions. At the start of the game, Mario will have to escape the prison of Bowser's castle and try to undo all that has happened!

The main idea behind this hack is "free roaming" maps and an adventure. Most levels are entered through a pipe and exited through a pipe. Where you end up on the map is determined by each level. Levels can and will have multiple exits and bonus rooms. You traverse the entire game by entering pipes in maps. There will rarely be an actual level completion in the game.

Mario entering the first level:

The status bar is redesigned with two modes. The mode you see above is mode 2. It displays an odomoter, total coins collected for the entire game, real time game time and the world name.

Mode 1 pictured here:

Displays P-Meter, Air Meter, Hammer Bros. Coins, Experience points, coins and time.

The air meter decreases when Mario is under water. When Mario is out of the water or swimming at the top, his air meter will replenish.

The Hammer Bros. Coin is the currency used by Hammer Bros. There is an H Bros. coin hidden in every level and can only be collected once. These are required by Hammer Bros. to pay tolls on certain paths.

The Experience points increase with the defeat of enemies. Once you hit certain levels of experience, Mario will gain new abilities that are non-essential to the game. These abilities will be interchangable on the map screen and can only be used one at a time.

The coins can go up to 9999. Past that your total coin counter will continue to go up. Coins are usd to purchase items in the game. You see the item shop in the image above. item shops can be entered multiple times and all items are available from all shops in the game.

While I'm on items, I'll go over the new power-ups:

Old Power Ups:
-Fire Flower
-Raccoon Suit
-Frog Suit (new ability, can breathe under water)

Ice Flower - Gives Mario the ability to throw ice balls that will turn enemies into ice blocks and freeze standing water, allowing Mario to build ice bridges.

Koopa Mario - Can duck into his shell to hurt enemies, activate blocks and destroy bricks.

Boo Mario - Can temporarily turn into a Boo, allowing Mario to go through walls. If Mario reverts back to normal inside of a wall, he will die!

Sledge Mario - Made of tougher stuff than his old hammer suit, Sledge Mario throws larger hammers, able to destroy bricks and rock blocks. He is completely fire proof and can swim in lava!

Ninja Mario - Able to throw shurikens in 7 directions (not straight down) and perform a wall jump.

Fire Fox Mario - ????

Other Features -
This hack will be single player, no lives, and no game over. No music or sound effect modification is planned, but I am looking to ask some help to join to provie new music.

Just as in the original Mario Adventure, there will be 7 keys to find to access the final world. However, for those who are collection geeks, there will be a special world with the hardest and strangest levels my mind could think of.

The rain has returned from Mario Adventure in a new form. It's not random (as of yet) and it provides wind that affects the player (like SMB2J). For levels required to complete the game, this feature will never affect gameplay too much. For levels with not required to complete the game, some wind effects will be insane.

Finally, the concept of Desert Dares from Mario Adventure returns as an optional set of levels that will provide great rewards for those who complete the lvels. They will be scattered through out the game as ? blocks on the map.

There's a lot more I know I've left out, but for now be sure to watch my youtube video demoes:

Edit: I forgot to mention, I am using the disassembly of SMB3 that southbird did as a base for this hack. Without his work, I woudln't even be back into rom hacking 8)
It actually sounds like you used the wrong road tile on the map. There are two road tiles that are horizontal, one is passable, the other is not passable. I believe tile #45 (hex) is the tile that will allow you to pass.
Just a quick update:

Golden Leaf:

Fire Fox Mario:

And just to show that it's not a replacment:

That brings the power count to a total of 3 returning, 1 modified and 5 brand new to the game!
Actually no! Fire Fox Mario cannot fly. He can whack his tail agains stuff though. The current plan is to make use of the P-Mater. When it's full, fire Fox Mario will start to "glow" (palette tricks). During the time of his P-Meter being full, he will be able to shoot in any direction as a fireball, destroyingg bricks and enemies that are in his way. You will have to charge the P-Meter in the same manner by running on the ground continuously.
Yea Luigi Vs Mario: Mario Adventure 2 was scrapped, long story. I decided to name this project MA3 to distinguish it from the previous project, despite being abandoned. As you can see though, some of the stuff from LvM is making it into MA3 (liek the ice flower, equippable items and item shops).

E-Switches only appear in dungeons. They activate blocks with their specified color.

Puzzles involved with e-switches

Part of the same puzzle

Dry Piranha and Fire Traps

The start of the "Challenge" levels begins. Challenge levels are special levels with strange rules in order to complete, inspired by the original "Desert Dares" in Mario Adventure, these levels are meant to be oddities and somewhat short. They aren't required, but if you complete them, you get a lot of rewards.

So for this first one, you play SMB's 1-1 with an extended ending. The catch? The right button is constantly held down. Left doesn't work at all. It's these kinds of "bizarre rules" I'll use for these kinds of levels, just to have fun.
Fire and Ice Bros.

Mario in his frozen state

When hit by an iceball, Mario will be pushed back and frozen. He has to press A several times to come out of it. During his frozen state he CAN get hurt! If he's get with another ice ball by frozen, his "unfreeze" counter is reset and he has to press jump even more.
Bullies :)
No, Bullies cannot be defeated outside of using a star.

The start of World 2

And Video Demo #5
I decided to start a development blog for Mario Adventure 3:
Mostly blog. I have 5 threads opened in several forums and I'm starting to find that they're becoming out of sync. I'll still check the threads and answer questions and post any demos.
Just in case anybody's missed my blog updates:

Final world 1. Notice the new chained wall.

Frozen Forst level.

Frozen Forst level.
Just to give everyone a catch up on where Mario Adventure 3 is at: I picked up the Reuben project once more and tailored it to work for my hack specifically. Mario Adventure 3 uses the brand new format so I can create all kinds of fancy new levels like so:

The NEW 1-2

The NEW 1-3

The NEW 1-Dungeon

I was able to create 3 levels in one day. In the past it took me a day and a half to make one level. I think I may get this hack done even faster than before!
Originally posted by Kipernal
Because undo is hell to implement. Really. If you decide to just keep copies of each version of the level each time the user changes something, you can end up wasting large amounts of memory. If you decide to just record the changes the user makes to the level, you have to create an opposite for every action the user could possibly make (for example, the opposite of creating an object isn't just deleting it, it's also restoring the z-ordering of all the other objects, restoring any tiles that object may have affected, etc.).

Undo is not hard to do if you store the information as minimal changes. For example, storing a list of X/Y coordinates of what you're moving and the object that you're moving. When you undo, you just move the specified object back to its original position.
The hack is still going strong...

A few of the changes so far:

New enemy types:
-Beached Cheep Cheep
-Koopa Kids will attack with powers related to Mario's own power ups (see Ice fired by Larry)

I said fuck it and ramped up the difficulty. The game was getting boring to create for so I decided to hell with people who will whine, I want this game to be harder than typical Nintendo fare.

The game now revolves around open hubs: Worlds are completely open, play any level at any time. Howver, worlds are initially inaccessible. There is a "hub" stage that has 8 pipes, but in order to reach each pipe, you must use a power up that gives you the ability to reach it, such as flying, swimming for long periods or building ice bridges.

You must play levels in your initial World (World 0) and collect stars. World 0 lacks all power ups. Once you collect enough Stars you can access the boss hub. Defeat a boss here and you'll immediately unlock a new power up. Go to the world transition level and use the new power up to gain access to a new world. The new world will test your skill to use whatever power up you used to access it. Once you collect enough stars in that world and defeat its boss, you'll get to go back to the Boss hub and defeat another boss.

Once you gain all 8 power ups, you can use them in conjunction to fully get out of World 0 and go to the next part of the game...
Bam, 4 months later! This hack is still going on! To get the latest updates, join the Facebook page: For now, some nifty screens:

And a demo!

IPS Patch for PRG0 SMB3

IPS Patch for PRG1 SMB3
Just an update for people who don't follow my progress on Facebook:

The project is still going strong, albeit, delayed. The initial January 2014 release won't happen due to the amount of time I actually get to work on the project. However, I'm still making progress:

Recent changes and features include -

-Fire Snakes leave a trail of fire on the ground as they hop around
-Ninja Bros. enemy coded in - throws stars in 8 directions and will attempt to dodge you
-Giant Chomps that eat through the ground
-Red and green springs
-Keys that can be carried and used to unlock doors
-Ice blocks now float in water and can be stood on top of
-Levels that dim to all black until you use a fireball to light a candle temporarily, making the room visible until the flame goes out
-Trip wires that, when touched, can activate Bullet Bill turrets, cannons, explosions
-Sparks from SMB2 coded in
-New type of Bullet Bill generator that fires at you from 8 directions
-SMW style spinner blocks
-New Mushroom Bank that allows you to deposit coins, these coins will earn interest as you play through. This is good to do since some enemies in the game can quickly steal your coins (Pirate Boos).
-Rotating Fire Bars from SMB1 and new Ice Bars that will freeze and toss Mario around
-New level theme "Sky Castle"
-Reverse water falls that move up
-Frog Mario is now "Poison Frog" Mario. This allows him to temporarily coat himself in a poisonous film that makes him invincible. However, this uses your air supply very quickly and takes time to regain.
-Probably a lot more changes that I've forgotten

And now, images!

It's finally ready! The second demo for Mario Adventure 3 is ready to play! This demo basically includes all of World 1 but lacks a lot of things that are yet to be shown off. I won't even begin to go into all the changes, just play it and hopefully you enjoy it!

Click here to download manual and patches for SMB3 PRG0 and PRG1
Originally posted by Ersanio
I'll make sure to play(test?) this once I have free time. Schoolwork is SO hectic at the moment.

Though, I already played a few minutes regardless. The graphics and the day/night system look so fancy. Who knew NES games would look so... 'fluid' and fancy. Can't say anything about level design/new powerups yet :D

e: Found more time to try this out. While at the top-most mushroom level:

In this segment:

I managed to make the mushroom powerup appear as the frog suit powerup. First, I made the frog suit pop out. Then I entered the (reset?) pipe, then I got hit to become small. Then, I hit the powerup block again, but the mushroom appeared as a red frog suit. It also made a little bounce like the frog suit powerup before sliding like a mushroom again.

Another thing I noticed is that if you carry an ice block, the pattern on it turns into a V shape of some sorts, instead of staying something like / , but more to come later this week? Is there any place you prefer to have bug reports sent in, or is this thread fine?

Bug reports are fine in this thread, I tried to frequent all the threads I post in. I'll add this to the list. I take it the power up acted like a mushroom, it just simply had the graphics of a frog suit, correct? I've also noted the ice block bug. I think it's not mirroring correctly when carried.
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