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I need help with blocktool
I read the tutorial, but when I go to save the blocks appears to me to save a phase in lunar magic, but when I go to save the lunar magic appears an error saying that the rom was not found
é facil antes de vc adicionar as custom music com addmusic voce abre o addmusic.ini e procura na parte "0overworld" essa linha

title music=00

coloque a musica na pasta ow. e add ela.troque o 00 pelo numero da musica
yes it is

  what happens is as follows:

1.i add the blocks with blocktool
2.apears this message

"Lunar Magic ASM hacks not installed, please save at least level in LM.

3.i open the rom in lunar magic and try to save the level, but this apears:

LM could not open the rom.smc

how can I solve this?
and if I have to update the blocktool where I find the download?
I was downloaded from the tools section

I'll try to download again the blocktool
i see the music in this video
where i can download the music?
I just found the topic "decisive battle" but not a fierce battle in the music section.
the music is a second boss theme from Final Fantasy VI
this music has a second name:battle to the death
what is happening is this:
even when I insert the sound effects the game freezes on the black screen before starting the level

I already put rom.smc -se when i use the add music
how can I mix the palette of a bg with the palette of a fg.
I want a level with the fg and bg YI of smb3.mas if I apply the palette YI GF gets SMB3 colors erradas.como I can leave the palette exgfx both correct?
hey final fantasy of what you're talking about Final Fantasy III (Usa)
FFVI or FFIII (jap)?
I never found that tower in final fantasy III USA
thank you
i need a tutorial how to make a cutscene
the first music i see in the hack lost mario bros
and the second in secret of seven golden statues.the third music is from the second reality project reloaded.
where i can download the musics?
thank you!but i have found the problem:i not inserted the 1df9 sfx
anyone can enter the pause menu interctive patch for me on a clean rom smw? I am trying to insert the patch but xkas always finds an error in asm patch and when I look at the event log I would be grateful if someone insert for me and send me a rom with the ips patch
what happens is that when I try to enter some of sprites downloaded from here smw central, sometimes a message appears:
"sprites \ xsprite.asm did not assemble Correctly
its recomended spritetool abort at this time
trying problably crash your rom "
when i insert the .cfg file
the spritool detect the error in asm file not in .cfg
i tryed with the normal shooter sprite but not work
I'm doing a hack "boss rush" with the heads already custom created for super mario world:
where i can find all kinds of heads for super mario world
please send me links where I can download bosses for my hack
Thanks but a good many of the bosses I already downloaded
but some of them did not work and I could not understand the right the noob boss tutorial
i see the music here:
its a boss theme from final fantasy 6.
if you know where download the music please send me the link
please i need this song to my hack
this is my first hack I put here on the site
I do not know much about hacking smw.
I have no pictures of my hack but have 2 videos on youtube showing the first 4 stages of my hack.
I already finished doing the world 3, but in this demo in the "moderations of hacks" is playable until the fortress of the world 3.

part 1:world 1-1&yellow switch
part 2:world 1-2 and 1-3

I hope you enjoy

and as requested here are the pictures:

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