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Well,I made a unfinished version,but it's not a TAS.I've uploaded it in my files...#smw{-_-;}
Few people play SMW in China...So there is no TASer in China...
OK,OK.smv could be found here.http://bin.smwcentral.net/u/21202/Xiao%2BDou%2560s%2B%2Brebellion%2Bfixed%2B3.smv
Errr...It's the first time for me to make custom music.So I know few things about it...
"Cymbal=$F3 $45 $0B $ED $73 $EE $EE $30"
It's the beginning of the .txt file.
But when it's time to let the cymbal work,what I only hear is the terrible noise but not the cymbal's sound...
I've tried many times but all failed...
If you think what I say is not specific,here are the .txt file and the .spc file......
spc(much noise)
Originally posted by Harumi Makoto
Originally posted by Kaizo Zhang
"Cymbal=$F3 $45 $0B $ED $73 $EE $EE $30"

Change that $F3 $45 $0B into $F3 $20 $0B and it should work

Oh,thank you very much!Now it works!
100% Chinese guy
There is a .txt file I made the other day.
It's for AddmusicM.
But when it's time to patch,it points out"line 1 error"......
What should I do to solve the problem?!
The .txt file is here:Septette for the Dead Princess
BTW,this song isn't completely created by me.I found it in the hack OTL Mario and I like it very much,so I made this up and want to put it into my own hack......
Anyway,help me please...
Originally posted by X-cniS
Originally posted by MaxodeX
Try changing this:

t66 w255

into this:

#0 t66 w255

That's fine as-is. The real problem here is that you're missing this:
;title=(insert title here)

at the top of your text file, which is required by all AMM songs. This "title" is what the song shows up as in Lunar Magic.

I've changed it,and it seems to be patched successfully.But after I using Lunar Magic to change the song and using the Emulator,there is just no sound...Am I using the wrong version of the AddmusicM?
To Aru Majutsu no Index II opening 1.
It takes me two months to finish it.
After patching it to the ROM,I found when jumping/spin jumping etc.some channels don't work properly...
I think I should add some command...
But how to do it?
Mod edit: Don't post huge codes inline.
The song used in The Senate...
Who could give me the .txt file?Thanks...
Originally posted by Macky
I know this song just by listening the first few seconds; It's Dark Chronicle - Gundorada Workshop. Pretty cool song in the original game though.

The music of the final level of the hack,スキルアップの人さんへのプレゼントマリオ?
I've made some custom music recently.
Finished Work

Super Contra Stage 3 Moderated By SMWC
kanashimi no mukou e used in School Days
CCTV News our country's news program opening
Imagine Breaker Kamijou Touma's Imagine Breaker
Chip And Dale I Zone J
Chip And Dale II Final Stage
Adventure Island-Underworld
Adventure Island Level 2
No Buts! Toaru Majutsu No Index II op1
Hello Zepp Saw
1505 class song My classmates know the song well...

mojyo not the op but a sad bgm
Adventure Island II-Overworld 2

Well,that's all...Few of them are weillmade,so I'm waiting for advice!
Here I come to support you~Good Job!
Good job!I've seen your progress,yeah.
No Buts!(Toaru Majutsu No Index II op1)
I've been working on it for a long time,but it seems that this song still goes badly...
(Didn't use midi.I just made it originally)
When time is running out,the song doesn't get faster,but slower instead,even #halvetempo used.
If the problem is unable to solve,I have to devide t command by 2 and multiply the the duration of note by 2...Will that work?
Originally posted by Izuna
What zhang means is that it slows down upon time running out because the tempo overloads the engine. Which is very much going to happen with a tempo that high.

Use #halvetempo, and if that doesn't solve it half everything in the song yourself and then use #halvetempo on that. If there's too much staccato, use $F4 $02 on the first channel (before an r192/, and put those on the start of every other channel too) and see if that solves anything.

Thanks!Now the problrm is solved!
Nice ports,which always amaze me.Really admire you!
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