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Hello, I've been lurking around here for a while because I've been working on a romhack of my own. I never got around to joining until now because everything was going smoothly. But now this question has been bugging me for a while now and it's messing up my level badly. Here is the first picture, note that I took the screenshot as soon as Mario died here:

As you can see, there's some sort of invisible death tile just a tile above the chomps, this invisible death tile goes through the whole level and it makes the level harder than it has to be (yes I am attempting to make a dolphin level like the one in Kaizo). Now for the second picture, same deal as before:

Now that the water is gone (along with the dolphins) the invisible death strip is gone. This makes me think that the water is making this happen, but I want to know if there's a way to get rid of that death strip without getting rid of the water because this level is centered around the dolphins and I don't want to lose this level due to a strange SMW glitch. I tested this thing before and there was nothing like this, but then after I finished making the level, I started dieing in that row of tiles for no reason. I would really appreciate a solution to this problem because I really want to complete my dolphin level. Thanks in advance for any help.

It's still not working...

I took out the chomps from the water in that area and Mario still dies in that same spot. This is very strange...

Thank you very much for the help Pieguy :), it works now that I cut my level down to size. A small price to pay for a level that works correctly, now to do some more level testing.


It speaks for itself...

(Video has some swearing so NSFW)

SMW hacking will be obsolete in 10 years, instead we will have Mario 64 hacking, and of course Kaizo Mario 64 will be released and many masochistic people will Let's Play it on Youtube for our entertainment.

Wow, this contest was made for me, the hack I'm working on (called Mario's Masochistic Mission) is filled with almost 3 whole worlds filled with pure Kaizo murder and stuff. The tough part will be finding good candidate levels out of all of them.

Well after a little tweaking and re-testing and making an intro that is tricky, I finally present you with:

2 Highly masochistic levels

The one on the left is Initial M, this is more of a gimmick level since you only have 60 seconds to run through a death trap filled course, but along the way there are "checkpoints" with a Yoshi and green berries to replenish your time, and then an immediate Leave-Yoshi-for-dead jump because power-ups are but a pipe dream in my game.

The one on the right is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I could not even come up with some witty name to describe the horror of this level, so I just put in a bunch of !s for the name. This level is a pure groin-spiked massacre with many spike shafts and very difficult jumps, some may even seem impossible. Rest assured, I tested this thing extensivly and found no impossible jumps, they are just bloody hard and may take several hundred save-states.

Initial M is hard in it's own right, but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the crown jewel of difficulty. Everyone can feel free to test their skill against what I cooked up, just don't sue if you punch a wall or something :P

Originally posted by Daboys121
@cousinoer: Your patch doesn't work.

Hmmm, that's odd, it works for me. What's wrong with the patch? If it says missing 0x200 byte header, I found that I had to expand the original rom to 1MB before applying my patch. Hopefully that works.

On another note, I say we should try to get Oyster to do our hack as well, he played some Kaizo as well as letting people give him ridiculous challenges for playing through Megaman games.

OK, let's try this one more time with feeling:

Masochistic Levels

Initial M is level 105

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is level 106

Boss Big Boo is level BC

and the intro is C5 (of course)


I made a vertical level in which Mario starts on the very bottom screen (1C I think, whatever the max on a vertical level is), and has to climb up, but there's always this big annoying strip of garbage. I tried making the BG not scroll vertically and changed the BG position when Mario starts, but it's always there. Is there a way I can either get rid of the background (without making it a layer 2 level, because then it would kill some of my level since it uses all the screens) or is there some other way to move the background so that the garbage strip never appears? I tried every BG init setting but it just makes the garbage layer move, but never disappear. This is the one glitch that is keeping me from releasing the demo.

Ok so I fixed the garbage layer by inverting the level (you now start at the top and fall down and then for the secret exit you have to climb up a p-switch gauntlet). But now I have a new problem, once I get to the bottom there's supposed to be a P-switch, a key, and a goal sphere. None of these show up when I get there and I can only assume it's because I'm overloading the sprite memory by passing a bunch of P-switches on the way down to the goal (even though they are off screen a bit). The level is basically 2 lanes, one is a drop where you have to avoid chomps (where you start) and the other side is a p-switch gauntlet, there are 15 p-switches scattered around this lane as well as another key and a keyhole at the top. Is there some way to narrow down what the game puts into memory so it doesn't clog itself up with the p-switches that you can't use yet so that the stuff on the bottom appears? Is that even the real problem? I really don't want to lose my P-switch gauntlet because I put quite a bit of work into it.

That patch sounds very interesting, but I can't seem to find it on this site, either that or I'm just being blind. A link to this patch may help.

I've tried every possible FG and BG init combination and nothing got rid of the garbage (I was on the bottom). At the top, the garbage is no problem but then I run into a sprite limit problem... I desperatly need that infinate sprite patch, anyone who knows where it is, or has it and can upload, help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks very much for finding this code, but now I have just one more problem keeping me from releasing the demo (hopefully). I must suck at xkas or something, because I typed the batch file in just like I saw in that thread:

Xkas.exe sprite.asm Mario's Masochistic Mission.smc

Everything is in the same folder, the names are typed in correctly and yet the command window shows this:

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I didn't get the txt file either, but it doesn't matter because I didn't use anything custom for my levels. You can use whatever music you feel is fitting for the levels I made (I was thinking Big Blue for Initial M and Running Hell for !!!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm not picky, if you're using those tracks already then cool, if not, then use whatever.)

Also, could anyone who played my levels tell me what they thought of it? I'm interested to hear critiques on some of my later levels.

Originally posted by An00bis
Originally posted by Dotsarecool
Originally posted by jesus
Doubble Edit FTW: dots, did you play my levels yet?

I've played:

1. jesus
2. Daboys
3. anoobis
4. lolcats439
5. sind
6. scorpion
7. g-virus
8. cousinoer5

so far.

So am I in last place yet?
Also, cousinoer5... are these the same levels that Azura is playing right now?

Yes they are, Initial M is near the second castle and !!!!!!!!!!!! is in the middle of Vanilla Dome, so it'll probably be a while before he gets to those.

Originally posted by Dotsarecool

6. cousiner5 total: 44/50

Not bad at all, it was quite a close race for first, good job to everyone who participated! (and good luck to all who LP this, you're going to need it lol)

Oh and it's Cousinoer5

I'm done with the txt file, but since hebesphenomegacorona is going away for a few days, should I just give it to pheonix so we can keep this thing going smoothly?

Pheonix now has the txt file.

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