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Hello. Known about this place a while, don't know why I suddenly had the urge to join today. I used to ROM hack a long time ago, back when Acmlm's was good and... a full community. My username there was "Mighty Kefka" or "Kefka" (creative, I know), so maybe a few people here might remember me by an off-chance. I know I frequently talked to Kyouji Craw and Dinner Sonic at one time; not sure if they're here anymore or even made the jump to this community. I also used to talk to smallhacker once in a while... well, you know about him. :P Yea, I haven't talked to any Acmlmers (Acmlmites?) in ages... geez.

[EDIT: OH! and MON is here! MathOnNapkins, yes, I've made fun of where you live too much... so yea anyone from #rom-hacking there's a chance I know, too]

Anyway, I never was in the SMW scene. I threw my hand in FF for a bit, then went to Kirby's Adventure for a bit, then just started randomly dealing with bbitmaster on some stuff. It's been forever. I haven't hacked in years. But I still play hacks a lot, so I figured no harm could be done in joining here even though I don't even do SMW projects.

I make gaming videos... for the internet! *gasp* Sometimes these include ROM hacks. In fact, some of my older, suckier videos are "reviews" (if you want to call them that) of ROM hacks, and I think I even did a SMW hack review that sucked major ass (the review, not necessarily the hack), but it's my most viewed video. I guess someone linked it somewhere. Go figure. So I'll be around here, I'll maybe make videos about some hacks I play from time to time, who knows...

That intro post was way too long. Anyway, in case you ever care to see the videos, here:
My YouTube channel page thing

I probably won't post all that often. But I'll definitely check what's going on here every couple days at least and maybe see if I can find anyone I remember from the old Acmlm board. Thanks to anyone who read that huge post!
Aww, I opened this and was hoping it'd be a joke thread. Actually, from the looks of it, I'm thinking it just might be one, still. Anyway, I'm taking Political Science, which I've also been told is utterly useless by some people. I also have known an English major who eventually became a lawyer and later a judge, multiple engineers who are outgoing and hilarious people, and a pretty chill math prof... oh wait, I forgot this was a joke thread for a moment. Whoops.

Adding to the list...

International Relations

Are you sitting here wondering what "international relations" even means? You're probably American, then. You see, the smart people (Americans) do things on their own, by their own will, and they're too strong to need any help from anyone else. We don't need to talk with any other countries, and we certainly don't need to negotiate with them. The only reason why we need to even acknowledge the existence of other countries is to either defend our borders or obliterate several small countries to assist in defending the borders. This is why we have the military. Our soldiers can handle all the "international relations" we'll ever have to come across.

So, recognizing that "international relations" is a completely bogus subject matter, why do universities even offer it as a major? The truth of the matter is that if they didn't, then several idiots who go to college to get away from home and party would either be left unemployed after finishing college or would have to choose a subject where they actually have to *gasp* study. The government mandated that all schools offer this simply so they could hand jobs to otherwise worthless bums who happened to go to school, thus preventing the unemployment rate from skyrocketing and also giving a false sense of importance to American universities.

We've even gone so far as to train people to be in the U.N. so that other countries have a false impression that we're making an effort to communicate with them. This is good for the lowly idiots who do it; they think that they're helping make the world a better place, and enabling the United States to talk to the world. Of course, as we all know, when any ACTUAL talking needs to be done with countries, we'll just bomb the living daylights out of them.

Political Science

Everything you ever need to know about how the government works was taught to you in the 2nd grade. More specifically, through watching School House Rock. Why anyone would need to stretch this material into a 4-year extravaganza is beyond me. You want to become a lawyer, you say? You can seemingly do that with any degree these days. Numerous people have gone on to become lawyers while having undergraduate degrees in English, Philosophy, and even History.

Political Science is just another one of those majors created to give students the illusion that they're actually learning something and doing something useful with their lives when really they're just being given the green light to party every week and drink themselves to sickness without consequence. In that sense, it's really no different than International Relations, Business Administration, any of the science fields, or any computer-related field, just to name a few.

Just looking out for you guys who are deciding what to do with your life. More later (maybe).
Perfect Cherry Blossom made me break down my bedroom door. Ever since I've had my gun pointed at my computer screen just in case the game shows up on my computer again. It's necessary for self defense. Really.
Originally posted by Pac
Hey romscout. I recognised your name when you registered, as the guy who reviewed (it was a good review by the way) my hack SMBDX on YouTube. I was peter_ac on Acmlm's if you can remember me.

Glad to see you've signed up here anyway :)

Yea, I remember you. And thanks for the compliments on the review, although anything I'd make now would be at least 10 times better in quality. I'm still curious about where it was linked.

Yea and who knows, I just might some time during the summer pick up Lunar Magic or EggVine, although I'm probably not going back into the hardcore stuff again unless I really feel like I have too much time to dedicate to my old hobby. :P
Originally posted by Sagittaire
@romscout: Not a joke thread, I assure you

Oh, well that's a shame. It's also a shame that you managed to think my entire post was serious. >.< After paragraph 1, everything was a joke (more specifically, mimicking what you were basically doing, exaggerating it a little, and applying it to the degrees you said were ace). You also apparently missed the part where I said I was taking Political Science, so of course I think it's a good major. But while we're at it:

Originally posted by Sagittaire
From your discussion of it, you're coming from a biased view on it, thinking that only idiots and incompetent fools take these majors. Whether they're idiots or not is dependent on the persons view, but the fact of life is that International Affairs is currently one of the more active and sought after positions, and until times change, that is that. (I said in the title that this was a tough read. It is because I state FACTS proven by statistics, not opinions varying from person to person, and the fact about facts is that facts arent pleasant to hear).

Oh, of course, naturally, the presumption that only idiots take International Relations is an opinion. And I'm sorry for doubting your highly scientific facts that only people who are socially inept become engineers. How could I ignore the possible statistics they derived to come up with that statement? Sorry, my bad.

And only genuinely stupid people and hot girls with no brains take Communications. DUH! How did I miss the statistics on THAT?!?! Here I was thinking this was just a stereotype, but nope, of course, it became a stereotype for a reason, eh? Statistics don't lie, it must be true! How did they pull that one up anyway? Did a bunch of Communications students get low scores on an I.Q. test?

Yea, so basically, (keep in mind, my previous post was in fact a joke and isn't my actual opinion) can you please try to refrain from telling me my opinion is biased (everyone's is? duh?) and has no basis and everything you say is statistically proven when you're throwing the same kind of rhetoric into your posts?

Sure, you may have read in some magazine or something that certain majors lead to higher salaries, but all the how's and why's of it seem to be your own little creations since I can't think of ways to statistically prove most of your opinions. Oh sorry, facts. Right. Forgot about that momentarily. Thanks!
Originally posted by BlizzC
Sounds like a good idea but i think that it should only be Easy,medium or hard,instead of seven different types,what do you think?

Yea, I think that's a good idea; as long as you can have some sort of a "legend" that clearly defines each difficulty, you really don't need that many.

Originally posted by Lucas

The rankings should be like:
N/A: Redrawn
Easy: Return to Dinosaur Land (this one never goes above easy anyway)
Medium: Super Demo World
Hard: Mario's Lost World (some may disagree, but for "Max" it should be very hard due to the p-balloon levels)
Very Hard: Reading's hacks (well for "Max" anyway)
Expert: Kaizo World

Yea, using well known hacks as the definition works better than throwing together some kind of way to determine how hard it is. I like this.

Originally posted by Dispari Scuro
Is "hard" really the difficulty we should strive for? I think we should be shooting for "medium" as an average. I like to think SMTKO is average or easy. I don't like hard hacks.

I'm like a video game masochist or something. I love stuff like Kaizo, IWBTG, etc. :v Although I still can't beat like, half the levels on Kaizo without savestates... so I don't take the time to fully master them even if I love it.

^that dude PM'd me. Creepy avatar, by the way. I love it.

And yea, I'm up for it. Luckily, I'm a sucker for stupidly hard platformers (and yes, I did enjoy playing the dick trap and savestate parade that is Kaizo, believe it or not). I guess I'll just talk with Jon and whoever else you get on board with this about which levels people are doing whenever this thing comes close to finishing.

Originally posted by romscout
Hey Sind, thanks. Yea, not sure from reading that thread exactly when the hack will be available, but as long as I get the link to the patch then I'm in. Probably the earliest I could make vids for it is next weekend, but it should be fun... well, in a very evil way.

Originally posted by Sind
Hm... Could you at least post in that thread, that your ready.

I'll send you the file later, when it's out ^_^

Also, what's this about An00bis's level requiring some fancy glitch? I'll find you and personally kill you (or at least severely injure you). :(
Just throwing this out there for anyone interested. With winter break coming up very soon, I will be free for well over a month (almost 2, really) to test anyone's hack, both for play testing and bug testing. I can also do video playthroughs with commentary of what I think of the hack, am finding along the way, and stuff like that while testing if requested (like what the dude who posted right before me wants basically, "LP vids"). I can also just log everything or give feedback over IMs, whatever you're down with.

So yea, either way, just PM me if you need a tester.
Originally posted by raocow
Actually, my idea of a 'last' level would be for all the contributers to design a part of the level, and to put it all together in one giant hell of a mess. Kinda like how the VIPs typically end.

That's a cool idea, but considering how the first few months (has it been half a year yet?) of this project has gone, I highly doubt adding an extra element like that would help this thing out. I'd be pretty content with them finally finishing up what they were planning to have done a long time ago. :P Throwing another full collab level onto this could delay it much longer, and considering the idea is to be evil anyway, it's probably not worth the wait.

Originally posted by GSantaG
so this is the LPer list=

Cousinoer5 (might lp it)
Raocow (probably going to give it a shot)
MetalKirby4/MetalYoshi4/Tetran (How can I forget him?)
Azureblade49 (is interested in playing it)
Deceased Crab (a rumor)
Protonjon (said he would kill us for creating a hack like this)
hateworkboy (sounds funny when frustrated)
unknown5642 (wants to cheat taw through this)
shadowdragonix shdwdrgnix (is pretty brave)
Moltov (Molotov? just a thought)
romscout (What does the SCOUTer say *shot*)
kf91 (lol rofl lmao ownd pwnd omg wtf?)
hebesphenomegacorona (might be joining this festival)
Ztar [NameNumbers] (wants to lp it but does not know how to make a lp XD)
cfbballer08 (he has balls)
Dainegai (figured out that he is allowed to cheat tas/taw through it)
Superyoshi (It´s super, it´s a yoshi, it´s Superyoshi :D)
SniggerbObble (After Sniggers, Noggers and Mars, the new sensation from Africa: Nickers :D [/racism] Sorry, I had to pull this off)
GVirusG (me)

Yeah, alright?
That´s how it looks like

Yea, I'll probably take a look at it whenever it's finally released. If anything, I'm just curious about how creative you people are at being dicks. However, no guarantees if it's not up sometime before February. I know I could just download the levels individually and stuff, but I actually like, have somewhat high expectations for this since it was supposed to be made completely epic with a fancy overworld and pretty colors or something. :P
That's pretty interesting. I would certainly take a look at this and try to learn it, and yea, I tend to be one to try giving advice about things I know. :P I don't know a huge chunk about SMRPG's ROM data (yet), but I have been in contact with Waddler D, who has been working on an interesting SMRPG hack for well over a year now. It started as an AI hack that mixed up the battles/bosses and made them fresh, and now it's evolved into him adding new elements (think FF elements, not gameplay elements), accessories that change elements attributed to the character wearing them, having a variety of new stuff to replace old things (especially cheap ones like Safety Ring), and he's even tightened the timing so that you have less frames for error to do perfect hits. Oh, and the boss fights have started to get evil but he's gone back and forth with changing a lot of them.

So yea, I've played that a bunch as it has progressed and am very interested in the concept of SMRPG hacks. I'll ask Waddler D what he knows about this and he'd probably be a good person to serve as a guru in a community for this since he really knows the ROM inside-out and has made an impressive hack without the editor (granted, no map/room layout changes, but who knows what he might do if this editor is released soon). But either way, count me in, seems pretty cool and I'm surprised I didn't know about this already. I guess I just don't have the kind of time to keep up with ROM hacking like I used to. :P

EDIT: oh and in case you're wondering about that SMRPG hack I kept mentioning, I think the temp title he has for it currently is "SMRPG Remix", hasn't been publicly released yet, but yea he does a bunch of cool stuff and really went precise in changing stats to change how you play out the game... just for starters, you can go up to level 50 instead of 30, and trust me, you might need to if you're not pro.
Originally posted by Santattaire


NICE! I'll probably be screwing around with this stuff more than I should over the break and messing with ideas.
Originally posted by A Very Merry Jerk
I don't think no one else should be involved with the collab thing, level, what ever it is b/c a person who made the level could most possibly use most of thier own stuff, then it would not be balanced.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that, but I made a level for a friend to play and possibly kill himself over. You're welcome to use this if you want in the collab (though you probably won't... at least there's no custom blocks used... is that what you meant?). You're also welcome to just play it. For those peeking in LM, it's level 24 (don't worry, I changed 2DCE6 to 80, although not sure why I used 24 in the first place... don't use that one if you're going to use the level =p ). It's on Yoshi's Island 1 spot for those trying to play it.

IPS: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ojyydrymfqz
MWL: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zz2z4dtojyw

Just for reference, UltraJMan and I both tested it and it's easily possible... well, "easily" possible. So yea, I hope you guys finish this hack whenever so we can try it. =p And good luck to those trying out that level.

Originally posted by raocow
tch, school.

Where are your priorities, man?


You have no idea how good it feels to be done with school for 3 weeks! =D Okay, maybe you do... but I can be happy anyway, dammit!
Originally posted by raocow
I've sent my musical considerations via PM, but what I wonder if all the original contributers are aware of this question/that this project is still ungoing.

Well, I remember one of the things that was being put in that text file being passed around months ago was what custom music you wanted, so if anyone could find that thing I'm sure that could solve the question for whoever actually filled it out. As for whether they know if this is still going on, I guess if they checked the hack discussion forum anymore they'd see this thread mostly near the top, so that should leave most bases covered.

Perhaps PM everyone who was originally in it? Or was that already done?
Originally posted by jesus

someone like this:
<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/G7zs2O_4f7Y&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/G7zs2O_4f7Y&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

...seriously, isn't there some sort of line between Kaizo design and designed for tool assistance?
Unexpected end tag (</param>) at 230, expected </div>
Unexpected end tag (</param>) at 281, expected </div>
Unexpected end tag (</param>) at 336, expected </div>
Unexpected end tag (</embed>) at 517, expected </div>
Unexpected end tag (</object>) at 526, expected </div>
Ok, as much as I try, I can't do the key jumping for the life of me in realtime. If there are any levels in this hack that require it, I'm toast.
Sorry I'm uninformed, but what server is this #smrpg on?
Originally posted by uNkNowNeRRoR5642
Originally posted by Jesus's PM
should i keep it in before the final boss, or should it be a secret stage? I just don't see azura providing good commentary while 'autoscroll tripple key jump juggling with controlls reversed'.

Heheh, this is going to be sadistic from what he told me.

Thank you for posting that PM. I have now decided that not only am I no longer going to LP this, I am not even going to bother touching the final product, regardless of how good you make the overworld. Key jumping is beyond bullshit.
Maybe the OP can compile a list of the links in the thread in case it starts getting bigger. I know there's plenty of this crap out there. :P

Ok, so I decided I'd release a 2 level demo of the little monstrosity I was throwing together:

Super Mario World: Extremely Extreme Edition (2 level demo)

This started out as a joke between me and another YouTuber (JMan for those who might know of him) and (d)evolved into making deliberately stupid levels because of how funny and ridiculous it is. The demo has the 2 easiest levels to date, and there are currently 3-4 others that I switch between working on since the pain of testing them along with JMan and Jeff (Enigmatic Mario guy) gets way too tedious to stay on one thing.

I'm not posting the other levels because they actually have silly but thought-out concepts behind them... or in the case of one, is just asstarded and a royal pain. This isn't aiming to be the hardest out there (hell, testing was done in real time with 1 savestate slot by everyone), but I try to be at least mildly unique and absurd. If you get through these 2 levels and wanna test new ones as they come along, just PM me.

I'll ask the Enigmatic Mario creator if he wants a patch of what he has so far put in here. That hack's pretty out there. :P

P.S. tried Springboard and Shells... hahahahahahahaha wow. o_o
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